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Energy Sensations – Update May 5, 2015




I just have not wanted to write lately…So much has happened in the last few months.

The first major thing that happened was that I moved out of my cousin’s house at the end of February shortly after our uncle died of a heart attack. (My cousin is on my mother’s side of the family, and that’s the side that I’m consciously aware of healing ancestral karma )The death in the family showed my family’s true colors and brought out a flood of emotions…Every time I’d start to write about it, I’d get stressed out, so I’m not going to write about it. I’ll just say that it’s a chapter of my life that has been firmly shut and I’ve said a vow and contract release as to never have to repeat it again.

So I’m living at my Dad’s now. I’m still trying to adjust and although a little difficult, it’s much healthier energetically, so I’m not complaining! That seems to be a theme lately…when I complain about something (I used to complain about how messy my Dad’s house was), the universe will show me that it could be MUCH worse and then I’ll appreciate whatever it was that I was complaining about – lol


I’ve gotta work on the Gratitude department…

In February I was experiencing what I believe to be timeline slips, or some type of interdimensional crossing of some sort. At first I would get this overwhelming déjà vu type feeling and for some reason, a warmth would flood my body… then a while later I would see other timelines happening right in front of me. It was so bizarre! It looked like a holographic overlay. I didn’t know what was happening but I was able to stay calm and let it pass.

This happened briefly on two or three separate days. I’m not sure if it was because timelines were changing or if it was just a compression (deletion). At this point in the process, I’ve learned to just go with it. There is no more fear and I have full trust that it’s for the highest of good.

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been seeing different forms of darkness projected in front of me before it leaves (before it’s being transmuted and released). I’ve seen it as a black ball of scribbles, or a black spiked ball, sometimes as a black blob or strange blob with tentacles which actively moves (that one looked weird like a cartoon)…

Miasma1          spiked

Blob               Tentacles

Occasionally I’ve seen similar brown unidentifiable creatures (actively moving), but I have no idea what the difference in color means…

That seems to be something frequent for me…darkness will show itself to me before it departs. It’s a little strange but I feel that it’s part of whatever I’m supposed to do. It’s like it comes to me so that I can guide it out…totally compliant and no resistance…absolutely no fear present.

I don’t mind doing that type of work. There’s a sense of being in control and it doesn’t scare me at all. In the last few months, I’ve also had frequent dreams of performing exorcisms and seem to know exactly what I’m doing in the dreams. Sometimes speaking in another language and forcefully commanding whatever it is to leave. I don’t know if I’m remembering past lives, or if this is merely part of the timeline merge/compression/deletion.

There are many people incarnated now that are doing this work, but not all are consciously aware of it. The message I’m getting is that they’ve requested from a higher perspective to not see it because they don’t want to trigger any fear. I can totally understand that!

**After writing this, I stumbled across an article from Lisa Renee that speaks of clearing shadow body fragments.  In the article she says:

This is a forced purging on planet, and we are the bodies that transmute the density, transit the debris and astral entities, many times through our own bodies. If you have not commanded your space and designated a place for astral releases and entity transits, knowing how to set up a portal in your space will be very helpful now. Sometimes astral entities will see a Indigo lightbody and come towards the light for help. Many times this is experienced as a psychic attack, but as one’s consciousness grows it is realized that this attack is really a call for help. Many people are getting fast tracked because our lightbody expansion is moving faster than our personality has been able to comprehend what is actually transpiring. This is common within the Indigo and Starseed population, so take a deep breath, and take in information at a firm yet fearless place.”

The entire article can be found HERE



In the beginning of May, I started to feel a rippling energy in my neck whenever I was in a relaxed state or just before falling asleep. This has REALLY changed as of last night. I first noticed in the evening that my right side felt tingly like it was going numb. I also had small electrical pulses or “snaps” (as I call them) on hands, arms and legs…this lasted for a few hours.

At night as I was falling asleep, I felt a very deep and profound trembling in my core. Then later I felt a rolling rippling energy in my entire head and on the right side of my body (right arm/shoulder, right side of abdomen, entire right leg). I’ve never felt such intensity while still awake (only usually in a lucid dream state). The force of it reminded me of the dream I had of water forcefully shooting up through my shushumna.

This recent experience was so massive that it just took over completely.  I managed to open my eyes briefly (only briefly because I felt like my whole head was liquefied and forcefully moving around) and saw what looked like heat waves rippling in the air.


It was a pretty awesome experience! I just went with it and let it happen. At times, it felt like ocean waves rolling inside my body. It was really strange…This was definitely the most powerful physical energetic sensation I’ve ever felt over the years. It seems to be getting more physically intense very quickly…

My solar plexus and sacral areas have also had a strange electromagnetic sensation within them for a few days. It’s hard to explain, but they feel very “raw” and sensitive like if they’re open wide and tense. I have no idea what this is. I’ve done clearing, worn my Moldivite and Herkimer necklace, my very protective Nuummite necklace, claimed my space, protection meditations etc…At first I thought it was some sort of drain or psychic attack because it’s so strong, but I don’t think that’s what it is…this is something else new… Hopefully it will pass soon because it’s a bit uncomfortable.

The energies have slowly worked their way up my body throughout the past years. It stayed at the top of my Heart area for many years, quickly went through the throat area (only a few months) and has been in my head for about a year now.

