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Dream Work ~ February 21, 2018



I had a really strange vivid dream last night that appeared to be from a past life or parallel lifetime. It seemed very Shamanic in nature and involved shadow clearing, which is something that I’ve experienced occasionally throughout this process.

I was in a dimly lit house and everything was dark in black and gray colors (which for me, has always meant that it took place in the lower realms) with three other Native American people.  I think they were family members in that lifetime.

We were getting ready to go somewhere, like on a trip or something, so we were packing the car.  It was dark outside.  When I was going through the rooms to make sure that we didn’t forget anything, I saw a human tongue placed on each bed.  The tongues looked like they were completely ripped out of someone’s mouth but there was no blood.

After seeing that, I was a little panicked, so I began rushing through the house checking everything.  As I was going from room to room, I saw very tall (about 7 feet tall) shadow figures that looked like the silhouette of Native American elders wearing ritual costume (headdress, feathers etc).


I got the message that they were ancient spirits having to do with sorcery.

I went to warn the family members in the house that something was happening, but they couldn’t hear me.  Then I realized that they couldn’t see me either.  I was confused and the whole thing didn’t make any sense.  I was getting frustrated.  Some of the dream was jumbled and confusing which reminded me of when you watch a DVD movie with scratches on it and it skips and looks distorted as it plays.


The next full memory of the dream (that made any sense) is of me shouting “In Nomine Patris Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancti” (“In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” in Latin) over and over again and the other family members and I did a group hug and then we all merged together as one.  Then I realized there were multiples (like clones) of all of them that kept reappearing, so all of the other versions of them did  the same group hug and merged with me over and over again.  We just continued to do this for a while until it stopped.

I feel that once we all merged, it was finished.  I also get the feeling that the tongues were actually being voluntarily returned to us.  It was like we were collecting parts of self and merging back into wholeness.  The missing tongues had suppressed throat chakras over many lifetimes (throat chakra is connected to element ether).  It seemed as if the shadow spirits were cooperating because everything had been settled (as in debt) and they no longer had a purpose to hold onto…they wanted to move on, it was not a struggle.

Another thing that I remember from the dream is that when I tried to lock a door, the lock was removed by itself and it just floated in the air in front of me.  Then later, after I had finished with that dream and woke up this morning, I briefly slipped back into sleep again.  I quickly fell into a dream scene of a different brightly lit house, where I could see someone walking up to the front door.  I immediately looked at the door handle / lock and then the door forcefully swung open by itself.  The lock was also removed by itself and was just floating in the air in front of my face…then I woke up again.

I thought about it for a while and feel that the locks coming off is a message that once we begin the unification process, that nothing can be hidden or “locked away” anymore.  Everything is shared, known and exposed.  You just have to deal with it because it’s “in your face”…there’s no more putting it off for later.  There seems to be a massive “Return to Rightful Owner” and Unification happening at the moment.  This is HUGE.

When this process (Return to Rightful Owner) takes place, it can be very emotional.  These parts that are being returned have been missing for a very long time.  Once returned, they can feel wounded, sad, disoriented, traumatized, very exposed…I went through many different emotions, but now I’m feeling a strong emotional Love-type feeling right now.  It’s almost like a Motherly Love and protection that you feel for a child.  This experience was something really big for me…I can’t really put it all into words.


**After writing this, I found Lisa Renee’s latest blog post “Point of Divergence” and she explains the current phase which totally explains my dream…Part of it says:

“The gridworkers are called to witness these fallen forces as they surface into our view from the underworld, or from the depths of the lower dimensions. Many of us are acting as transition teams, holding compassionate witnessing, to move out these entities from the AI timeline, phantom or dead areas, and they are both human and non-human entities. This is sad for us when we can feel the pain existing in the lower dimension of the earth, and we are forced to observe and may feel we are leaving certain people behind.  This emotional processing has required a completion cycle of the old timelines, through clearing out ancestral miasma, cord cutting, and disconnection from certain people or things that are stuck in the miasma of the lower fields or moving onto a different path.”

