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Energy Sensations – Update November 21, 2016



I had a lucid dream this morning…I was standing in front of a lady and it appeared that something was bothering her.  She looked like she was in her mid 30’s and had a very heavy New York accent.   She had a strange look on her face and seemed to be disturbed, so I asked her if everything was okay.

The lady told me that she wasn’t sure if she was okay, because she’s been seeing “strange things” that she couldn’t really describe.  I asked her if they were things that weren’t really there, or indescribable shapes?  Her face lit up and she said “Yes! Exactly”.  I immediately knew that she was seeing colors/geometry/gridlines.

I told her that when I wake up in the morning, I see colors, gridlines and odd looking shapes too.  She became very excited and began trying to describe what she was seeing and during that time, she actually started to see it while she was talking to me….so she was walking around staring upward at the air around her.


As I was watching her, I could see iridescent pastel colors manifesting around her as she stared all around her in awe….Then I woke up from the dream because I heard something…

As I was waking up, I realized that I was waking up to loud chimes in my mind.  This time it was different than the usual chimes.  I heard low/high, low/high, then low/low/low/high.  Then a minute later, I heard a loud chirp.  I know for sure that it wasn’t outside noise, because I sleep with earplugs that completely block out any noise…and I sleep with a loud air purifier in my room and can’t even hear that with these earplugs.

I have been shown in the past that the chimes were a marker for a new level/phase/ initiation. The tones represent an addition to the harmonization of group signature tone. In the past it’s been 2 or 3 tones (and sometimes a chirp), but this time it was 8 tones.  I have no idea what that means, but it will probably have to do with the lucid dream I was having.

I’ll meditate on it later and see if I can figure it out…

**Update – On December 6th, Sandra Walter posted an update that spoke of the pastel rainbow colors.  Under the headline “Plasma Visions and Bands of Light” she says :Last week during Gatework I had a vision of standing on a beach sending huge sheets of 6D pastel rainbow plasma through my hands into the sky, like a protective barrier. I was told this is preparation work for the Solar influx, and the Pacific has been presenting strongly. ”   The entire update can be found HERE

So that was a pretty cool sync after my lucid dream 🙂



Over the years, as I was slowly coming into my conscious creation abilities, I noticed that whenever I’m distraught and out of balance (emotionally upset or angry), that bees would come to me.


They are not angry, but they will calmly land on me and hover around me and will not go away until I leave the area.  I’ve found that over several years, this happens only when I’m upset (mostly outdoors but occasionally in the house too).  One time I was so agitated and annoyed being around my loud Aunt, that a bee appeared in her car when the windows had been closed the whole time!  We were both startled by the bee appearing out of nowhere and on my side of the car !  It’s happened so many times over the years (too many to count).  I’ve just learned to accept that they serve as a reminder that I need to control my emotions and “chill out” a bit before I get too out of balance.  This may happen to other people too, but they may not realize the connection.

There was a time at my (ex)boyfriend’s house when I was so angry, that as I was walking in the hallway under a smoke detector, the alarm went on!  Whenever I’d walk away from the alarm, it would stop, but if I walked under it again, it would start again.  There have also been times that I was angry with my ex and the ceiling above me would start to make loud cracking and shifting noises.  I’ve always experienced things flying off of the shelves or pictures falling off of the walls since childhood.  I wonder if it was just me doing that without realizing it?  As a child, I had always assumed it was a ghost or something outside of myself.

The person that I’m temporarily living with (because I have absolutely nowhere else to go) at the moment is a VERY insensitive individual (I can think of better words to describe him, but I’ll be nice 🙂 ).  I’ll spare the details, but I’ll just say that a couple of days ago he killed a deer in the yard.  He eats them….He shot it from the back door, so I was startled by the booming sound of a shotgun in the house without any warning.

He knows I don’t like hunting and that I Love animals, so without detail, I’ll just say that he thought it would be funny to leave the deer by my car so that I’d have to see it when I left for work.  The way that he did it, while he was taunting me and laughing, was very traumatizing to me and I will never get that image out of my mind for the rest of my life.  He clearly fed off of my reaction and I could see the whole process of his consumptive behavior.  It was a very disturbing thing to witness.  Some people are so broken/fragmented.  I wish I could help them all.  It can be very painful to watch.

