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Energy Sensations – Update April 8, 2020



Stay in the center of the circle and let all things take their course ~ Tao Te Ching

(photo & quote from Jain108Academy Facebook page)

I’m temporarily in Williams, AZ, which is an hour away from the Grand Canyon and also about an hour away from Sedona.  Through some random sync’s, I found a seasonal job at a campsite that provides housing for employees.  I feel very fortunate to be here, because most businesses are shut down and most people are unable to work.  The governor of Arizona ordered the “stay at home” law about a week ago, but this campsite job is considered essential, so I’ve been lucky enough to still have a job.  It’s only 18 hours a week, but I’m grateful to have a paycheck and to be living rent-free.

I figure that I will save more money in the next couple of months and then hopefully be able to move out of the the U.S. mainland soon.  It all depends on when travel bans, mandatory quarantines and when this “stay at home” law is lifted.  I have a feeling that I’ll be able to leave in June, but at this point, I’m not sure about anything anymore.  This whole experience is so strange.  It’s so surreal…

I was guided to leave Phoenix a few weeks ago.  I had been staying at an aquaintance’s home, named Cindy, that runs an airbnb, since last August.  I’m totally convinced that she and her husband had COVID-19 back in late December (they were never tested for the virus).  Her husband had traveled out of town and when he came back home, he was sick with a cough.  It quickly turned into pneumonia-like symptoms.  After a few days, Cindy also had the cough and began to feel dizzy.  A week later, she completely lost her sense of smell and then another week later she started to have shortness of breath.

At that point, I gave Cindy Grapefruit Seed Extract for her lungs, some Oregano Oil for any possible bacterial infection and had her use Doterra’s “Breathe” essential oil.  She was already taking Vitamin C (which I would later find out was the best thing to do).  It took about a week of using all of those, when she began to very slowly feel a little better and eventually fully recovered.  Regaining her sense of smell is what took the longest.  I think it took a total of about 6 weeks from beginning to end, that her and her husband were sick but fully recovered.

At the time, I just thought they had a bad flu, so I immediately started doing the Neti Pot, spraying Colloidal Silver nasal spray, 2000 mg of Vitamin C and rotated between Grapefruit Seed Extract and Oregano Oil.  I was also diffusing Thieves Oil in my bedroom. I guess that worked, because I never got sick or had any symptoms at all despite sharing a space and having close contact interaction with Cindy daily.   I later heard that the virus lodges in the nose and sinus, so doing the Neti Pot and spraying the Colloidal Silver everyday was probably the best thing I could have done as a preventative measure.

This whole thing has been so bizarre.  I feel like I’m in a dream, like nothing is real.   The strange thing is that I feel like I’m supposed to be here in Williams.  It feels like I’m protected.  I have absolutely no fear even though the world is falling apart all around me and the public is going through the panic/hoarding phase.  Definitely feels like I’m right in the center of a storm, in my still point.

I pray that you are all doing well and are able to find comfort.  I have faith that this will lessen by the end of May to early June.  I keep thinking ” 2 months”… I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Energy Sensations

Since the very first day of arriving to Williams, AZ, I’ve been seeing gridlines surrounding me everyday when I wake up in the morning.  Because of that, I believe I’m here to do gridwork.

I’m still seeing the cardinal cross in the middle of the gridlines.


This morning, before the gridlines appeared, I saw a black symbol in the air above me, that looks like a reese’s peanut butter cup…I’ve seen it before, years ago, but still don’t know what it means:


There has been a lot of blissful Crown activity and LOTS of anchoring out of the feet.  Sometimes the energy is pouring out of my feet so hard and so fast, that it feels like heavy particles.

I felt a new sensation between the Sacral and the Solar Plexus.  It feels like something activated there and energy was bursting out of that area.  I have no idea what that is, but it was really strong.  It happened at two separate times.

Dreams have been very vivid and a little weird.  The first week I was here in Williams, I was having dreams about people that had upset me in some way.  Everyday it was a different person and I would do Ho’oponopono when I’d wake up in the morning. Lately it’s just been random weird astral stuff and sometimes very dark with lots of bugs/insects (which tells me that it’s in the lower realms).

I’m back to eating large heavy, grounding meals.  My body seems to require a lot of fuel at the moment.

Overall, this feels like another “holding space” and I feel like I’m here to wait-it-out.  Everyone is really nice and there seems to be a good vibe at this campsite.  I’m able to have lots of alone time and it’s been really nice to be able to relax in my own space without any distractions.