My Crown is super active during this phase…in fact, I’ve been feeling a fluttering right in the middle top of my head for 2 days…it feels like a moth is stuck in my hair and trying to get out. And recently felt something shooting out of the sides of my head. When I focus in on it, I get the image of the halo around the head that looks like this:


Those spots in the picture are exactly where I’m feeling the sensations.

This seems to be a new stage that I’m going through with lots of new sensations. I guess I was so used to the sensations I’ve felt in the past since the same things happened over and over for years…but now things are definitely changing very rapidly.

It’s exciting to experience something new. When all fear has been cleared and full trust is present, it’s an awesome experience to participate in. I guess this is where I can apply the Gratitude that I’ve been lacking to express in my life…

I’m so grateful to be a part of something so profound and so sacred.

Infinite Love and Gratitude from my Heart


Diamond Solar Heart ~



On March 12th, something shifted when I woke up in the morning… I heard 3 loud chimes (kindof like bell ringing tones, but more like someone swept across 3 keys on a xylophone very quickly) and when I heard the sounds; I saw an image in my mind that looked like white sun rays with a light gray background. It kinda looked like this but with light gray instead of the black:


I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so later I meditated on it and got the message that it was a marker for a new level/phase/initiation. I was a little confused at first, so I asked for a better explanation. I was shown that when I hear the chimes and shown the pictures in my mind, it’s because a new (group) level has been reached. The tones represent an addition to the harmonization of signature tone. The picture is a representation of a new level. This particular picture shown to me is of Diamond Rays? At first I wasn’t sure if I was interpreting that correctly, but that’s what I got. So I did a little research on the internet and it occurred to me that the rays looked similar to other pictures that I found:

Milarepa´s heart of light rainbowbody

And then I found this picture which made more sense:

Precious Diamond With Rainbow

Ahhh…. So that’s what it means. There’s a large group who has reached the level of Diamond Light Body/Rainbow Body. I was given the message that this will be triggered or beginning phases for this group on or around Spring Equinox/Solar Eclipse. So on March 19th, I woke up in the morning and felt a sensation of warmth coming from my core. It spread outward and felt like it was filling up my body. It would last for a while until I was distracted by outside noise and then the sensation would stop. I’ve felt it before, but never really paid attention to it enough to figure out what it was.


I decided to focus on it to see if I could make it happen at will, and found that I actually could…When I focused on it, I was shown (and also physically felt) that it was my Solar Plexus and Heart chakras blending or combining together and this was creating an energy that was emanating outward. It has something to do with merging timelines or realities? I’m not sure if I interpreted that correctly? Something more along the lines of zero point, meaning that it’s a merging of HU-man authentic power energy (Solar Plexus) with Divine Love (Heart)…creating some sort of bridge/portal to anchor. The message I got was that the merging of the two created a portal that will anchor the Higher energies… I’m not even going to pretend that I understand any of that stuff -lol   …I’m sure there’s much more to it than my limited interpretation.

It was clearly a very warm energy and I could feel such a blissful comfort from it. When the warmth would emanate outward, I felt like I was expanding and leaving my body…kind of like I was expanding to a different realm. It was an awesome feeling to be able to control it for the first time, since this type of stuff has only happened randomly without my knowing or conscious direction. I was shown that now that I was aware of it, I could create it anytime I wanted. I went online and searched “Solar Heart chakra” to see if I could find anything, but there really wasn’t anything except one post about the merging of the Heart and Solar Plexus.   The author had also experienced the same sensation and called it the “Solar Heart chakra”. The article can be found HERE

**Later after writing about this, I stumbled upon a post from Sandra Walter that she wrote in May 2013 while searching for something else. I was surprised that she had already written about it and she had even posted a video about it. She called it the “Solar Heart center”.  I guess I wasn’t ready for it until now…Her post can be found HERE

Picture from Sandra’s article :


In her explanation, she describes it as a diamond and this center being between the Heart and High Heart center. She doesn’t mention anything about the Solar Plexus though…. So now this is all coming together…it totally makes sense. I never really understood how I was supposed to create or manifest, and had tried several different techniques. Sometimes things would manifest, and sometimes they wouldn’t. What I did realize is that sometimes I unintentionally manifested stuff when I was in a state of high emotion. But the message that I’m getting from this Solar Heart experience is that this is the tool to consciously manifest and create without having to worry about the high emotion influencing the creation. It is of Christed Light, so lower energies are not even an option in this form of manifestation.

At the moment, the strongest way for me to connect to this merge, is in the half awake/half asleep state. When I wake up in the morning, if I don’t fully let myself wake up, seems to be the best time to play with this. I’ve been doing this for a few days now. I’ll keep playing with it and see if I can bring myself into this state while fully awake.

Love ❤


Energy Sensations – Update December 7, 2013



For the past 3 days I’ve been having some very intense work being done specifically on my Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. When I get the intense work focusing on one spot, it’s usually very gentle and slow…as of these past few days, that’s not the case.

This work has been very aggressive and fast…lots of reaching into these two chakras and physically pulling stuff out of them (I say physical because I can physically feel everything that’s being done, including the stuff that they’re pulling out, and it’s a little uncomfortable). Normally it’s done when I’m in the half awake, half asleep groggy state, but now it’s being done while fully awake and aware.

Since this work is being done, I’m also having bizarre dreams when I fall asleep. It involves lots of really weird stuff like mangled or deformed bodies talking to me, or the presence of death. Lots of black stuff and it’s very dark and gloomy like the astral realm.

