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It’s December 21, 2012 !



I’m noticing there’s a lot of “blaming” energy out there right now.  I see it on the internet today and my boyfriend tried to get me to interact with it yesterday…he emailed me from his Blackberry after he left for Texas and was upset because I didn’t get up to hug him goodbye (even though he never asked for a hug and even though he was in a bad mood when he left)…he was STILL trying to pick a fight with me even after he left! LOL…nope, he wasn’t  gonna bring me down…I just emailed him back and calmly explained why, told him that I still Love him no matter what, and squashed it right there…he was instantly in a better mood and sent me an email hug…hmmm…that was easy!

We’ve GOT TO BE STRONG right now and not get snagged by drama.  If you’ve had experience swallowing your pride in the past, well, you’ll probably need to do it 10 times more now to stay in the Higher vibrations.  It takes great courage to Love unconditionally because we have to swallow our pride, tame the ego and totally ditch the need to prove our point to people that are still asleep.  That was a HUGE issue for me.  I had felt “wronged” my whole life and had a strong desire to defend myself all the time, like a vow to never let anyone walk all over me again…geez, that made it so much more difficult to get to this point.  Kindness is not weakness…it is the ultimate strength.  Looking at it that way has made it a little easier for me to change…but I’m not gonna lie, I still struggle with it.  I admire Buddhist monks so much that it makes me want to cry…they are so kind and Loving.


“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still” – Lao Tzu


I didn’t feel  too much going on in my energy yesterday or today so far…yesterday about 7pm Arizona time, I felt a shift which made my heart race and I felt dizzy…I took a lavendar and salt bath and felt better…but that’s about it.  For me personally, I think my big shift will happen while I’m completely asleep and I’ll miss the whole thing!  Or who knows, maybe it already happened and I’m totally clueless like I am about everything else – LOL

There’s been SO MUCH work being done on me this past week, I’m a little surprised that it’s been so calm since yesterday.  I had been getting an electrocution feeling in my hands and feet during sleep time every night Sunday thru Wednesday.  It was really painful, even more than anything I’ve ever felt.  It literally felt like I had been electrocuted for a few seconds and it scared me awake.  I know there’s a lot going on with the nervous system, but I’m not sure why my hands and feet would be such a focus. Maybe acupressure points? About a year ago, I used to feel electrocution on my tongue once in a while but it wasn’t as painful and eventually went away on it’s own…I started wearing jewelry on Wednesday night that made a “Metatronic shield” and I didn’t feel the electrocution on my hands and feet after that…maybe that helped to calm the energy, or to move it more evenly?

The jewelry I chose for my shield is a large Lapis Lazuli pendant with a gold necklace, a gold bracelet on each wrist, a 3 carat garnet ring on one hand, and a 4 carat amethyst ring on the other hand.

The metatronic shield is explained here with other options:


I also wanted to mention that in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda he mentions wearing metal bracelets for energy reasons.  Recently reading that guided me to get my metatronic shield together.  It seems to be working pretty well…

If you don’t have the book, here’s a website that explains it a little:



Other symptoms I’ve had this past week were waking up so hot that I had to take my clothes off to cool down (hotter than any Kundalini or Tummo episode I’ve EVER had), waking up every 2 to 4 hours because of intense moving sensations on my body or vibrating too hard, seeing lots of light sparkles throughout the day, feeling like my head is made out of liquid, and nerves twitching in my hands, feet, abdomen and face.

I feel there will be a lot of disappointment in the Spiritual communities for people who are expecting to feel a life changing, physical experience.  I saw that last year after 11-11-11…there were many people who were not only disappointed, but maybe even angry.  I think it makes them feel left out, or disappointed because they had so much focus and expectation on something physical happening to them.  It may bring out insecurities in a lot of people.

From my understanding, it’s detachment that will allow the changes to happen.  You know, like they say to be hollow, to empty the vessel so the Higher energies can come in…a large part of that is trust in the Higher Self or Divine timing and part of that is not having attachment to outcome.  I think most of the stories I’ve heard of people’s out of body experiences or life changing visions etc., were spontaneous…they just happened out of nowhere.  Maybe there’s a reason for that…because they weren’t expecting anything and they were empty enough to allow it to happen.

December 22nd seems like a good day to go to Sedona, so I’ll probably make a trip out there tomorrow.  It will be nice to have some alone time outdoors.  Whatever happens, happens…I have no expectations either way…as long as I’m not getting electrocuted, it’s all good 🙂