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Astral Realm – Black & White Entities



I’ve had dreams where I’ve encountered many different types of beings, but occasionally I’ll experience the same beings over and over again.  The beings I’ve encountered the most are what I call “The black & white children”.  They vary in different childhood ages, but are never older than their late teens.  Even if there are things in color in the dream, the children are always black and white like an old movie reel.  They even move around like they’re two dimensional (like a movie).  They have the ability to pop in and out of rooms and can shape shift.

Somewhat mischievous, they seem to try to stir up trouble and often have a mischievous grin or a scowl on their face.  They don’t appear to be threatening or out to cause serious harm; they just like to play jokes and mostly try to scare people.

I can recall a dream where one of them shape shifted into my son…the being was inside the mirror and when I walked up to the mirror to look at it, they morphed into a scary face to try to scare me.  I was very stern with the being and told him to stop.  He wouldn’t listen and when he came out of the mirror with a scowl on his face, I opened my mouth forming my lips into the shape of a circle and started to do very loud high pitched sound toning…the sound toning made him flicker in and out of existence until he completely disappeared.  I think the tone somehow vibrated him so much, that he couldn’t stay within that vibration…or maybe the tone transmuted him?

Another time, I had a dream that there were several black & white kids that were terrorizing a neighborhood that had many old Victorian houses on hills.  The kids were somehow making a projection of a witch riding a broom in the sky and people were getting scared.  I figured out that it was this group of kids doing this, and walked into the house that they were at, to find them all laughing.  They thought it was funny that people were so scared.  I recited a prayer and somehow forced one of the kids to repeat the prayer I was saying…like I had control over his voice…he had a shocked look on his face as he was repeating everything I said, in disbelief.

They pop up once in a while in dreams here and there, but I haven’t encountered them for about a year now.  I probably wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, but I’ve seen them so many times that I figure there has to be a meaning for so many encounters…and the fact that they’re never older than teenagers in any of the dreams is kinda strange.  I’ve never been afraid of them, just kinda understood that they were only entertaining themselves.  If everything is a reflection of self, I wonder what they represent?…maybe a rebellious aspect of myself…or the part of me that felt neglected and unloved as a child…the child who’s bored because nobody’s ever around to pay attention to them?

In the astral realm, the first step is to overcome fear and to stand firm in your energy.  Maybe the next step is to stay out of judgment, to forgive and to send Love.  If I ever encounter them again, I’ll try that and see what happens 🙂