I’m not scared at all during these dreams and there’s no fear. It’s just really strange dark stuff that I believe is what’s being released from the collective at this moment… I sense that it needs to be done very quickly during this time. I get the word “quickening” when I think about how quickly they were pulling stuff out of me…I feel that the weird dreams are the energies passing through to communicate in my dreams before its final departure. **After writing about this, I found an article that was posted on July 2, 2014 that speaks about “The Quickening” and I thought it was pretty interesting.  The article can be found here: http://www.bob-fickes.com/2014/07/the-quickening/

Strangely enough, I’m also seeing a change in people in public, mainly in men. It’s like they’re softening up a little or aren’t what they appear to be. There are many things I’ve witnessed so far, but I’ll just give one example that seemed to trigger an awareness within me…it was today when a very manly man wearing an Army shirt, with a crew cut haircut, probably about 50 yrs old, asked me about my necklace ( I have a Sun necklace with moonstone in the middle that I bought in Sedona about 4 yrs ago).

Sun Pendant

He looked like he had served in the military and carried himself that way. The man looked at my necklace and his face softened up with a smile. The man said “Oh that’s nice, is that the North Star?” I said “No, it’s a Sun…I bought it in Sedona”. His reply surprised me when he said “Oh, that’s so cute”…The lady that was with him got a strange look on her face like she was surprised at what he had said. I was surprised myself…”Oh, that’s so cute” was not something I expected to hear from a man of his stature.

I immediately realized how closed minded I was being.  What that showed me today was that I need to let go of old beliefs, old thought patterns, and especially old stereotypes…totally throw that old junk out the door. Detach completely from the old world way and allow the new to manifest…I had already judged this man before he even opened his mouth and that’s the only reason why I was surprised by his response.

If my reality is going to change, I have to allow it to happen without stopping it with outdated beliefs. The only blocks that will interfere with changes in my reality are my old expectations and outdated perceptions. Now more than ever, I need to completely detach and allow the seeds to blossom into something new.

I have no idea why that small interaction affected me so much. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for some reason it really woke me up. It served as my wake up call. I got the message that this was only the beginning with much more to come. This next phase is going to take A LOT of discipline, but now that I’m aware, I know I can do it with no problem. I’m probably going to see a lot of stuff that will surprise me on a daily basis…maybe even shock me. This is going to be fun to see things that I totally wouldn’t expect happen more and more everyday… I’m going to sit back and enjoy the theatrics…this is gonna be very entertaining 🙂



As for energy sensations, I’ve been hearing the LOUD annoying tone in my right ear for the past 3 days again (sigh)…and the nerves in multiple teeth on both sides of my mouth have all been twitching at the same time (I’m finding that this happens every time I feel intense energies and the twitching stops when the energies calm down).

Last week, on two separate days,  I had heart palpitations that lasted non-stop for about 20 minutes straight.  That worried me, so I’m going to see a Cardiologist next week just to be safe.  I had the fibromyalgia radiating lower body pain for a few days last week, but I did some energy clearing exercises (Shushumna and chakras) and it went away.  These are some intense energies plowing through right now…nothing subtle about it 😦

I read the new GaiaPortal post today and it said:

“Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia usable form is currently at maximum allowable levels.

Streams of blue crystalline needle configureds are continuing dissolution of all unusable old paradigm concepts.

Higher movements of Gaia protectives continues unabated.

Incoming Cosmics are soon to assume primary function in the Gaia collective dimensional scheme.”

The GaiaPortal post can be found HERE

The part where it mentions “blue crystalline needle configureds” caught my eye. It reminds me of a post that someone wrote about one of my Sedona pictures (the picture was taken on 12/12/09) that captured what he called “Blue Star Kachina blue needles penetrations”. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone else write about “blue needle” energies since then.

The article about my picture can be found HERE



Things are slowly changing.  The signs are everywhere…I have Faith and Believe that we have already brought these changes forward/backward through creation…now we just need to sit back and allow them to manifest…Detachment is Key ❤




Love ❤


**A few weeks after writing this blog, I found some posts by other bloggers that seem to resonate with higher awareness of changes happening within our perception and the reflection of the world around us…





Energy Sensations – Update October 24, 2013


12 point

(The picture above is from the website http://www.universallifetools.com/)

I had a pretty cool lucid dream this morning.  I was shown that I was in the middle of an illuminated 12 pointed star and the star points were coming out of my body.  I’m thinking that it was the 12 pointed lightbody being activated (as explained by Earthkeeper Tyberonn as the Mer-ka-va).  I changed the picture above to pink and lavender tones because that’s how I saw it in my dream…


crystal skulls

But I was also shown how this 12 pointed star lightbody worked in relation to the “13 crystal skulls”.  I was shown that the skulls would be activated by a person/people, not just by the physical 13 crystal skulls coming together.  The activation was going to be by activating the 12 pointed star lightbody and the person/people being “crystalline” was what would act as the 13th crystal skull activation.  From my understanding, it is“Crystalline” fully merged and integrated with Feminine Christ Consciousness aspect (aka  the 13th disciple) as being the key.  I don’t know, but it seems that was the message…It’s a bit confusing and I’ve been having a hard time putting my visions into words lately.

