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Energy Sensations – Update February 5, 2016


The last time I posted anything on this blog was back in August…I was living at my Dad’s house (in California) in a VERY difficult living situation, and going back and forth to my (ex)boyfriend’s house(in Arizona) in an attempt to run away from my problems. A lot has changed since then…It feels like someone has pushed the “fast-forward” button on my life and it’s all just a blur when I think about it.

So much has happened in such a short amount of “time”. It’s almost as if I was required to totally and completely uproot my life and discard all of the parts that were not healthy for me to experience any longer. And that’s exactly what has happened…I have eliminated all of the unhealthy aspects of my life, all of the things that were stagnant or an uncomfortable-comfort-zone…It all quickly unfolded (like a domino effect) before the beginning of 2016.

This has been an extremely bizarre period of “Revelation” for me…Some very hurtful things had to happen in order for me to be jolted out of my comfort zone. Sort of like a spiritual kick-in-the ass to get me going again…I saw some very dark and disturbing things about people who were close to me….people I trusted…all was exposed for everyone to see…no more lies, no more deceit.

It took me a while to reach a place of stillness where I could reflect on what happened on a much deeper level…the visuals that I received were of “release” of cords, looping, outdated patterns of “karma”, breaking free of that old cycle…


The karma no longer applies, but sometimes it takes the personality a while to catch up and integrate this realization. The (true) realization initiates a chemical reaction and release on a cellular level…a necessity for authentic transcendence. I had to get out of the mind, out of the illusion, and go within the Heart space to truly understand what this all meant… It takes a lot of focus to truly grasp that we are beyond karma…Old habits can be difficult to break…

So I’ll skip over the negative parts and just sum it up as moving out of my Dad’s house and completely cutting off my (ex) boyfriend after some shocking revelations. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the revelations were a signal of things coming to an end (closure) on SO many levels. Instead of falling into victim mode, I decided to use it as an empowerment. When I severed all ties, I suddenly felt free again…a huge relief, not realizing how weighed down I was for so many years, until I experienced how light I was again. I somehow feel “whole” again after collecting the parts of self that I had invested in others.


So in the middle of all of this, I happened to get a job at a resort in Boynton Canyon, Sedona. It was the first job I put in for at a job fair, and I got it right away. They even decided that I’d be a better fit for a higher paying job than the one I was applying for, so it just seemed to fall into place.


I was working in a BEAUTIFUL canyon that was full of people who were spiritually awake and totally understood what I was going through. For the first time in my life, I felt so connected to everything.  Especially with nature.

While working in the Boynton Canyon vortex for 8 hours a day, I started to experience heightened psychic and telepathic abilities (it freaked out some of my co-workers – lol). I was getting huge Crown downloads every day and had to go outside to ground several times a day, because I was out of body most of the time. It was very difficult for me to stay grounded.

The first week I was there, I would receive so much energy, that it would collect in my solar plexus and would feel like a panic attack. It was like a multidimensional merge that would cause me to feel like too many things were happening all at the same time. It took me a while to figure it out, but I found that if I went outside, took my shoes off and held some black tourmaline, that I could actually feel the energy forcefully push out of my feet and then I’d get some relief…so that was my daily ritual.

There were days when I’d get full-on bliss episodes while at work, and I’d have to go outside and breathe it out, so I wouldn’t feel like I was hyperventilating. The bliss episodes were so strong, that co-workers could actually feel it if they stood next to me. These bliss downloads would cause a strong sensation of energy shooting out of my Heart center and also my face! That was something new…I had never felt my face light up and beam energy like that before.

I found that energy work is totally amplified in Boynton Canyon, SO much stronger. I was doing some Reiki on a co-worker in the break room, and another co-worker could physically feel the Reiki on the other side of the room. I realized that the energy was shooting out of my hands so hard and so fast, that my arms were shaking and vibrating really hard. The person I was doing the energy work on, said that they’ve never felt it so strong before and that it felt like a very strong wind was blasting completely through them to the other side.

There’s just something about Boynton Canyon that I haven’t felt at the other vortexes or any place I’ve ever been. There seems to be a gateway there, or maybe something multidimensional emerging. Maybe a city of light?