As I was going out to my car today to get something out of the trunk, I saw some dried blood on the ground and immediately started to get upset again.  I was just staring at it while in deep thought, debating whether to clean it, to burn some sage, say another prayer etc… and within seconds, a bee quickly came and started hovering around me trying to land on me.  It just serves as a reminder to calm down.  Sometimes I talk to the bees and thank them for reminding me.  It’s a very big responsibility to keep the balance once you come into your power.  But there are beings from the different kingdoms that will lovingly help to remind us that everything will be okay and that we are Loved no matter what.  I am very Grateful


Energy Sensations

Since I last wrote an update, I’ve been going through different stages of a more aggressive Heart opening.  Lots of movement on the front side of my chest and more recently, the back part of my Heart center has greatly expanded.  There were days where it felt like my entire back was HUGE, completely open and exposed.  It was really bizarre.  I’ve also had the sensation of heavy liquid energy shooting out of my shoulder blades.

I’ve noticed that I’ve felt more Loving and want to help people more.  It’s a very strong urge to assist in any way that I can.  There’s been a huge dismantling of the ego and it seems to come naturally to want to help without any expectations.  There’s also a noticeable increase in forgiving people .  It’s not even an effort anymore, it just comes naturally with majority of people (some people take more effort though –lol).  I don’t have to like them, but I will let go of the cords that I would have had in the past. It’s much easier to let go and to stay neutral.

I’ve had some pineal migraines off and on and also some pain in my right eye.  I’ve also noticed an increase in the feeling of a bubble slowly moving behind my eyes.  It’s a really weird sensation of something physically shifting/oozing behind my eyes.  There’s no pain, just movement.

I’m seeing more sparkles and little lights manifesting around me.  Last night, I saw a little white light fluttering around on my pillow when I was leaning on it.  I saw it more than once throughout the night.  Years ago, after my first Reiki Tummo attunement, I cried for days after, because of the massive initial cleansing process.  The first morning after the attunement and having cried the entire night, I woke up to seeing a little blue orb fluttering in front of me and landing on my pillow beside my face.  It had little sparkles coming off of it like pixie dust as it fluttered around.  This little white light I saw last night reminded me of that.

The most difficult sensation I’ve experienced so far, is shortness of breath.  I initially felt it about 6 months ago and went to the Emergency Room for testing.  They did an EKG for my heart, an MRI with dye contrast for my lungs and also an oxygen saturation test.  Everything came back normal/clear and the doctor couldn’t figure out why I was feeling shortness of breath when everything was normal  **Update – months after writing this, I had another trip to the ER and they found that the bottom of my lungs were starting to collapse, but they did not diagnose the cause.

So I’ve felt it many times since then, but recently, I felt it accompanied by some aggressive Kundalini energy moving in my chest and abdomen.  At that time, it had felt like there was a heavy warm pressure energy in my chest with some movement and also some reaching into my abdomen.  So now I know that this shortness of breath is an energy thing (since with my hypersensitivity, I feel energy movement so physically).

Sometimes it also feels like there’s a tightness in my throat like something is squeezing it.  I’m assuming that has to do with a more aggressive throat opening.  I do not doubt that I have many issues (from childhood) that will make for an uncomfortable complete throat opening.  I’m trying my best to work through it, but really, I’m totally clueless as to what I need to do since nothing has seemed to help much so far.

I’m staying neutral throughout this election crap and have not let it affect me one bit.  Overall, I feel pretty good with an occasional disturbance from “insensitive individuals”, but really this has been a pretty calm phase for me.  And should I get too out of sync, the bees are always there to keep me in line 🙂

And for some reason, listening to this song also helps to stay calm.  The whistling reminds me of celestial sounds I hear sometimes :

Jason Barty – Simple Day


Love ❤

Energy Sensations – Update August 2, 2013


go with the flow

Starting on July 27th, I began to have some very painful pineal migraines.  The kind of headache where your brain feels swollen in the middle and you want to go cross eyed…taking any medications or pain killers doesn’t help with the headache at all.   This is the longest I’ve ever had it…so many days in a row…The first time I had a headache like this for 3 days in a row (back in 2009), I went to the emergency room and had a CT scan and a spinal tap, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I’ve learned how to recognize these headaches now…

Also on July 27th I had a really bizarre lucid dream while I was taking a nap.  In the dream, I initially thought that my Kundalini was fully awakening and coming to completion to my Crown because I felt something forcefully moving up my spine…but it wasn’t the hot liquid feeling that I usually get, it just felt like a huge force of water about as wide as my head coming upward and shooting out of the top of my head full force.  This was some powerful force, like a fireman’s hose on full blast!  It felt so real and felt exactly like rushing water.