I understood that NOW or “in this now” this could not be accessed by anyone with the “wrong intentions” (like they show in the Indiana Jones movie – lol) because you must attain crystalline (balanced) status to be aligned with it…and we all know how much Light work that will take!  That’s just my limited interpretation of it, but I’m sure there’s much more involved…(**See video below, from Magenta Pixie, at very bottom of this post for update**)


I woke up from the dream because my tongue was burning with an electrical flickering sensation.  I’ve had a subtle consistent electrical pulse running through my tongue for a couple of months now and it got so strong during this dream that it startled me awake.


When I fell back to sleep after I briefly woke up, I had another dream that I was in a car with my best friend (she’s also going through the Ascension process on a very physical level).  We were driving at night and noticed that the dashboard of the car was not lighting up and I couldn’t see the speedometer.  I completely stopped the car and tried driving again, and the dashboard lit up completely that time.  I wasn’t steering the car with my hands though, I was steering with my mind…and the road was moving and curving into the direction that I wanted to go…like the road was fluid and it could move any way I wanted it to.  It was pretty cool to see the road and the middle lines moving and shifting.  When I woke up, I got the idea that the car was also symbolism for the lightbody.  Maybe there’s a large group going through this level of lightbody activation right now? That seems to be the message I’m getting…

**Quite a while after writing about the lucid dream, on February 22, 2014, I got a newsletter email from Earthkeeper Tyberonn.  In the email, he included a video of the Crystal Skull “Sha Na Ra” that was taken on 12-12-12.  The video shows purple/pinkish energy coming out of the top of the skull just like the colors I saw in my dream…Pretty awesome sync 🙂

Video of Sha Na Ra Crystal Skull:


As I mentioned above, my tongue’s had a pulse of energy running through it on a daily basis.  In the past few days, I’ve also had nerves twitching in various teeth and a strange burning feeling in different places on my teeth, gums and jaw.  I’m assuming it has to do with the energies.  I know El Collie has mentioned feeling like all of her teeth were aching at the same time during her Kundalini experience.  I think it has to do with the energies once they reach your head and upper chakras.  I’ve had a lot of energetic activity on my face, jaw, tongue, upper palate and upper chakras lately.

On Tuesday (October 22nd)  I had one of the worst sinus migraines I’ve had in many years.  I felt like my head was going to explode.  I’m 100% sure that it was my sinuses.  Sometimes when our sinuses get inflamed, it can radiate pain to our teeth since the sinuses sit right on top of the teeth.  It can mimic a full on toothache.  Here’s a picture of a panoramic view x-ray:


The pink area is where the sinuses are…notice how they sit just above the back teeth.  That’s exactly where my teeth were hurting when I had the sinus headache.  I could feel really heavy pressure downloads in the Crown and 3rd eye area and my Crown was swaying throughout the day, so I’m sure that’s why I got the sinus irritation.  It seems to happen when I get the “heavy” downloads as opposed to the “blissful” ones.

I’ve also had multiple nerves twitching like crazy in my thighs and buttock muscles on both legs for a couple of weeks.  They’re twitching so hard that you can see my skin moving and flinching on my thighs.  It’s so bizarre.  What do my thighs and buttock muscles have to do with this process? Maybe it’s due to meridians? I don’t know… I’ve also noticed that the tone I usually hear in my ears now sounds like a hiss sound.  It’s like it’s so high pitched that it no longer registers as a tone.

Crown downloads, migraines, nerves twitching, tongue pulsing, hissing noises…  I can only imagine what I sound like to the average person…LOL


**On August 9, 2014, Magenta Pixie posted a video speaking of the Crystal Skull activation…She speaks of the Crystal Skulls around the 8:20 mark…Pretty awesome sync! 🙂

Love ❤

Energy Sensations – Update August 30, 2013



It’s been a long healing process since my 2nd emergency surgery on August 7th.  I’m starting to feel much better.  I didn’t realize how awful you could feel just from your Hemoglobin level being low (anemia).  I got my blood level back to 12 (the normal level) and am starting to feel MUCH better.  Low Hemoglobin can contribute to feeling fatigue, dizziness and nausea (if it gets low enough it can lead to heart failure).  For the rest of my life, I will have my Hemoglobin level checked periodically to make sure I maintain the proper levels.

On August 22nd it seems that a better choice for my living arrangement had manifested.  Out of the blue, my cousin offered for me to move into his new house.  It’s a beautiful 4 bedroom 4 bath 2,885 sq ft home near Laguna Hills in California.  He bought it on a short sale for $555,000.  I thought it was funny that the price had the triple 5’s in it, because I’ve been seeing triple 5’s so frequently for quite a while (and also seeing 222 which I sense as mirroring the 555).  The house is in a beautiful secure gated community where you need to be cleared by a security guard booth just to get in…the reality show “Real Housewives of Orange County” was actually filmed in that community.  I’m SO HAPPY!  Having a nice comfortable place to live has taken so much stress from my energy and from my life in general 🙂

Something strange happened early hours Tuesday morning (Aug. 27th).  Out of nowhere, I started to feel a really strange compression sensation on my entire body…I’ve never felt anything of this magnitude in my entire life…it started with the sensation of blood rushing to my head and feeling my heart pulse in my face…chills were emanating throughout my body and it felt like every single nerve in my body was firing up in waves… the sensation made me squirm around on my bed to try to make it stop.  It was so overwhelming that I was praying for it to stop.  The feeling started to make me feel claustrophobic like everything was closing in around me and I began to have a panic attack.  I was hyperventilating from the stress that my physical body was experiencing.  It literally felt like I was being compressed and I felt like I couldn’t breathe!