The whole post can be found HERE


**Also, on March 17th, I found Lisa Renee’s “Shifting Timelines” Monthly Newsletter “Law of Gender” and in it she says:

“In the process of shifting into the next harmonic universe, many in the Krystic family have been enduring an embodiment phase for the new mathematical proportions of the diamond sun 12 Tree Grid pattern for the fifth dimensional octave. Additionally, many reclamation of identities and body parts from the parallels have been taking place, such as a return of the Adamic lines back to the rightful owner to support their current phase of embodiment. “

The entire post can be found HERE

Love ❤


Energy Sensations – Update May 17 – 18, 2013


indigo buddha

May 17, 2013

The past 2 days (May 15th and 16th) were big energy days for me…had lots of heavy pressure downloads in my Crown chakra. I was guided to sleep with my Lapis Lazuli crystals the past 2 nights.  I woke up this morning feeling the energies moving on my body.  The word “individuation” popped into my head and I wasn’t even sure if it was a real word.  When I got up, I looked it up on the internet, and sure enough, it is an actual word…The “individuation process, the process of becoming aware of oneself” as described by Carl Jung can be found here:


About 10 minutes after getting the word “individuation”, I also saw a picture of some cut sugar cane pieces bunched together…they were cleaned and stripped of the outer layers, so they were the yellowish color.  The picture just popped up into my mind and then disappeared.  Why am I being shown sugar cane so much?

Before I went to bed, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about all the stress that I’ve been going through with health issues…I guess I was just venting.  All of the symptoms are hitting me at once and causing a bit of fear to creep in which is not normal for me.  I feel like I want to cry to let out the emotions, but I can’t for some reason. These recent solar flares and energies are really cleaning house and it’s getting all of the deep down hidden stuff to come to the surface.  I’ve been feeling resentment toward my mother lately and everything I’ve done to try to clear it, just seems to take the edge off, but it’s still well rooted.

She has many health problems and I’ll be 100% honest, this last week I’ve childishly started to feel resentment toward her for my inherited health problems.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I really haven’t been able to clear this feeling….it just won’t seem to leave no matter what I do….There are a million other reasons why I’ve had resentment toward her in the past (some very serious stuff which I’ve been working through that most people would need years of therapy for), but this health stuff is something new that’s popped up recently.  Before I fell asleep, I was strongly guided to wear a Moldavite crystal around my neck and to have my Black Tourmaline crystal in bed with me.


May 18, 2013

Wow!  I had a really bizarre dream about my mom last night.  I think the Moldavite helped me to bring it to light, and the Tourmaline probably helped to transmute some of it.  I also woke up to the song “Mystery Achievement” by the Pretenders playing over and over again in my head…..I didn’t know the words to the song much less the title.  I eventually found it on the internet and it makes sense that “Ascension” would be the Mystery Achievement that we are all waiting oh-so-patiently for (sarcasm)….the song can be found here:


So in the dream, I was in my mom’s house with her and it was like the astral realm, very dark, grey, and very dirty.  There were these weird parasite looking things all over the house…they were everywhere!  There were some that were around the kitchen counter that looked kind of like this:


And there were also some triangular spider looking things that were hanging from threads from the ceiling and also scurrying around on the floor.  They had robotic movements and seemed to be very intelligent. They looked a lot like this :


I noticed that I wasn’t really that afraid of them like I normally would be when it comes to spiders…I didn’t try to squash them like bugs, I just let them run around me.  None of them touched me, they just scurried around.

The dream showed me that these thoughts that I still have toward her are like parasites in my energy field. I believe the dream was in the astral realm where I hold all of this anger and resentment.   The astral realm dreams have always been a reflection of what I have going on inside.  I need to work on healing and releasing this and I need to do it NOW.

I feel a bit lighter today.  I think the dream helped me in some way.  There’s a full moon lunar eclipse on May 25th UTC/GMT (which is May 24th around 9pm in Phoenix) and I’m going to make sure I go to Sedona to work with these energies.  It’s a pain in the ass to have to work through clearing and releasing this old stuff, it seems like it’s neverending…but I’m glad that I’m doing it now.  I look forward to the day that I won’t be carrying around this heavy load anymore.  I imagine that I’ll feel like a new person all shiny and sparkly 🙂

Shiny HeartShiny HeartShiny Heart

Inner peace


Astral Realm – Black & White Entities



I’ve had dreams where I’ve encountered many different types of beings, but occasionally I’ll experience the same beings over and over again.  The beings I’ve encountered the most are what I call “The black & white children”.  They vary in different childhood ages, but are never older than their late teens.  Even if there are things in color in the dream, the children are always black and white like an old movie reel.  They even move around like they’re two dimensional (like a movie).  They have the ability to pop in and out of rooms and can shape shift.

