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The Crystalline Grid


After my Reiki Tummo attunement in 2008, my 3rd eye became very active…first, I actually saw symbols floating in the room, at various times.  Then I started to see gridlines in the room when I’d wake up from sleep.  The gridlines have changed over the past few years…In the beginning, they were an illuminated light blue color and the squares were about 3 inches.  Then it changed to larger squares about 6 inches, after that, they changed to very close together almost like a basket weave, and now it’s changed to an illuminated white, sparkling, diamond like grid that actively twinkles.  I believe this last grid that I’ve been seeing is the Crystalline Grid.

On the morning of September 5, 2012, when I woke up, I saw the Crystalline Grid with a sideways cross in the middle of it, all connected together.  The grid looks like it’s made of illuminated diamond, like sparkling neon type tubing, and the cross was also completely made out of what looked like sparkling neon tubing.  On the cross there was the shape of a dove facing upward toward the top of the cross.  It was so beautiful and I could feel energies stroking me and comforting me all over my body…then when I woke up on September 13, 2012, I saw the grid again, but this time it had a beautiful big scarab beetle in the middle of it. It was difficult to see what it was at first, because it was so big.  There was a lot of detail to the beetle, and it was shimmering.

I looked up the meaning of the sideways cross and the scarab beetle, and they both seem to symbolize “Resurrection “or “awaiting Resurrection”.  The upward facing dove on the sideways cross would probably symbolize “Ascending to Heaven”, since the downward facing dove in Spiritual artwork symbolizes “descending from Heaven”.

So this morning, I felt lots of work being done on my body and I woke up to seeing the grid again.  This time, it actually had a huge smiling face in the middle of it!  It looked just like a smiling Buddha face!  It was so funny!  There was no outline of the head, it was just the features protruding through the gridlines, and the features appeared to be three dimensional (not just flat).  The facial features looked just like the picture below:

My human brain wants to try to figure everything out, analyze it, completely understand it, but part of me feels that I just need to let things “BE”…I know that’s a large part of Buddhist teachings…I’ve spoken with a Buddhist Lama and monks before, and their advice always points to just letting things go, don’t focus on it.  The Lama reminded me “We do not even have a body”…he was encouraging me to remind myself that I don’t have a body, that it’s not real, and to not hold attachment to it.

It can be a difficult process to totally and completely change your belief system, years of programming, eliminating fear of the unknown.  If I threw all of those old patterns out the door, I’d come to the conclusion that this Crystalline Grid is a live intelligent being that is connected to all that is.  That’s totally weird, but I feel that it’s the Truth.  When we trust our Heart, when we pay attention to all of the signs from the Universe, and when we practice detachment, the Truth will be revealed to us.

I also physically feel energies coming out of my Celestite crystal when I meditate with it.  The energy flows out of it and starts stroking me and I feel so much Love coming from it.  I’ve heard before, that crystals are living beings, but to actually physically feel the energy coming from it has totally confirmed that for me.  So why would the Crystalline grid be any different?

I’ve also heard of the grid being called the “144 Crystalline grid”.  For many years, I’ve seen the number 144 EVERYWHERE.  It’s been brought to my awareness over and over again the past few  years…receipts, license plates, buildings, clocks etc…I don’t really understand the explanation fully, but I’ve read that the 144 Crystalline grid has now emerged into a “seed crystal matrix” that gives birth to the new crystalline form; the double penta-dodecahedron.

Here’s an article by Tyberron Earthkeeper about it:

A couple of times in the past few years, I have seen a stellated dodecahedron suspended in the middle of my bedroom, rotating, which looked like this:

The new geometry for the 144 Crystalline grid is the double penta-dodecahedron which looks like this:

It seems so silly to be here, during this time, interacting with all of this, and not understanding most of it, yet witnessing and physically feeling most of it unfold.  Being so advanced, yet being totally clueless at the same time.  I guess it’s more frustrating than anything…I’m trying though…doing my research so that I can have a broad perspective to see what feels right or resonates, and what doesn’t…spending lots of time on the internet or reading books.  But then I try not to think about it too much, as the Lama suggested… When I’m finished here, I need to have a SERIOUS talk with my future self…I must have a pretty twisted sense of humor….

Astral and Etheric Spiders


Starting in my early 20’s, I remember waking up from sleep and seeing a huge transparent shadow-like spider hanging next to my bed.  There was no immediate fear because I knew it wasn’t “real”.  I just stared at it for a while, so calm and moving it’s legs like it was weaving, and then it slowly faded until it was gone.  I’d seen them on occasion off and on for several years.  I always just kind of ignored it, and passed it off as still being in the dream state.  I didn’t see any after my big awakening in 2007, until about two years ago.  I’ve just seen it one time since this big awakening, it was about the size of a tarantula and it was also on the wall next to my bed when I woke up from sleep.

My curiosity got me, so I researched it online and found a phenomenon called “astral spiders” or “etheric spiders”.  There’s a lot of negative stuff out there regarding this phenomena.  People are saying that they’re negative and that they’re parasites that actually siphon off of your aura and allegedly attack you in your sleep (yawn).  Do I feel this to be true in my experience?…No…I don’t feel any negativity coming from these beings, and I’m pretty darn sensitive.  I’m looking right at them and acknowledge them, and they don’t scurry off or show any fear, they don’t emanate any negativity or fear…they just calmly continue to weave.