After I realized that it was water, I realized that it wasn’t actually the Kundalini, but some type of major cleansing or widening of the shushumna.  All I could do is just stand still and let it finish.  It was quite an overwhelming sensation with such power behind it that I just surrendered to it and let it continue to flow.  Once the forceful water stopped, there seemed to be some focus on the Crown and smaller streams of water (like laser precision) cleaning around the opening at the top of my head….It was a VERY realistic dream and I can recall the sensations as if it really happened…it was a really strange experience…I’m not sure what to make of it…

When I woke up from the dream, my headache was 10 times worse than it was before I fell asleep and I was burning up hot.  I felt like I had a fever. The heat emanating from my body was almost unbearable. The rest of the day I was ill…I felt like I had the flu with body aches, upset stomach and sensitivity to light.  I spent the entire day in bed feeling pain and discomfort. I kept seeing things around me that looked like orbs…feeling very disoriented and foggy and lots of energetic movement on my body in various locations…extreme fatigue…  Whatever happened in my dream, it did something to my energy.   Maybe I did it to myself to speed up the cleansing process?  I’m not sure…

I’ve felt very ill every day since then.  I’m still feeling ridiculously tired and disoriented now…My upper back, neck and jaw are full of tension and hurting pretty bad…also spasms on the Root chakra.  This seems to be a very intense cleansing period for me…when will this END ?! (sigh)…


Let it pass

The energies are VERY busy right now…I feel that there is a potential for stress and chaos, but it’s not what one might think…it’s just that so much is passing through us right now, that it can be misinterpreted as negativity since it appears jumbled and chaotic…it’s not necessarily negative, but just chaotic energy due to there being so much of it all at once.  Does that even make any sense?  I see it as being kind of like the movie “The Butterfly Effect”…when he changes the future, and he has all of the events passing through him at the same time.  That’s the only way I can describe it as I see it.

Because of this phase, we may feel sad one moment, angry the next, happy, and then sad again…it’s just all of the energy passing through us and the key to staying balanced is to just let it go.  Most people may not understand where all of the emotions are coming from or how to deal with it…I’m physically exhausted and pretty much staying in bed, but although I’m resting, I know that my energy is very busy.  It’s a whirlwind of everything that is, that ever has been.

I didn’t notice too much physically on July 29th Grand Sextile…I did a meditation from Anrita Melchizedek called “Unified Heart Merkaba Activation” .  During the meditation, I was visualizing sending energy to different countries…as soon as I started that part of the meditation my arms moved upward like a yoga pose without me thinking about it…they just moved on their own.

Tree Pose

While I was in that pose, I felt something move under my right breast…it REALLY hurt like a stabbing pain.  It felt like something was alive and moving in there…I’m not sure what it was but I will assume that it has something to do with my Heart chakra expanding since I was doing a Unified Heart meditation.  I couldn’t really find anything online about any specific chakra under the right breast.  But there was definitely movement there and it felt more physical (heavy) than energetic (light).  I know I’ve felt buzzing under my right breast in the past, so I’ve always wondered if there is another separate chakra there that was awakening.

Other than that, I didn’t feel any more movement or any specific energies.  Now it just feels like an integration process…like I’m traveling through a sea of jumbled information, signals,  all coming at me at the same time.  I’ve learned to just let it go through me and not hold on to anything.  Holding on will create cords and cords will weigh me down…Don’t wanna get tangled…

My throat has been feeling clogged and I’ve been ridiculously tired, so I just tell people that I have the flu…So that’s all I’m getting right now…I feel there’s really not much I can do to feel better except let all of this pass through me and get some rest.  The less reactive I am to this process, the better the outcome.  I am really counting on this not lasting too much longer.