In my state of panic, the only thing I could think of to do was to take the maximum dose of Benadryl to make me feel drowsy and calm me down a bit.  To my surprise, the Benadryl actually did help.  The drowsiness took the edge off, and I was able to calm down and stop fighting the sensations, allowing them to flow through me completely.  The sensations stopped after about an hour and I was able to fall asleep.  I ended up sleeping for almost 20 hours. The feeling did not return once I woke up.   Whatever happened, I now feel like I’m in a different space.  Everything is much lighter.  It’s almost like I feel a guarantee that everything will be ok.  There is no doubt about it anymore…It’s a state of confidence that is familiar to me, but has not played a large part in my life so far.

I’ve been reading in comments on some blogs that quite a bit of people have been feeling extremely emotional, angry, and some even suicidal in the past week.  This makes me wonder if the feeling of me wanting to die while in the hospital had more to do with an energy shift than with what I was going through in the hospital? It’s possible that I was going through an energy shift at a very bad time and my feelings of grief were amplified by the emergency situation I was in.  Everything happens for a reason, I just haven’t quite figured out yet why I came so close to dying.  Maybe it had to do with the whole “rebirth” “resurrection” theme?

The only other sensations I’ve felt in the last few days have been heavy Crown and 3rd eye downloads, the energy inside of my body swaying from left to right, the back side of my chakras buzzing and an overall sense of wellbeing while fully balanced and centered.  These past few days I’ve just been catching myself daydreaming of all the things I want to do with my life, imagining myself living in my cousin’s beautiful house, and eventually happily living in New York.  I feel a sense of excitement and renewal.  Whatever this new space is that I find myself in now, I’d like to stay here…it feels pretty darn good 🙂


Energy Sensations – Update July 24, 2013



I woke up this morning to the song “Just Another Day” by Oingo Boingo playing in my head.  I never really paid attention to the lyrics, but I looked them up today and they’re pretty interesting…I grew up in L.A. listening to KROQ classic alternative/New Wave, so most songs I hear in my head are from the 80’s.  The original KROQ DJ’s (Richard Blade, Jed the Fish, The Swedish Eagle etc..) are now playing on Sirius/XM radio on channel 33 “The Wave”…It’s amazing how many of those 80’s songs have Spiritual meanings that I never paid attention to or realized until now…



My Heart chakra and High Heart chakra had a huge opening late last night around 11pm.  There was a strong pressure sensation on my chest accompanied by a very strong vibrating on the upper chest (High Heart area).  The vibration was emanating up into my throat and made my throat feel like it was disappearing….also various nerves were twitching in the middle of my chest.  It was a little uncomfortable but only lasted for a few hours.

After I wrote this, I got an update from Gaia Portal today speaking about the High Heart 🙂

The message can be found here: http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/steeled-resolution-from-the-higher-heart-is-called-upon-at-this-time/

I was feeling surges of negativity in my Solar Plexus yesterday.  It started the day before, but was amplified yesterday.   I have no idea where it was coming from. I got the feeling that it was coming in so strong at one point and then seemed to be gone once I focused on clearing it out.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t very pleasant, but thankfully didn’t last for very long.  Probably just more clearing and purification…

I’ve also had a very LOUD constant fluctuating ringing in my right ear.  In the past few days, I’ve had a temporary episode (lasted for about a minute) of complete silence take over my right ear, followed by a loud high pitched tone that drowns out all background noise.  This was not subtle at all, it was VERY strong…it made me stop what I was doing and sit down.  It’s happened on different days and only in my right ear.

I was doing a Heart meditation a few times last week and while I was doing the meditation last Tuesday, I had a vision of myself merging with a pregnant woman with a big 9 month belly.  I was seeing and feeling my body melting into her and her belly…all of a sudden my mind became aware of what was happening and I immediately snapped out of it.  I usually panic when I feel the sensation of my body melting or completely turning into liquid and will wake myself up.  It was a very strange experience…and why would I merge with a pregnant woman?  What does that mean?


I also had a lucid dream last Tuesday night, where I saw the honeycomb grid around the Earth which I had never seen before.  When I recently read some sites posting about a honeycomb grid, I just wasn’t resonating with it because it was not something that I had seen or experienced yet.  When I see gridlines, they’re just the regular square or rectangle gridlines.  But in the lucid dream, I saw the honeycomb grid and even said out loud “Wow, I’m finally seeing this grid…it really does exist”…the honeycomb grid I saw was illuminated golden light.

A website that writes about the honeycomb grid can be found here:


I’ve been waking up in the mornings with the strange sensation of my whole body being filled with vibrating molecules…it’s a strange sensation and it takes a while for it to stop once I wake up.  It reminds me of when you get the snow on your television when you lose the connection…I feel like that’s what my energy would look like. I was searching for a picture of a body with molecules in it, and I found this picture below:

Borofsky MoleculeMan

The title of this sculpture is “Molecule Man”…The funny thing about it is that this picture of the sculpture is between the Roybal Building and the Federal building in downtown L.A. and I worked there for many years in the 90’s!  I used to see this sculpture every day… It seems that the visual signs on our path are everywhere; we just may not make sense of them until many years later… 🙂

A description of the sculpture can be found here:


I’ve also been getting flashes in my peripheral vision of my body parts turning into light.  I saw my whole hand light up and also another time I saw part of my arm light up.