Somewhat mischievous, they seem to try to stir up trouble and often have a mischievous grin or a scowl on their face.  They don’t appear to be threatening or out to cause serious harm; they just like to play jokes and mostly try to scare people.

I can recall a dream where one of them shape shifted into my son…the being was inside the mirror and when I walked up to the mirror to look at it, they morphed into a scary face to try to scare me.  I was very stern with the being and told him to stop.  He wouldn’t listen and when he came out of the mirror with a scowl on his face, I opened my mouth forming my lips into the shape of a circle and started to do very loud high pitched sound toning…the sound toning made him flicker in and out of existence until he completely disappeared.  I think the tone somehow vibrated him so much, that he couldn’t stay within that vibration…or maybe the tone transmuted him?

Another time, I had a dream that there were several black & white kids that were terrorizing a neighborhood that had many old Victorian houses on hills.  The kids were somehow making a projection of a witch riding a broom in the sky and people were getting scared.  I figured out that it was this group of kids doing this, and walked into the house that they were at, to find them all laughing.  They thought it was funny that people were so scared.  I recited a prayer and somehow forced one of the kids to repeat the prayer I was saying…like I had control over his voice…he had a shocked look on his face as he was repeating everything I said, in disbelief.

They pop up once in a while in dreams here and there, but I haven’t encountered them for about a year now.  I probably wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, but I’ve seen them so many times that I figure there has to be a meaning for so many encounters…and the fact that they’re never older than teenagers in any of the dreams is kinda strange.  I’ve never been afraid of them, just kinda understood that they were only entertaining themselves.  If everything is a reflection of self, I wonder what they represent?…maybe a rebellious aspect of myself…or the part of me that felt neglected and unloved as a child…the child who’s bored because nobody’s ever around to pay attention to them?

In the astral realm, the first step is to overcome fear and to stand firm in your energy.  Maybe the next step is to stay out of judgment, to forgive and to send Love.  If I ever encounter them again, I’ll try that and see what happens 🙂


Energy Sensations – Update November 4, 2012


Why is it that as soon as I close my eyes to go to sleep, I feel work being done on me?  Every single night, or even when I lay down to take a nap, the movement starts within seconds of closing my eyes…then when I wake up, I can feel it until I decide to get up, and then it stops.  I woke up early this morning and I felt some movement in my head that seemed so 3D, it was bizarre to feel this while being conscious of it.  It seems that this is actually being done on me the entire time I’m asleep, and then I can still feel it pretty strong as I’m waking up.  Besides the reaching into my body sensation, the other thing I’m feeling while waking from sleep, is almost like my energy is bubbling like lava (without the heat).  That’s the only way I can describe it.  It moves around or feels like it’s being pulled in different random areas all over…a liquid type feeling.  What is that?  Or what the heck is the purpose for that?

There’s been a focus on my forehead and Crown area for the past week.  Lots of movement with strong swirling and pulling sensations.  This is more than just the between the eyebrows 3rd eye area…it’s also being done in a small area closer to my temples on my scalp…and of course, I mentioned the buzzing on the top back part of my head in another post. The area near my temple was strange, it felt like someone was using little instruments and digging something out, or moving something around in an area about the size of a quarter.  I felt my hair moving around too. There’s no pain though…so weird…I was actually on the computer when that started to happen, so I was fully awake.

At the beginning of last month there was a lot of movement and pain in the lower body…from the waist down all through my legs.  I had an awful muscular and bone pain all through my lower back and legs that was emanating in waves.  It was a strange feeling, like my bones had nerves in them and that the nerves were firing up in clusters. Such a weird sensation to feel movement in your bones…The muscles felt like they were in the tightening mode right before you’re about to have a leg cramp, but not quite there yet.  It would hold this tightening sensation for hours at a time, it was AWFUL.  About 2 weeks after I experienced this, I started to read about other’s having the same lower body pain on some Spiritual websites.  It seems to happen that way with a lot of my symptoms, I’ll have the symptoms and then other people will start to have the same symptoms 1 to 2 weeks later.

Nothing worked for the lower body pain; no pain killers, salt baths or massage, nothing.  Finally I did a body clearing technique I use, and sure enough I got immediate relief… I did the technique daily and the pain slowly went away a little every day for 2 days until it was completely gone.  From now on, whenever I get pain anywhere in my body, I’ll try to clear my energy first to see if I get any relief.

