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A Shift in Consciousness


Yesterday was the New Moon Solar Eclipse…I did a few Hindu mantras at night…I just felt the need to do “something”, wasn’t quite sure what, so I was searching on the internet until I found a mantra that caught my attention…the other mantras I did after that, just kinda found me…LOL …they were all basically for obstacle removal or for bringing the obstacle into your awareness so you can heal it. The last one I did, focused on the Sri Yantra Mandala.  As I was doing that one, I just KNEW something profound would happen as a result…I also fell asleep with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita on my bed.  I believe that sacred texts can activate previous states of Higher consciousness that were attained in past lifetimes.

The first time I started to read the Bhaghavad Gita, a very profound experience happened to me…it was my very first experience of turning into liquid form, but that very first time, the sensation scared me and immediately stopped it out of panic.  I didn’t experience that liquid state again until a couple of years later…but that time, I stayed out of fear and was able to merge completely with the element…I was water…I was the sea and I tumbled in with the tide.  It was a very serene and relaxing experience once the fear was gone.

Another example of how sacred texts can awaken previous states of Higher consciousness is from a story a friend told me. He lived in a small town in Puerto Rico at the time.   One day out of the blue, he was drawn to the sacred text “The Vedas” and started to read it out of curiosity…after reading for a few days, he started hearing celestial sounds as a result.  Even when he had stopped reading the book entirely, he was still experiencing this.   His family didn’t understand and wanted him to see a psychiatrist.  Reading the Vedas started his awakening process even though he had never even heard of it before and his family thought it was weird.

So, back to last night… I slept very well, so well, that I don’t even remember my dreams, which is rare for me.  This morning I was taking a shower,  and then BAM! …I was hit with a profound realization of my entire existence, and immediately felt forgiveness for the whole Universe… not even just the whole world, but the entire Universe.  I can’t really put it into words but I realized, like REALLY realized what it meant when they say that we’re EVERYTHING and EVERYONE…I  exist on all timelines, levels, everywhere, everything… ALL of it is an aspect of myself… In that instant, something shifted…

My biggest obstacle up until that point, was not truly understanding this.  Like REALLY understanding it, even beyond a quantum physics level to the point that the understanding is a part of you, not just in your mind, but you can feel it in your Heart , and emanate it from your entire being…feeling it so much, that it made me burst into tears.

I got a rush of information explaining my existence on multiple timelines, growth of a Soul, lessons, and most of all…Unconditional Love & Forgiveness.  How could I hold a grudge, use judgment, or be angry at anyone or anything else, when I realized that they are all an aspect of myself?  They were an aspect of myself that I had already been.  They are what I was, in many lifetimes that it took for me to get where I am now.  Even those which we would label “bad”, are me, were me, before this now moment. There is no need for it to be that way anymore because I understood it.   I was able to understand what all of that meant and was able to forgive the entire Universe.   Huge emotions were building up and I felt a huge release from my core…releasing that which was no longer needed on this journey and understood that I had healed generations of suffering.

Wish I could explain it better.  It’s very difficult to put into words.  I’ll have to say that I’ve been through some pretty strong shifts, but this one was huge.  I didn’t really want to write about it yet, to see how I settle into it, but I wanted to document it.  I wanted to document it while it was still fresh and while I’m still in the feeling.   Since this has been brought to my awareness, I just know that everyone and everything around me will change.  They (we) are free to never be the same 🙂