Higher chakras are being fine tuned and lots of activity on the Crown, 3rd eye, and temples.  I felt a big liquid blob moving around in my Solar Plexus last week.  It was a very high vibrational energy, whatever it was, because I felt the liquid bliss feeling from it…then it moved to the right side of my face and was moving around my right temple.  I LOVE to feel that type of energy because it feels like a liquid cellular massage of pure Bliss…When I get hit with that energy, I just stop whatever I’m doing and relax so it will take over.  The more I relax and surrender, the stronger it gets and the better it feels.

There’s been so much talk about “Living waters” and “Liquid light” I wonder if that has anything to do with what I’m feeling?  I never really understood what was meant by “Living waters” but that would be a good description of this sensation…Living waters meaning the pure essence of God?  Maybe that’s what the true meaning of being baptized by water means?  It’s something internal, not external…I think I read some Biblical text that spoke of Living waters flowing from the belly.  Could the belly mean the Solar Plexus?  That gives me something to think about…


Scene from the movie “Donnie Darko” :


Energy Sensations – Update April 4, 2013


Life of Pi

I had to post this picture…it’s just too funny :-).  I saw the movie “Life of Pi” and thought it was really good…beautiful visual scenes throughout the entire movie.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing anything.  We went through the Spring Equinox and full moon, but for me, nothing out of the ordinary happened…same old stuff, Crown chakra energies coming in, nerves twitching all over my body, extreme fatigue….blah…I’ve just been resting and it seems like my days all blend together as one never ending day…it’s like I have no sense of time anymore, I forget what day it is, I never know what time it is, and if I take a guess, I’m TOTALLY off…Besides this blog, I  keep a daily journal, so that helps with keeping track of time.

Saturday (March 30th) was interesting though.  I woke up in the morning and was in that half awake half asleep state…I heard a voice tell me “You’ve been baptized by water, next you will be baptized by the Sun (fire)”.  In the dream state I understood what they meant, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure what it means – LOL …the only thing that comes to mind is solar flares maybe?

Lots of reference to the Sun lately…I’ve come to the understanding that the white energy glistening with gold that I’ve seen is the energy of the “White Sun” which is the same as Christ Consciousness, which is the same as Cosmic Consciousness.  It can be difficult to fully understand this when so many different people, so many different points of view or interpretations give different names for basically the same thing.

I went through the same in the beginning of my journey with trying to understand the Merkaba, the Light body, the Rainbow body, the Diamond body which are all the same thing with different names coming from different teachings.   It’s been explained to me that that’s the very reason why it’s so important for me to have my own interpretation from a clear mind without prior teaching in this lifetime. To come into your own mastery, you have to experience and actually feel the realizations within your Heart, your whole being…it’s so much more than just reading it from a book or having someone tell you…you have to experience and integrate it within yourself.

Lately I haven’t been resonating with anything I’ve read on Spiritual websites or blogs. I also noticed that a lot of people hadn’t written much over the last couple of weeks either, so maybe it’s just an overall phase that we’re all going through.  I’m not sure why I feel so disconnected from everything around me, but this seems to be another phase of integration…only this time, it needs to be done without any outward influence, or a more “quiet” and peaceful setting…no distractions.  Whatever it is, it’s very deep and seems to go much deeper than previous phases that I can recall.  I have a feeling that it’s because there is a manifestation aspect of it, but I don’t really understand it, I just “feel” it.

I’ve been doing very well with dealing with my boyfriend and with rude people in public.  This mastering of my emotions thing is going VERY well.  I’ve never been so patient in my entire life.  My boyfriend and I haven’t argued at all because I don’t react to what ever it is he does that would normally upset me.  I’m not just ignoring it, I’m actually really NOT getting upset anymore.  It’s so weird to be so patient and non reactive.  I realized that I even drive speed limit now, and am never in a rush to go anywhere. For me, that is a HUGE change, unbelievable actually !

I remember when I had my first Reiki Tummo attunement in 2008, the Reiki Master said that since he had been doing the Tummo and Heart practice for many years, that he had totally changed and was now very patient…he mentioned that he even drove speed limit…I thought to myself “Oh no, I don’t think this will have that effect on me” because I was from L.A. and drove like a mad woman always in a rush to be somewhere, honking at people and yelling…  But sure enough, here I am, completely changed and feeling so patient with a clear mind.  It’s amazing how much we can change in such a short amount of time.

Symptoms and Energy Sensations

Last week I felt like my Root chakra and Sacral chakra had wind blowing right through them.  It literally felt like I had holes in me and a continuous gust of wind was blowing through me… it was a really weird sensation and I don’t like that one too much.  It lasted for two entire days and then it went away.

Yesterday, I had an electrical pulse running on the left side tip of my nose which felt like a flickering all day long (still feeling it today too)…also a subtle pulse running through my tongue. There was also a nerve twitching on my left ear drum yesterday and it was a pretty annoying tapping noise…symptoms seem to be mostly focused on the left side of my body lately.  My body has been buzzing all day and I feel anxious, but also extremely foggy and tired…also feeling the need to eat small but frequent meals like my body needs more fuel or something.  I’ve been taking lots of naps and then having trouble sleeping at night which seems to be a phase I go through every so often…

I’ve been hearing tones in my room when I wake up in the morning.  It’s been happening quite frequently.  Sometimes they sound like they’re internal (loud in my head) and sometimes they sound like they’re in my bedroom.  I noticed the other night that my bed had a bright magenta aura emanating from it…my sheets are turquoise, so I know it wasn’t a reflection from anything in my room. This happened while I was wide awake and the light was on.   It wasn’t coming from me, because I checked my own aura and it was still bright emerald green as usual…not sure why my bed would have that color around it and why it would be so bright.  It was emanating about 4 inches outward from my bed.

