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Clearing The Shadows




I’ve been immersed in a deep stillness for the past few weeks.  It was difficult to put anything into words so I wasn’t able to write anything for quite a while.  This seems to be a new level of peaceful calm that I’ve never experienced before…it’s even difficult to put into words what it feels like.


October 8, 2013

Last night something strange happened…when I was trying to go to sleep, I found that I couldn’t actually fall asleep.  I was in some type of “in between” state of consciousness where I was still aware that I was in my bedroom, but I was also somewhere else…almost like I was expanded everywhere.  I kept slipping out of this consciousness because I was feeling a strong pulling sensation on my solar plexus, but I’d immediately fall back into this in between state.  I kept hearing something moving around in the room with me.  I felt like I was in an extreme state of heightened awareness…almost like I could hear things for miles.

This has happened a few times before, but it usually lasts for many hours, sometimes an entire 8 hours worth of sleep time.  When it’s happened in the past, I felt like I didn’t get any sleep at all.  This time I was able to finally fall asleep and have a dream.  This dream was of me clearing shadows.  It was like there were many shadows that were crossing over and I was supervising them.


I get the feeling that they were agreeing to be transmuted/transcended.  It wasn’t a fight or a struggle, they were actually surrendering because their work was done and their purpose had been served.  It was not about being defeated, it was about being finished with their purpose.


At the end of the dream, I was in the middle of nowhere in a huge desert.  It looked like New Mexico or Arizona.  It was overcast and dark, kind of gloomy like the lower astral realm.

I was witnessing tall black shadow figures walking off of the land of this huge desert.  They were voluntarily leaving so that they could be transmuted.  There were so many of them coming out of the ground and I got the feeling that they had occupied the land for many generations.  They were the creations of some very dark work…but were now free to leave from the cycle they had been stuck in.  They were not fleeing; they were just walking calmly in slow motion, all of them walking toward the same direction.

The word that I got from witnessing these shadows was “Transcendence”.   The cycle they had served for so long had now come to an end.   It was a mutual agreement and the purpose that they had served for so long had now come to an end…It was done very peacefully…no judgment…I just understood that they were playing a role.

I’m not sure what this all means…Was I witnessing my own clearing or was it something on a much larger scale? If it is larger, maybe I’ll read something about it soon (**see links below)…but I do feel like it’s been done on a very large scale and some very deeply rooted darkness has now been liberated…It’s so strange because I also felt (and still feel) such a peaceful calm around me.  I would think that dealing with such darkness would cause maybe some agitation or nervousness (as it has in the past for me), but I didn’t experience anything other than Peace and balance throughout the whole process.  It was actually very beautiful with a touch of sadness…It’s almost like I felt sorry for them…or maybe I was just picking up on the melancholy vibe?

It might sound corny, but I kept hearing the song “The Air That I Breathe” by the Hollies when I woke from the dream…it keeps playing in my head when I think of the dream now.  I can’t help but laugh…it seems silly to me…

The song is here:

I wrote this blog on October 8th, but felt that I shouldn’t post it right away…I needed some time to settle and see how I felt about it over a period of time…What has happened over the last week is that I came to a better understanding of what “roles” are played in this game of illusion.  I’ve come to a deeper understanding of light and dark.  For the first time, I truly understand (feel) that there is no separation.  It’s very difficult to put into words.

I can’t seem to get that feeling of “sadness” or “melancholy” from the shadow figures out of my mind (Heart)…it’s been continuously playing over and over again and the feeling has stayed with me.  The feeling is settling with me, but it’s changing and getting lighter as each day passes. Maybe it’s integrating?  I don’t know… I apologize for not being able to explain it better since it’s a new feeling and experience for me.  The only thing I can say for certain is that I have a whole new respect for the roles that the shadows have played in the illusion.  The masks have been removed and what I see is a familiar face.

It reminds me of the end of the movie “The Game” when Michael Douglas finds out that everything he had been through was just a game…everyone was just playing a role and he was so relieved that everyone was really his friend not his enemy.