I can sense it, but cannot quite figure it out yet. Definitely a STRONG presence of ancestors that is very present at this time. The canyon is currently going through some type of purification which I had visions of while I was physically there. I could see and feel it when it was first initiated. I’ll write about those experiences in another post, but I’ll just get to the energy sensations update for now…


There has been quite a stir in the lymphatic system in the last few months. Many of my co-workers all had the same symptoms. I’ve been going through a period of swollen and overloaded lymph nodes and have been doing a lymphatic cleanse which is very slowly making progress. This is some deep cleansing and I’m feeling like it has to do with dropping density. Doing a cleanse did not produce quick results, and I was shown that it’s because it’s an ongoing process that will take some time to balance out. There is so much going on at the same time and there are no quick fixes here. Patience and self Love is crucial in this phase.

I’ve had lots of activity on my face, head and scalp. Lots of buzzing, twitching and fluttering going on…at times, my face feels like it’s morphing into something else or becoming very liquid and wavy. That usually only happened while in a relaxed state, but lately it’s happening while fully awake and while I’m interacting in public.

My meridian system has been extremely active and I’ve felt the fizzy, effervescent sensation slowly pumping through the channels, but mostly in the legs. It’s spontaneous and happens here and there…no particular trigger for it, just random. Last night I felt it in my upper glute area near my hip bone, and the other day I also felt it in my arms which was something new.

In the past few days, my bones have been aching again. This aching is accompanied by a buzzy feeling coming from the outside of my legs. The pain feels like it’s emanating out of my bones and the buzzing randomly moves around my calves in quick electrical type pulses on my skin. My hip bones and lower back have the painful aching, but it is a tolerable pain…nothing too drastic. Sometimes it feels like my bones are being stretched.

There seems to be a lot of stuff going on with my spine and also the area where my spine connects to my neck/head. The message that I’m getting is that it has to do with merging polarities? I have no idea what that has to do with it, but that’s the answer I received. Maybe something to do with ida/pingala, silver/gold? Those are the images that I’m getting…overall, it has to do with “unification”…some sort of “short-cut” in the process, and a change in the template instructions, for those who are ready…maybe having to do with ability to jump timelines. As usual, it’s too difficult to put into words…

For the past week, I’ve been waking up in the morning and seeing gridlines again. This time, I’m seeing a cardinal cross in the middle of the gridlines.


It seems that the cross is emanating something from it, but I’m not sure what that means. I’ve seen this before, so it’s familiar to me, but I just don’t really understand it.

Overall, the energy sensations have become very active. It’s become the new “norm”. I’ve decided to speak about it more openly, so that people around me will become familiar with it. I don’t care if they think I’m crazy anymore…Someday this will become the new norm for many others, and I hope that when that happens, they will remember when I spoke of it before then…Maybe it will somehow help them to understand and to stay out of fear….

So that’s it…I’m fully out of the closet – lol … No more hiding, no more worrying about what other people may think. The secret’s out…I’m consciously, consciously evolving 😉


Love ❤

The Blue Rose



I didn’t want to write about this yet because I don’t fully understand it, but I’m getting such a strong feeling about it that I wanted to document it anyway…I just got back from driving from the store and noticed that the car in front of me had a license plate that said “BLUROSE”, so I’ll take that as a confirmation!  So funny when that happens 🙂


In astrology, there is a Grand Sextile alignment that is to take place on July 29, 2013.  I found an article that breaks down the time frame for this alignment here:


I read that this alignment is pretty rare and also read somewhere that the last time it happened like this, was in 1945 around the time WWII ended.  In this alignment, the planets form into the shape of the Star of David, or as other people may identify with, a “Merkaba”.  There are a lot of skeptics out there regarding this alignment, so as with all info on the internet, please use discretion…You may or may not resonate with it, and either way is fine…it is to my understanding that the same events can be experienced differently in different vibrations/timelines and resonance will vary from person to person.  What do you believe in?  What are you creating?