For the first time in a while, I’m in a Happy space 🙂

Sending Love, Comfort and Healing to anyone who should need it






Energy Sensations – Update August 24, 2015



I chose the picture above because I’ve been seeing an energy that looks similar to the halo around her head. Kinda looks like circles within circles…  I used to see gridlines most mornings when I’d wake up, but lately, I’ve been waking up surrounded by an illuminated energy that looks very similar to this picture below (just the pattern without the colors):




It looks a lot like the picture except the circles are transparent with a golden sheen to them. When I used to see the gridlines, they were a transparent illuminated powder blue color.  Only once I saw illuminated red gridlines, but they were surrounding a very muscular blue being that was standing at the foot of my bed…I’ll write about that experience later…

A lot has happened since I last wrote…I’ve started writing posts here and there, but haven’t gotten around to finishing them…I’m attending school now, so it’s been difficult to come out of seclusion for so long and then to have many different people, with very different energy signatures, around me all day. I’m still trying to adjust.  I’ll finish my other posts soon (and back-date) but I just wanted to give a quick update…


August 24, 2015

Last night (Aug. 23rd) I was laying down in bed, using my computer, and I got hit with a HUGE amount of energy emanating out of my core and Heart area…it felt like the Diamond Solar Heart energy, only this time, I was fully awake and not in that in-between state.  This is the first time that I was able to fully feel it completely  manifest while wide awake.  But because I was wide awake, it felt SO much stronger than I had experienced before.

It was quite overwhelming, so I had to stop what I was doing and fully focus on it…tuning into it so I could understand what was happening.  I noticed that the energy felt like it was pouring out of my solar plexus and Heart area and filling up my energy field (flooding very quickly).  It was flooding so quickly that it caused a pressure type sensation in my core as it was passing through it.


It felt very warm, liquid and effervescent all at the same time.  This is completely different than any other type of energy I’ve experienced over the years (downloads, bliss episodes, Kundalini, Tummo etc…) The more my field was completely saturated with this energy, the more sensitive my nerves and cells felt throughout my body.  It was almost like they were tender and a little bit sore as the energy was saturating them.  The sensation is very difficult to explain…but there is definitely a noticeable heat to it that is somehow different from Tummo.

It was slightly blissful but it was so powerful that there was also a slight discomfort to it at the same time. I kept imagining that it had a golden sheen like the sun, and that the warmth that I was experiencing was because it was a type of solar energy…like I was embodying the sun’s energy?  After a while I started to feel like I was losing my breath.  I had to keep taking deep breaths and try not to become too overwhelmed by what was happening to me…staying out of fear.

I had a heightened sense of emotion like I wanted to cry, but in a strong Love kind of way. It was coming out of the core in waves that I could actually feel…like pulses that would emanate outward…the beginning of each pulse was extremely overwhelming and then would taper off.  I was bracing myself for the next pulse because it was so strong.

It lasted for about an hour and then tapered off.  Then this morning while I was in school (nursing classes), it hit me again!  I had to ask that it not happen while I was in class.  I lost my breath and felt dizzy for about 15 minutes and then it stopped.  But I noticed that I’ve felt strange for the rest of the day, and still do now as I’m typing this.  I feel “lit up” with vibrating molecules…that’s the only way I can describe it.  My solar plexus feels very raw and expanded. The lower part of the back of my head has also been vibrating with a pulse…


Well, this is it…this is the frequency we’ve been prepared to bring in.  It took A LOT of work by SO MANY to be able to reach this phase.  It’s hard to explain, but I can actually feel that it is a unified energy, the selfless work by so many…I wish I could explain it better, but as usual, I have trouble finding the words.  I’ve been on the verge of tears all day.

This frequency is pure Christed liquid light and somehow connected to the sun…this frequency is pure Love. And this frequency is here now in the physical, it’s been fully anchored.  In the most intense moments of the experience, it made me want to burst into tears because of the pureness of it.  I have never felt anything like it and cannot fully explain it.  I have a strong sense of completion, kind of like a goal that has been reached.  I know there is still much more to do, but I feel that this was the most important for myself, on my personal journey.

I’ve been shown that once this energy is embodied, the miasma and discordant energy will be cleared at maximum speed…super fast.  At first some may feel emotional, like crying because the body needs to get used to it.  It’s always strongest at first when something comes online, but intensity will taper off as the bodies adjust to it.  Surrender is crucial…full trust…just knowing that the intensity of it will pass, helps to surrender to it without any fear creeping in.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to the “Wave X” and September predictions, but when this started to happen to me, I got the message that this is all in preparation for September.  Yikesssssss!

Again, the message that I’m receiving, just as I did for 12/21/12, is that the gatekeepers and portals will most likely feel the intensity of it, but some will not.  There may be disappointment for those that do not physically feel anything…but I assure you, regardless of whether it’s physically felt or not, it is here and will continue to be anchored.  We are past the point of possibility of this being blocked or stopped.  It is done…

I can only imagine how intense this will be for those that are hyper-sensitive, and I’m bracing myself for what has yet to come…



Endless Gratitude to all who have participated in creating and making this possible…


You are Loved and appreciated beyond measure rainbowheart