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Going Through the (E) motions…


Well, 11-11 came and went…I did an 11.11 meditation video in the morning, from Christine Meleriessee.  Her singing  was kinda funny and made me giggle throughout the video…BUT…even during the funny singing she was doing, I actually felt my Crown chakra swaying and lots of movement in my body.  Laughing is a good thing, it keeps the vibration up :-).  I found the meditation to be very powerful and feel that what needed to be done, was absolutely done without a doubt…Much Gratitude to Christine Meleriessee for providing such a Blessing.

The meditation can be found here:


On 11-11, I did wake up in the morning to see gridlines, but they were just the normal light blue ones.  Also felt myself vibrating extremely hard as I was pulling out of sleep…that intensity was new…  Nothing else happened throughout the day, I was just incredibly tired (sleepy).  I did some grocery shopping during the early afternoon, just going through the motions, and spent the rest of the day in bed resting.  I had no desire to interact with the public.  It’s been very draining this month and my body has been very delicate.  I know it’s just adjusting to the new energies and I honor that.  Lots of rest and staying in bed without the guilt!

My boyfriend seemed mopey and seemed like he was in a grumbling bad mood, so I stayed away from him all day.  He gets like that often.  He was a BIG energy drainer early in the relationship, to the point where I could literally feel his energy hooks or actively draining my solar plexus so much that I could feel the suction.  Some people really don’t know that they’re doing this, so I explained it to him, and he’s SLOWLY stopped doing it over the years.  I don’t mind sharing my energy with others, but sometimes it’s just too much for me to spare…It’s funny, because I felt like a mom teaching a child…I would sternly put up a protection wall around my energy, bring it to his attention, and then tell him to stop.

It took a long while for him to completely stop, but now he’s very moody when he can’t get his energy “fix”….(sigh)  I’ve tried to teach him as much as I can over the last 4 years, but all I can really do is give him the tools to fix himself if he wishes to…it doesn’t seem he’s too interested in working on himself though…we’ve recently mutually  agreed that we’re breaking up and I’m moving back to Los Angeles at the end of December.  I just need to wrap up some stuff in Sedona in December before I leave Phoenix for good…I’m nervous about having to move and come out of seclusion, but in my Heart I know it’s for the best…

I was going to write a little rant here about closed groups in the Spiritual community, separation, and charging money for Divine knowledge, but I deleted it..it’s not important to write about it since it’s something I need to work on within myself.  It wouldn’t bother me, or be brought to my attention if it wasn’t something that I needed to acknowledge and heal.  I’ll just bring awareness to it during this November powerhouse of healing energies and maybe I’ll write about the outcome later.

So 11-11 came and went…now we have the new moon solar eclipse today… some say it’s sort of a balancing of Feminine & Masculine Divine energy to allow the co-existence of both of these elements within your four-body system … all I know is that  I’m a little emotional today.  Cried a little this morning from some past family issues.  That’s new, because lately I haven’t been able to cry for ANYTHING, even if I had wanted to….  I read an email today from Earthkeeper Tyberonn that spoke of the eclipses this month and it explained the sadness.

Here’s part of it explaining the emotions:

“One can expect a much more dramatic feeling to incur. Most of you will be feeling extremely deeply and unexpected emotions, from deeply hidden issues and beliefs may come bubbling up. This allows for a purging of trapped energies you didn’t even know were there. Don’t be surprised if you begin expressing strong opinions about things you didn’t even know before hand were so important to you. It is a time to speak your truth and not allow yourself to be pinned in unfairly by any issue or person.”

Yes, this is a picture of me at the moment…

So there you go, that’s why this hidden stuff is coming up….and I might even be  a little whiney….waaaa…  It seems “petty” the things I’m pondering, but really, it’s something that needs to be addressed within myself and my perception. Just coming up for review…

Let’s see…the rest of November… on 11-22 (22 is a master number) we have a deeper mastery level activation (coupled with all of the Love and Gratitude of Thanksgiving),  and on 11-28 there is the lunar eclipse… another eclipse…Yikes!  I plan to spend the last week of November in bed 😦