Yesterday, for the very first time, I had an out of body experience while in a lucid dream.  I was in the lucid dream first and then I came out of my body while in the dream.  Felt all the sensations of floating out and everything…very strange, I didn’t know that was possible, or I had never thought about that happening.  Once I was out of my body,  I had alerted myself that I was in the astral realm, by having the hallway look different than the one here at the house.  Once I saw that, I told myself in the dream, that it wasn’t real and that I was in the astral realm.  I’ve learned to alert myself early on in astral travel, so that I can be prepared for anything that’ll happen.  Usually it’s something weird and confusing, but if I stay out of fear, I’m always able to tame any monster or banish anything trying to touch me or mess with me .  It’s when  I realize I’m not in 3D, that I’m able to stand firm in my energy and demand respect.

That’s all I can think of for now…it’s been pretty calm the last couple of months.  I was expecting things to really amp up since it’s the last 2 months of 2012, but there’s actually a lot less happening to me physically than usual.  That’s ok, I could use a break 🙂

Astral and Etheric Spiders


Starting in my early 20’s, I remember waking up from sleep and seeing a huge transparent shadow-like spider hanging next to my bed.  There was no immediate fear because I knew it wasn’t “real”.  I just stared at it for a while, so calm and moving it’s legs like it was weaving, and then it slowly faded until it was gone.  I’d seen them on occasion off and on for several years.  I always just kind of ignored it, and passed it off as still being in the dream state.  I didn’t see any after my big awakening in 2007, until about two years ago.  I’ve just seen it one time since this big awakening, it was about the size of a tarantula and it was also on the wall next to my bed when I woke up from sleep.

My curiosity got me, so I researched it online and found a phenomenon called “astral spiders” or “etheric spiders”.  There’s a lot of negative stuff out there regarding this phenomena.  People are saying that they’re negative and that they’re parasites that actually siphon off of your aura and allegedly attack you in your sleep (yawn).  Do I feel this to be true in my experience?…No…I don’t feel any negativity coming from these beings, and I’m pretty darn sensitive.  I’m looking right at them and acknowledge them, and they don’t scurry off or show any fear, they don’t emanate any negativity or fear…they just calmly continue to weave.

This brings me to the subject of dream catchers.  There’s a Native American legend that dream catchers hung by your bed will catch any negativity or negative dreams in the web-like center of the dream catcher.  Since I’ve always seen these spiders while waking from sleep, and they’re always weaving around me, maybe they’re actually weaving a form of “dream catcher” around while I sleep ?

There’s also a legend of Grandmother Spider which is Goddess energy, and various other cultures view spiders as Creator of the universe, bringers of good luck and fortune, and even protectors.  I think I resonate with those explanations a lot better than the fear based ones !

The classic dream catcher has a pattern in it’s web that looks very familiar to me :

It reminds me of the top view of a Torus :

I’ve even woken up from sleep to see the top view of a torus illuminated in white, glistening with a golden sheen above me.   I feel like there’s a connection there, between the astral spiders, webs, the geometry of the dream catcher and the Torus, but I can’t quite figure it out yet.  I’m thinking MAYBE, the spiders are actually attracted to negative energy, and “siphon” it off of your aura because they are a type of transmuter.  That would explain the connection to spider webs, the influence and creation of the dream catcher, and definitely explain the connection to the Torus…the Torus IS the act of transmutation itself.  It cycles and renews all energy, therefore, cleansing it.  Is it possible that these astral spiders are not these big scary parasites that are stealing our energy, and are in fact, only removing the negative energy? Something to think about…

I, myself, have a fear of spiders, and I know quite a few people who have a severe fear of spiders…but why?  Why are we so afraid of them?  Past life experiences maybe?  Is it because they look ugly?  Is it programmed into us by society?  If the positive legends about spiders are true, how can something that I’m so afraid of in this lifetime be my ally?

I was deathly afraid of mosquitoes when I was a kid. Sounds silly, huh ? I would run away screaming if I saw one. My friends and neighbors thought it was hysterically funny.  My neighbors even nicknamed me “Mosquito”.  I could not live that one down… 😦 …but a few years ago, my best friend got bit by a mosquito and actually got the complicated form of West Nile virus from it…the one that causes meningitis.  She almost died.  Did I somehow know or feel when I was a kid that mosquitoes could kill you?

It’s hard to tell sometimes what the real reason is behind our fears or phobias.  That’s something I need to work on.  I’m posting a picture of a spider here, (even one with 100’s of babies on her back-LOL) to force me to look at it and figure out where my fear comes from….Yikes!