Energy Sensations – Update July 8, 2013




I had a dream last night about my step dad.  In the dream, he was actually being a very nice person and we were agreeing with our views about my mother.  It was REALLY strange!  In the dream, he was actually trying to be a good father to my brother and sister, but it was my mom that was making it difficult to raise them properly. This dream was also a big breakthrough in my emotions because I’ve had nightmares about him for so many years. There’s definitely some healing that has taken place and I’m SO GRATEFUL for it 🙂

Also in the dream, there was a male white ferret.  The ferret was speaking to me telepathically and he told me that he felt sick.  I was going to give him some energy healing to make him feel better, but I ended up waking up from the dream.  I looked up the ferret totem on the internet and this is what I found:

“With their eyes that point forward straight down their noses, ferrets are highly focused on what is in front of them. This reminds those with this spirit animal to stay focused on their goals. Ferrets have a fine sense of smell, and can see clearly in the dark, linking them to the underworld. They have sharp intuition and their sensitivity is acute. They are able to see and know the hidden meaning behind everything. The ferret can help you understand yourself, your life, and the experiences you have far clearer. Use all of your senses equally if this is your animal guide. If underdeveloped you may have a leaning toward tunnel vision. An inflexible consciousness makes for needless concern and anxiety, therefore caution is advised. Having a light-hearted attitude and playful activities are helpful.” 

I’ve been SOOOOO ridiculously tired…I don’t think I’ve ever felt this tired in my entire life.  I don’t even have energy to go to the grocery store…In the last 2 weeks I’ve had some painful nerve pinching and twitching going on.  The most painful is the pinching jolting sensation in my big toes. No signs of any purple or bruising on my toes though…I’m surprised that I don’t have any marks on my toes because it’s a pretty strong sensation….so bizarre…  The next painful sensation which I felt for 2 days in a row is what feels like someone is poking my right eye with a needle.  It’s a horrifying feeling that’s random and just suprises me out of nowhere.  It’s happened before periodically on both eyes, but not for 2  days straight…I really don’t like that one at all…

El Collie (who wrote about her Kundalini experience) mentioned the eye poking sensation and toe jolts in an article found here :


I’ve been eating a lot for the past 3 days…it’s like I can’t stop snacking even though I’m not hungry.  I’ve been having trouble eating in the past year (due to complications from a throat surgery), and have lost too much weight, so I’m not complaining!  It’s just strange to want to eat all of a sudden.  I’ve been eating a lot of cereal with almond milk, and have been craving ice cream for some reason.  I usually cut out dairy and have almost completely eliminated sugar, but I have an uncontrollable urge to eat ice cream.  I’m guessing my body needs sugar and carbs right now, for some reason…

As I mentioned above, the painful electrical jolts in my big toes have continued, but now I feel like something is sitting on my left toe.  It’s a weird feeling, but it’s been there for the past 2 days.  When I walk, it flutters whatever it is…  Also random buzzing on my Crown in different locations…it’s not the whole Crown buzzing at once, it’s just small spots about the size of a nickel that start randomly buzzing at different times throughout the day.  When I get heavy Crown downloads, it seems to be only at the back of my head lately, which is something new.  I saw a picture from the Humanity Healing website newsletter and it reminded me of the download sensation I’m having.



The picture was part of an article they wrote on the cerebellum, but I couldn’t access the article since I’m not a paying member of the website (sigh)…but here’s a free article that they were kind enough to let the poor people read – LOL :


Some people consider the cerebellum area the “8th Chakra”, while other people consider the Soul Star chakra (about 6 inches above the Crown) to be the 8th chakra….I personally don’t really care what “number” they attach to a chakra, I just know that I have one there because I can feel it!   but  when different people give different numbers, it just adds to the confusion if they’re only referring to numbers instead of names.  I wonder why there’s such a big difference in what they’re intuitively seeing in these chakras?  Maybe it’s just a difference in vibration (only certain people with certain vibrations to match can see them)? Or maybe some people don’t have certain chakras outside of the 7 major chakras and some do?  I’ve even heard of people ripping their chakras out and removing them completely (Yikes)…definitely not ready for anything like that, but will stay out of judgment 😉

There’s been so much activity on my neck and head lately, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll experience the Kundalini completely rising soon?  It seems to have reached my neck (throat) so far, and then just stops there. It’s been at that point for a while…I’ve heard that once it penetrates the 3rd eye, it will reach the Crown shortly after…I’ve been having constant work done on my 3rd eye and continuous Crown activity lately, so maybe it’ll be soon…When the “core” Kundalini rises, I can feel the hot liquid feeling slowly slithering up my spine.  When it happens, I picture in my mind the mercury in a thermometer, so I associate the core Kundalini with silver liquid.