Movie scene can be found here:


I’ve reached a whole new level of understanding and it feels very good.  The more layers I work through on the inside, the more veils are lifted on the outside. Awareness and realization on a whole new level… My views of this world and everything in it are rapidly changing at an accelerated pace…a little more every day…I’m starting to remember 😉




**After posting this blog, I found an article from Lisa Renee that she posted on October 28, 2013…all I can say is WOW…she explains everything that I witnessed in my lucid dream…WOW – what a sync !… The article can be found here: http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/2308-new-physicalization-begins

**I also found an article from Sandra Walter posted on October 25th, 2013.  I really resonated with what she wrote and it seems to tie in with what I’ve written.  The article can be found here: http://www.sandrawalter.com/the-silence-the-stream-the-fractal/#comments


Love ❤



Transmuting the Collective Tantrum


tantrum tantrumzone

I went out to go get some food for dinner yesterday.  I’m not a big fan of fast food, but for some reason I wanted to go out in public…I was nudged…I don’t think I’ve ever felt SO MUCH negativity coming from people in public, as I did while I was out.  I felt like my energy was being attacked.  Not like something physically, because I didn’t feel anything actually touching me…but like my energy was immersed in their feelings of hate, prejudice, anger, total chaos…just plain MEAN!  It was extremely uncomfortable, and I couldn’t wait to get home as quickly as possible.

When I got home, I was literally dizzy with distress.  I even started dropping things, because I couldn’t focus on anything.  This energy was so strong and was nothing like I’d experienced before…I was even shaking…What in the world was going on?…and why was it affecting me?

I ended up getting really tired (like that drugged feeling) around 7pm and went to lay down.  I went into that half awake – half asleep mode and felt lots of movement in my body.  I felt stuff entering the bottom of my feet and it had a little sting to it.  I’ve only felt the stinging sensation once before for a brief second, but this time it was a little longer than that.  I’m thinking it’s because there are so many nerve endings on the bottom of your feet and mine are extremely super sensitive.  Also felt some movement at the Root chakra.  I think I needed to heal whatever it was that happened to me earlier.  It must have been pretty strong…I ended up laying down for about an hour and then got up completely awake again and feeling much better…

Later, I found a channeling that was posted yesterday that spoke of this negativity that had been released…

The article is here:


I’m glad I found it because it gives me comfort to get some type of explanation for something so uncomfortable 🙂

So I thought it was just something that happened briefly yesterday and went out again today to get some groceries….WRONG!  I was hit even worse today to the point of feeling like a panic attack.  It’s overwhelmingly thick out there right now.  Also my Sacral chakra feels like it’s on fire today.  I invoked the Violet Flame of Transmutation to get some relief and for the very first time, it didn’t work…this is some MAJOR transmuting going on right now…WOW…I give HUGE GRATITUDE to all the transmuters out there.  You are in for a big job right now.

When I stay at home, and don’t go out in public, I can comfortably transmute from a distance and at my own pace…I compare it to having a screaming child in another room….you still have to hear it, and you still feel a little stress from the commotion, but you can send Love & comfort from a distance…But going out in public right now, I compare it to someone handing you a screaming child that’s throwing a huge tantrum…kicking and screaming, scratching you to try to get out of your arms…you have no choice but to deal with it and do the best you can to calm the situation.

Some people aren’t aware that they are transmuters or aren’t sure if they are…well, if you go out in public right now and feel like someone smacked you upside the head with a 2 by 4, and then handed you a screaming child throwing a tantrum, then YOU ARE without a doubt,  A TRANSMUTER…LOL!

I’m sure this is just some last minute junk that we’re clearing for 12-12-12.  That’s just a couple of days from now and I’ll be in Sedona on that day…but in the meantime, I’ll be in bed curled up in the fetal position, calling on the Violet Flame !!!  As I’m typing this, I’m able to calm the energy a bit, and now starting to feel my Crown chakra swaying…whew…some relief…

Sending HUGE GRATITUDE to all of the Divine Souls out there that are calming this collective tantrum…your service is such a Blessing!  Thank YOU so much!

violet flame