Tonight I’m feeling something on my left side, like someone touching me on my arm…it’s been moving around me for a couple of hours now…and also goosebumps on my scalp…my Crown is very active and swaying, but very slowly.  It feels good and very relaxing.

I haven’t had the energy to pack my stuff to move to California…I’m stalling again…I think it’s because I really don’t want to move to my Dad’s house…ANYWHERE else, and I’d be out of here by now, but I have absolutely nowhere else to go, so I’m stalling.  I was going to write a little rant here about the living conditions over there, but it’s not important.  I’m just going to stay here in Phoenix as long as I can and see what happens. Just take it day by day… I pray that something much better comes up and I’ll have a suitable place to live.  Something’s just telling me to wait a bit longer…No hurries no worries…



Energy Sensations – Update January 9, 2013



I’ve been too tired to write anything lately…

I’ve spent the last two weeks exhausted in bed and F R E E Z I N G…I put on sweat pants, a thin jacket, socks, underneath 2 blankets and my feet and hands are still icicles.  The house is the same temperature as it’s always been because we have central heat with a thermostat…the cold is just coming from ME.  I also have the sensation of chills running through me from time to time, but without the goose bumps…it’s strange…this has been happening for about two weeks.  My boyfriend can’t believe how cold I am…it’s like it’s emanating out of me…

I’ve been sleeping about 12 or more hours a day and have no energy to do anything.  My boyfriend also bought me a therapedic gel mattress topper for Christmas.  It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on, so I guess that doesn’t help to get me out of bed 🙂   At around 6pm every evening (for about a week and a half), I’ve been falling asleep for a really deep sleep for 2 hours.  As I’m falling asleep, I can feel work being done on me, so I guess that’s why I need to do it.  I’m also feeling a pulse of energy come out of my core…it starts at my core and emanates outward…I imagine that it’s being spread out on a very large scale.  When I wake up after these episodes, it’s the most satisfying nap I’ve ever had.  I feel SO refreshed when I wake up, like I’ve never experienced before.  I can’t recall ever feeling that good after a nap.

Occasionally I’m seeing geometrical patterns and moving psychedelic type light patterns when I close my eyes to rest.  Most of the time the pattern will take up my whole view of vision and be swirling around, but tonight I saw a small box pop up with black and white patterns in it…it happened  3 times.  The box was kinda small like maybe one inch.  I don’t remember exactly what the patterns were because it was so small, but they were something close to this:

black and white

I’m being strongly guided to cut out sugar and caffeine intake.  From what I understand, sugar feeds yeast growth.  I believe that yeast is probably contributing to my aches and pains, abdominal issues.  Also caffeine and daily coffee is what’s probably contributing to bladder issues (too acidic, bladder and kidney stones).   Coconut water is supposed to be good for urinary issues, so I started drinking that.  My body is not going to tolerate sugary Starbucks coffee, ice cream cravings and daily chocolate binges any longer.  My body is fed up with these substances and is totally rebelling!  So that’s it, I have no choice but to change my diet.  I remember reading somewhere that Doreen Virtue said she had to give up sugar and caffeine too…

I am hearing noises in the house more often and sounds of someone walking in the house when nobody is home.  I felt someone tap me on the shoulder the other day…other than that, everything’s been pretty calm.  3rd eye activations will probably be pretty common right now, but unfortunately, headaches and eye strain are a part of that too.  Also, upper chakras are being worked on…I’ve been feeling lots of reaching into my Heart, upper chest, neck, and in my head.  It’s really weird when you feel the energies swirling and moving in your brain…I don’t like that one too much…

I feel like we’re just in an integration phase slowly adjusting to the new frequencies.  Things may seem to be lagging and maybe even boring right now.  That may be disappointing for some because it’s the “New Year” and they want to kick start something exciting…The energies were so strong during the 12/21 – 12/23 window that it actually hurt my nerve endings, so I can only imagine how strong they really were.  We’ll need some time to adjust and recover…lots of rest…  I think I read that it’ll be until the Spring Equinox in March…sounds about right.  Until then, I’ll just be here enjoying my new gel mattress topper and enjoying the psychedelic light show 😉

Things will get better soon.  I do keep seeing “3”, so maybe March will be the month that things will start to change.  Hang in there!



Energy Sensations – Update December 16, 2012




There’s been A LOT of activity on my body for the past three days.  The first noticeable change is streams of energy coming out of different parts of my body…first it was a very strong current coming from my right hand and right foot at the same exact time, and yesterday it was on the left side of my head…it’s a funny feeling to experience something shooting out of the side of your head!  I also felt pressure on the back of my head, like someone was pushing really hard on it with their whole hand…and there’s been lots of Crown activity too.  For some reason, there’s also been lots of work being done on my hands.  I’ve never felt that before…the only activity that I’ve ever felt from the hands is when I activate Reiki Tummo and the energy spills out of them…but this feels like actual work being done and clusters of nerves vibrating.