From what I’ve read, when the Kundalini finishes the purification process and reaches the Crown, there’s this profound Ecstasy Blissful life changing event that takes place. It’s been explained as “Illumination” that other people can actually see… Will that happen for me?  Uh…probably not… the reason I say that is because for the most part,  my experience has been pretty tame…but maybe I’m wrong, maybe I will experience this Illumination that they speak of.

That would be pretty cool and it’s a welcomed experience.  I just hope I’m not standing in the checkout line in a store or sitting on the toilet or something…that would definitely take away from my illumination experience…but the way my life’s been going and the twisted sense of humor that my “future self” seems to have, anything’s possible…a toilet bowl enlightenment may just very well be in my future… LOL





Energy Sensations – Update April 4, 2013


Life of Pi

I had to post this picture…it’s just too funny :-).  I saw the movie “Life of Pi” and thought it was really good…beautiful visual scenes throughout the entire movie.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing anything.  We went through the Spring Equinox and full moon, but for me, nothing out of the ordinary happened…same old stuff, Crown chakra energies coming in, nerves twitching all over my body, extreme fatigue….blah…I’ve just been resting and it seems like my days all blend together as one never ending day…it’s like I have no sense of time anymore, I forget what day it is, I never know what time it is, and if I take a guess, I’m TOTALLY off…Besides this blog, I  keep a daily journal, so that helps with keeping track of time.

Saturday (March 30th) was interesting though.  I woke up in the morning and was in that half awake half asleep state…I heard a voice tell me “You’ve been baptized by water, next you will be baptized by the Sun (fire)”.  In the dream state I understood what they meant, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure what it means – LOL …the only thing that comes to mind is solar flares maybe?

Lots of reference to the Sun lately…I’ve come to the understanding that the white energy glistening with gold that I’ve seen is the energy of the “White Sun” which is the same as Christ Consciousness, which is the same as Cosmic Consciousness.  It can be difficult to fully understand this when so many different people, so many different points of view or interpretations give different names for basically the same thing.

I went through the same in the beginning of my journey with trying to understand the Merkaba, the Light body, the Rainbow body, the Diamond body which are all the same thing with different names coming from different teachings.   It’s been explained to me that that’s the very reason why it’s so important for me to have my own interpretation from a clear mind without prior teaching in this lifetime. To come into your own mastery, you have to experience and actually feel the realizations within your Heart, your whole being…it’s so much more than just reading it from a book or having someone tell you…you have to experience and integrate it within yourself.

Lately I haven’t been resonating with anything I’ve read on Spiritual websites or blogs. I also noticed that a lot of people hadn’t written much over the last couple of weeks either, so maybe it’s just an overall phase that we’re all going through.  I’m not sure why I feel so disconnected from everything around me, but this seems to be another phase of integration…only this time, it needs to be done without any outward influence, or a more “quiet” and peaceful setting…no distractions.  Whatever it is, it’s very deep and seems to go much deeper than previous phases that I can recall.  I have a feeling that it’s because there is a manifestation aspect of it, but I don’t really understand it, I just “feel” it.

I’ve been doing very well with dealing with my boyfriend and with rude people in public.  This mastering of my emotions thing is going VERY well.  I’ve never been so patient in my entire life.  My boyfriend and I haven’t argued at all because I don’t react to what ever it is he does that would normally upset me.  I’m not just ignoring it, I’m actually really NOT getting upset anymore.  It’s so weird to be so patient and non reactive.  I realized that I even drive speed limit now, and am never in a rush to go anywhere. For me, that is a HUGE change, unbelievable actually !

I remember when I had my first Reiki Tummo attunement in 2008, the Reiki Master said that since he had been doing the Tummo and Heart practice for many years, that he had totally changed and was now very patient…he mentioned that he even drove speed limit…I thought to myself “Oh no, I don’t think this will have that effect on me” because I was from L.A. and drove like a mad woman always in a rush to be somewhere, honking at people and yelling…  But sure enough, here I am, completely changed and feeling so patient with a clear mind.  It’s amazing how much we can change in such a short amount of time.

Symptoms and Energy Sensations

Last week I felt like my Root chakra and Sacral chakra had wind blowing right through them.  It literally felt like I had holes in me and a continuous gust of wind was blowing through me… it was a really weird sensation and I don’t like that one too much.  It lasted for two entire days and then it went away.