I want to try to explain something that came into my awareness recently, having to do with this alignment, but I’m having a hard time trying to find the words.  That’s been happening to me a lot lately, because I tend to think in pictures or feelings instead of words…but I’ll give it a try…

So…..I was recently reminded of “The Blue Rose” which I first saw years ago in a movie when I was a kid (while visiting my Grandmother’s house for the summer).  The name of the movie is “The Thief of Bagdad”.  There are several versions of the movie out there, but the one I saw was released in 1961 and the star of the movie was Steve Reeves.

The Blue Rose scene from this movie can be found here:

To briefly sum it up, in this movie, a man is on a quest to find a Blue Rose to try to save a Princess.  This Blue Rose is said to be found “beyond the mystical 7 gates”.

I’ve been drawn to blue roses since my childhood and have collected things with blue roses ever since.  The energy of the Blue Rose came into my awareness recently by a feeling that I had.  I associate the Blue Rose with memories of my Grandmother. To me, memories of my Grandmother represent unconditional motherly Love and security which I’ve been feeling a very strong presence of lately.  There’s been a strong feeling of feminine energy, Love and comfort around me for a while now…and it’s weird because in the last week, I’ve had men in public, who are complete strangers, become very protective of me and want to shield me from harm…it’s really bizarre…

 I did some research on the internet as to the meaning of the Blue Rose…this is what I found:

The Blue Rose & the Shoshanayin

“Flowers have long been associated with enlightenment, and as the ancient Egyptians taught about the “Blue Lotus Retreat” – the Esssene tribe taught about “Blue Rose” healing. It is believed that both Mother Mary and Mari Magdalene were members of the Essenes, and that Mari Magdalene called her teachings “The Blue Rose”.  The teaching is to have originated from Venus, and was brought to the earth by Mother Mary. Wherever the Essenes lived,  people referred to them as “Healers”.  The word ‘Essene’ stems from the Aramaic word ‘Assaya’, which means ‘Healer’.  The Essenes were called ‘Therapeutae’, when they were in Egypt, and that is where the word ‘Therapist’ originates from.” 


“This form of healing is associated with Love and Compassion. You may have a dream or a vision of a rose, and the color may tell you which order you belong to, or which Rose you need to learn more about! The Order of the Blue Rose was considered to be a special order for only the most faithful followers of those that followed the path known as The Essene Way.  The Essenes believed that the Christ Ray is carried in both the feminine and masculine, therefore Mari Magdalene was considered to be the feminine Christ.  The Essenes also believed in receiving direct knowledge from God.  They achieved this through what is known as “The Sacred Marriage”.  It is the marriage of the male and female within.” 

The rest of the article can be found here: http://sisterhoodoftherose.homestead.com/testimonials.html

Now, when I was reading an article about the Grand Sextile written by Randy Bruner aka “Blue Cosmic Hand” (the article can be found here:

http://galacticspacebook.com/profiles/blogs/this-is-the-big-one-we-ve-all-been-waiting-for-the-grand-sextile?xg_source=facebook )

there was a part of the article that said “On the last day of the 13 moon calendar Cosmic Moon 28, July 24, 2013, the Moon moves into conjunction with Neptune. This adds the power of love from the Super Moon to the power of our highest hopes and dreams from the planet Neptune. This ends out the cycle of the 7 Mystic Moons.”  That immediately made me think of the Blue Rose “7 mystical gates”.  The 7 Mystic Moons are leading up to the Grand Sextile which some are associating with Ascension of the Earth or birth of the new Earth because of the Merkaba formation (As above, So below)…Gaiaportal also had a message about the 777 portal which can be found here:


I’ve been seeing “777” or “77” everywhere (license plates, buildings, etc…) for a few months now and even had $7.77 on my receipt the other day.  I’ve also been sensing and seeing a lot of blue energy around me lately, especially in the last few days and I’m feeling that it may have to do with the Blue Rose.  I see blue orbs and blue flashes around me all day… I do feel like I’m currently anchoring in some of this blue energy and I know I have in the past. I don’t really understand it enough to explain it properly – I apologize….

The Blue Rose, the Essenes, Mother Mary, feminine energy, Mother Earth, Merkaba, birth of the new world, 7 gates/portals…they all tie in together but I just haven’t quite found what I’m looking for to bring them all together.  I’ll write more about it if I can find the words or any new connections…





Picture of blue light captured in Sedona on 12-12-09




Love ❤