I had a terrible (pineal) headache Friday and Saturday, but it’s slowly gone away.  It felt like the middle of my brain was swollen accompanied by what felt like waves of warm energy emanating out of the swollen part.  I spent most of the weekend in bed.  Yesterday, I had heart palpitations and swirling movement in my chest and today I’m feeling my other energy bodies moving around like crazy!…seems that the energies are amping up and activating different things at the same time…as long as I can stay out of pain, I don’t mind.

Since I’ve made the decision to move out of my boyfriend’s house, there’s been some insecurity of not having a comfortable place to live…as a result of that, I’ve had several dreams of moving into other people’s homes and trying to find a decent room in the house.  So yesterday, I had a dream that an elderly lady let me stay with her in her home.  We were the only two people living in the house.

In the dream, I was sitting on the floor, and suddenly a young Buddhist monk wearing an orange robe appeared next to me on my left side.  The monk and I were having a conversation and the elderly lady walked in.  I was a little worried that she may not like the fact that I had a visitor in her home without asking permission first.  I quickly introduced her to the monk, hoping she wouldn’t be upset, and she looked at me strange.  She told me that she didn’t see anybody there…I was puzzled and turned to the monk.  He told me that she couldn’t see him because only people with the same vibration could see him.  I wish I could remember the whole conversation with the monk, but I don’t remember.  I felt like he told me something very important. The dream gave me a very good feeling of encouragement accompanied by a strong feeling of being “home sick”.

I haven’t felt any more negativity when I’ve gone out in public the past couple of days…seems that the collective has been cleared quite a bit.  I’m just experiencing a roller coaster of my own emotions now…still trying to cope with my boyfriend’s behavior, but now I’m going through a phase where I’m feeling sorry for him…I got teary eyed today because I just felt so bad for him that he’s so lost.  I can feel his insecurities and his feelings of not fitting in.   I see him as a child, like an insecure little boy.  He won’t let me help him, so there’s nothing more that I can do.  I worry about what will happen to him once I leave for good and move to California.   I want to cry right now just thinking about it :-(.  I wanted to hug him today, but something told me not to…I’ve just got to let him go…

So it’s only a few more days until December 21st !  My boyfriend’s leaving to Texas on the 20th  (because his mom’s scared and wants him to be there) and he’ll be gone till after New Year’s Eve…I’ll be here alone for the 21st and the holidays!  That’ll make it easier to focus on the 21st without any distractions or negativity…I’m extremely grateful for the time alone… I don’t know what to expect, but at least I’ll be clear and calm for whatever happens.  I know most people would be worried to be alone on December 21st and probably be sad to be alone on Christmas…but to be honest, I’m really happy about that.  I know this is what’s best and has worked out this way for a reason… I have full trust in the Universe 🙂

Anchoring Peace


I woke up more tired yesterday morning than I think I’ve ever felt after a full 8 hours of sleep.  Couldn’t even keep my eyes open which doesn’t make sense since I slept well.  The night before that,  I felt a huge surge of Bliss flowing through my entire body while I was watching TV…every cell in my body was activated with vibration, lit up, and full of Bliss…usually doesn’t happen until I’m trying to fall asleep or in a meditative state, but last night it started while I was fully awake.  I turned the TV off and did some Heart based meditations that I use frequently.  Lots of work was being done on the Root  & Heart chakras, and I could feel ALL of my chakras vibrating and extremely active…even my minor chakras.

So when I woke up yesterday morning feeling totally and completely drained, I ended up laying down for the entire day…falling in and out of sleep.  I really didn’t  even have the strength to keep my eyes open most of the day.  Maybe my body was tired from whatever was done to me the night before…not sure…I also noticed that the top left side of the back of my head was vibrating all day,  like a chakra is there.  Bindu chakra maybe?  Not sure…The current of energy was pretty strong though.

Oh yeah, last night was the full moon…maybe that had something to do with being so tired.  Absolutely no emotions stirring  though…just felt SO extremely Peaceful and in complete comfort.  The moon was REALLY bright…I went outside for a while to look at it and it lit up the entire neighborhood with a bright glow.  It was so peaceful here in Phoenix, it’s hard for me to imagine what’s going on over in the East coast with Hurricane Sandy…

I’ve always had a great affinity for New York since I was a child.  Nobody knew where it came from because I had never been there, but was just totally and completely taken by ANYTHING New York.  I wanted to move there, I wanted to make a new life there, I wanted to ride the subway, I even wanted the NY accent !…A couple of years ago, I was given the message by my Higher Self that I had to say good-bye to New York.  I’m thinking that it was more of letting go of the dream to live there, since it was an attachment.  The chance to move there never happened, and the time had passed, but my Heart still ached to be there.  I told my Higher Self that if I was being prepared for something awful to happen to NY, that I WOULD NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.  Loud and clear I let the Universe know that nothing would be allowed to happen to NY.   So when this storm started to move toward NY, and the media started to hype it up, I knew that this may be a much smaller version of what might have happened or what had been previously planned.

Not for one second did I believe that Hurricane Sandy would do anything that the media was trying to make us believe.  Nope, would not allow it to happen…I am truly sorry for the damage that they did experience though.  It’s quite devastating to lose your home with all of your memories, or even lose a loved one.   I have complete faith that all is as it should be.  Sending Love and comfort to all on the East coast.

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been at complete Peace, full of Bliss, and completely centered.  Is this what we’re supposed to do now?  BE the calm, BE the center, and anchor the Peace?  This is all new to me because I’ve always felt crappy and emotional around full moons and disasters.  It’s still difficult for me to grasp this Peace within, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.  Just letting it flow…