Yesterday, I had an electrical pulse running on the left side tip of my nose which felt like a flickering all day long (still feeling it today too)…also a subtle pulse running through my tongue. There was also a nerve twitching on my left ear drum yesterday and it was a pretty annoying tapping noise…symptoms seem to be mostly focused on the left side of my body lately.  My body has been buzzing all day and I feel anxious, but also extremely foggy and tired…also feeling the need to eat small but frequent meals like my body needs more fuel or something.  I’ve been taking lots of naps and then having trouble sleeping at night which seems to be a phase I go through every so often…

I’ve been hearing tones in my room when I wake up in the morning.  It’s been happening quite frequently.  Sometimes they sound like they’re internal (loud in my head) and sometimes they sound like they’re in my bedroom.  I noticed the other night that my bed had a bright magenta aura emanating from it…my sheets are turquoise, so I know it wasn’t a reflection from anything in my room. This happened while I was wide awake and the light was on.   It wasn’t coming from me, because I checked my own aura and it was still bright emerald green as usual…not sure why my bed would have that color around it and why it would be so bright.  It was emanating about 4 inches outward from my bed.

Tonight I’m feeling something on my left side, like someone touching me on my arm…it’s been moving around me for a couple of hours now…and also goosebumps on my scalp…my Crown is very active and swaying, but very slowly.  It feels good and very relaxing.

I haven’t had the energy to pack my stuff to move to California…I’m stalling again…I think it’s because I really don’t want to move to my Dad’s house…ANYWHERE else, and I’d be out of here by now, but I have absolutely nowhere else to go, so I’m stalling.  I was going to write a little rant here about the living conditions over there, but it’s not important.  I’m just going to stay here in Phoenix as long as I can and see what happens. Just take it day by day… I pray that something much better comes up and I’ll have a suitable place to live.  Something’s just telling me to wait a bit longer…No hurries no worries…



Energy Sensations – Update January 17, 2013



Oh boy, 2013 has not been kind to me so far…It seems we’re going through a very deep level of cellular restructuring at the moment and some of us may feel like we’re completely falling apart.  I have so many different parts of my body that are aching and feeling uncomfortable sensations that I have no idea where to begin…and the dizziness is overwhelming…good thing I don’t get motion sickness ! 🙂

I’ve been in bed, unable to keep my eyes open from the pain in my head, for the past 3 days… for those 3 days, I’ve also been waking up sweaty in the morning.  I don’t normally sweat much, so this has shown me that this phase is a very deep purge with toxin release.  Exfoliation of the skin is very important in this phase to help the toxins to be released from the body.  Today is the first day I feel a tiny bit of relief, so it seems to be tapering off…

Also feel some pineal swelling accompanied by a headache that makes me want to go cross eyed!  Sinus pain and pressure are pretty bad too…I read somewhere once that sometimes your physical body can react to light infusion like an allergen…I guess the body is not used to such a high dose and can react like it would to an allergen to protect itself.  That makes sense to me, because every time I go through intense downloads, my sinuses act up.  A neti pot is good for the sinuses and colloidal silver nasal spray has also helped.  Breathing deeply will help to get the oxygen where it needs to go and also to relieve built up tension.

The first week of January, I was always freezing cold and my appetite was crazy…craving protein and fats every few hours…now for the past week, I don’t even want to look at food…been eating one full meal a day, and maybe cereal as a snack if I can tolerate it, but drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated.  The coconut water seems to agree with me and I’ve gotten used to the taste.

My inner guidance pointed me in the direction of “PH balance” and the importance of probiotics and fiber intake. I’d never really paid too much attention to that, so it’s time to do it now.  Probiotics are good for intestinal health, but also good for female yeast issues… overall bacterial balance which is so important.

Previously mentioned that I’ve cut out sugar and coffee/caffeine.  It’s a difficult process and would recommend to slowly merge into any drastic change in diet.  For me, anyway, it has to be done gradually or I get almost intolerable side effects…definitely some detox associated with sugar withdrawal… geez, that’s some PAINFUL stuff…if I feel that bad from cutting out sugar, I wonder what it was actually doing to my body?!