This brings me to the subject of dream catchers.  There’s a Native American legend that dream catchers hung by your bed will catch any negativity or negative dreams in the web-like center of the dream catcher.  Since I’ve always seen these spiders while waking from sleep, and they’re always weaving around me, maybe they’re actually weaving a form of “dream catcher” around while I sleep ?

There’s also a legend of Grandmother Spider which is Goddess energy, and various other cultures view spiders as Creator of the universe, bringers of good luck and fortune, and even protectors.  I think I resonate with those explanations a lot better than the fear based ones !

The classic dream catcher has a pattern in it’s web that looks very familiar to me :

It reminds me of the top view of a Torus :

I’ve even woken up from sleep to see the top view of a torus illuminated in white, glistening with a golden sheen above me.   I feel like there’s a connection there, between the astral spiders, webs, the geometry of the dream catcher and the Torus, but I can’t quite figure it out yet.  I’m thinking MAYBE, the spiders are actually attracted to negative energy, and “siphon” it off of your aura because they are a type of transmuter.  That would explain the connection to spider webs, the influence and creation of the dream catcher, and definitely explain the connection to the Torus…the Torus IS the act of transmutation itself.  It cycles and renews all energy, therefore, cleansing it.  Is it possible that these astral spiders are not these big scary parasites that are stealing our energy, and are in fact, only removing the negative energy? Something to think about…

I, myself, have a fear of spiders, and I know quite a few people who have a severe fear of spiders…but why?  Why are we so afraid of them?  Past life experiences maybe?  Is it because they look ugly?  Is it programmed into us by society?  If the positive legends about spiders are true, how can something that I’m so afraid of in this lifetime be my ally?

I was deathly afraid of mosquitoes when I was a kid. Sounds silly, huh ? I would run away screaming if I saw one. My friends and neighbors thought it was hysterically funny.  My neighbors even nicknamed me “Mosquito”.  I could not live that one down… 😦 …but a few years ago, my best friend got bit by a mosquito and actually got the complicated form of West Nile virus from it…the one that causes meningitis.  She almost died.  Did I somehow know or feel when I was a kid that mosquitoes could kill you?

It’s hard to tell sometimes what the real reason is behind our fears or phobias.  That’s something I need to work on.  I’m posting a picture of a spider here, (even one with 100’s of babies on her back-LOL) to force me to look at it and figure out where my fear comes from….Yikes!

Flame of the Disciple



In late 2008, about a year after my big spiritual awakening, I had moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  I got a big promotion at work, and was able to rent a beautiful guest house on a 5 acre property in Camelback Mountain.  It was SO beautiful and peaceful.  There were quail families, owls, hawks, and at night, I could hear the coyotes singing right on my porch!  There was an amazing energy that engulfed this property and you could feel it and breathe it in.

During my year long stay at this house, I had many things happen that I label as “Kundalini phenomena”.  One night I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up in the middle of the night seeing a 5 foot bright illuminated neon blue Sri Yantra mandala in my living room…

Blue Sri Yantra

It was swaying from left to right and making a humming noise.

Another night, I also fell asleep on the couch and woke up in the middle of the night to what sounded like 1,000 birds chirping, dogs barking, and cats meowing  all at once.  It was so loud, it sounded like it was on surround sound throughout the entire house for several minutes.  I noticed that I felt my Crown chakra swaying while I heard it, and then as the swaying slowed down, the sounds left as if they rolled right through and disappeared completely.

Another time I woke up from a nap during the day, and saw orange triangles flipping upward into the air and forming a pattern of a snake’s head.


The orange triangles formed the snake’s head like a puzzle and then two emerald green eyes appeared.  It reminded me of the story of the Buddha when the large snake covered his head to shield him from the rain.

So one day on the weekend, I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard a soft little voice in my head say “You’re a disciple of Jesus”….Huh?  I was puzzled by this and after thinking about it for a while, I kind of laughed and just went on with my day.  A couple of years later a woman in a salt lamp store  & I got to talking about Spiritual stuff and out of the blue she recommended going to see a woman named Mary Martin to get an Akashic Record reading.  Coincidentally, two of her friends that also knew Mary very well, just happened to walk into the store just minutes later, and they also recommended seeing Mary.  I made an appointment a few weeks later and had my very first reading done.

Mary said I’ve lived 7,641 lives and accessed three records that were chosen to be of significance to this lifetime.  The first one that was pulled was of when I was a teenage boy that became a disciple of Jesus.  That was a confirmation of the little voice that whispered to me that day while cleaning my house. I had never told anyone about my disciple experience, including Mary, so she didn’t know about it.   It was funny because Mary records all of her readings and then gives you a CD to take home.  In one of the record readings, she told me I was a Monk in Ireland and when she was listening for my name in that lifetime, you can clearly hear a little voice in the background whisper “Patrick” right before she said the name Patrick to me.  There was nobody else home at the time, it was just us, so that was really cool to hear that.

So, I ‘ve noticed that I get a flame above my head in pictures every time I go to Sedona.  I really didn’t read too much into it until one day I saw a picture of disciples with flames above their head.  Hmmmm … more confirmation ? 🙂