Well, I’m going to believe and have Faith that the worst for me is over with…yes, I had a horrible few weeks , but that’s understandable with the intensity of 12/21 thru 12/23. Integration is a 4 letter word to me because it’s freakin’ PAINFUL!   It seems like we were always giving ourselves a new date to look forward to…11-11-11, 12-12-12, 12-21-12, in hopes of it getting better after that…but for me the physical pain is still coming and not getting any easier.  So if we can manifest now, then, well, I’m going to manifest feeling better and a higher tolerance for new energies that are coming in.

So this will be my first manifestation experiment for 2013…focusing on feeling better and the ability to integrate more comfortably…believing that the worst is over…

Symptoms you may feel in this phase:

*Increased ringing in the ears when there’s solar flares

*Neck, jaw, and upper back pain-stiffness

*Nerves twitching or pinching

*Painful jolts in your big toe

*Pineal headaches with eye strain

*Sinus pain and pressure


*Dramatic increase or decrease in appetite

*Bladder/kidney or yeast issues

*Extreme thirst or becoming dehydrated quickly

*Old medical issues reactivated

*Overall fatigue





**After posting this, I found an article that helped to explain a little of what we’re going through.  The article

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Energy Sensations – Update November 4, 2012


Why is it that as soon as I close my eyes to go to sleep, I feel work being done on me?  Every single night, or even when I lay down to take a nap, the movement starts within seconds of closing my eyes…then when I wake up, I can feel it until I decide to get up, and then it stops.  I woke up early this morning and I felt some movement in my head that seemed so 3D, it was bizarre to feel this while being conscious of it.  It seems that this is actually being done on me the entire time I’m asleep, and then I can still feel it pretty strong as I’m waking up.  Besides the reaching into my body sensation, the other thing I’m feeling while waking from sleep, is almost like my energy is bubbling like lava (without the heat).  That’s the only way I can describe it.  It moves around or feels like it’s being pulled in different random areas all over…a liquid type feeling.  What is that?  Or what the heck is the purpose for that?

There’s been a focus on my forehead and Crown area for the past week.  Lots of movement with strong swirling and pulling sensations.  This is more than just the between the eyebrows 3rd eye area…it’s also being done in a small area closer to my temples on my scalp…and of course, I mentioned the buzzing on the top back part of my head in another post. The area near my temple was strange, it felt like someone was using little instruments and digging something out, or moving something around in an area about the size of a quarter.  I felt my hair moving around too. There’s no pain though…so weird…I was actually on the computer when that started to happen, so I was fully awake.

At the beginning of last month there was a lot of movement and pain in the lower body…from the waist down all through my legs.  I had an awful muscular and bone pain all through my lower back and legs that was emanating in waves.  It was a strange feeling, like my bones had nerves in them and that the nerves were firing up in clusters. Such a weird sensation to feel movement in your bones…The muscles felt like they were in the tightening mode right before you’re about to have a leg cramp, but not quite there yet.  It would hold this tightening sensation for hours at a time, it was AWFUL.  About 2 weeks after I experienced this, I started to read about other’s having the same lower body pain on some Spiritual websites.  It seems to happen that way with a lot of my symptoms, I’ll have the symptoms and then other people will start to have the same symptoms 1 to 2 weeks later.

Nothing worked for the lower body pain; no pain killers, salt baths or massage, nothing.  Finally I did a body clearing technique I use, and sure enough I got immediate relief… I did the technique daily and the pain slowly went away a little every day for 2 days until it was completely gone.  From now on, whenever I get pain anywhere in my body, I’ll try to clear my energy first to see if I get any relief.

Yesterday, for the very first time, I had an out of body experience while in a lucid dream.  I was in the lucid dream first and then I came out of my body while in the dream.  Felt all the sensations of floating out and everything…very strange, I didn’t know that was possible, or I had never thought about that happening.  Once I was out of my body,  I had alerted myself that I was in the astral realm, by having the hallway look different than the one here at the house.  Once I saw that, I told myself in the dream, that it wasn’t real and that I was in the astral realm.  I’ve learned to alert myself early on in astral travel, so that I can be prepared for anything that’ll happen.  Usually it’s something weird and confusing, but if I stay out of fear, I’m always able to tame any monster or banish anything trying to touch me or mess with me .  It’s when  I realize I’m not in 3D, that I’m able to stand firm in my energy and demand respect.

That’s all I can think of for now…it’s been pretty calm the last couple of months.  I was expecting things to really amp up since it’s the last 2 months of 2012, but there’s actually a lot less happening to me physically than usual.  That’s ok, I could use a break 🙂