Energy Sensations – Update February 9, 2018



Photo – current Schumann Resonance spikes ~ February 7th – 9th


I just wanted to do a quick update…

November and December were so strange for me.  I don’t really want to write about it because I believe that it was the dismantling of something really big.  Although it did not affect me directly, I did witness the (many) people around me completely falling apart…even to the point of an actual suicide and also an unrelated suicide attempt (both happening on the same day).  It’s been bizarre to say the least…  I feel that it has to do with magnetics which are affecting the brain. I’m sure the huge Schumann Resonance fluctuations in the past few months contributed as well.

This area of Bryce Canyon has an amplifying effect to incoming energy and seems to support surges (natural and electrical) which can be intense. The tone in my right ear has been ridiculously loud and fluctuating like crazy.  Sometimes I hear a noise that sounds exactly like a “light saber” from Star Wars. I can hear it and feel it pulsing through me at the same time.  I’ve been shown that the high altitude, along with the energy of this area, will amplify effect on cellular structure.  It somehow penetrates easier/quicker?  That seems to be the message that I’m getting but not sure if I’m interpreting that correctly.

The lights flicker here a lot.  There seem to be power surges when the power will go out on the entire property for a second.  I will have to reset all of the clocks in all of the cabins. This is the slow season, so we’re not using a lot of electricity to cause an overload as opposed to Spring and Summer months.  I just thought it was weird that the natural energy is so “electric” and then we also have power surges with the electricity in the area.

There have also been phases when birds will crash into the cabins. I’ll even be in the cabin sometimes and hear them hit.  I’ll find birds over a period of time and then it will completely stop for a while…


Energy Sensations

So recently, I’ve felt something new.  Every single day, I will go into an “in between” trance-like state starting around 5pm.   I’ll get this extreme sleepy-drugged feeling and will not be able to keep my eyes open no matter how hard I fight it.  When I lay down, I’ll very quickly go into this in-between state and start to feel a torus type movement.  I can feel the torus movement in the Diamond Solar Heart area (Solar Plexus, Heart Center and Thymus all blending together creating a torus movement).

When I feel that happen, I will feel the Christed energy generating and pushing outward.  I’m very aware of it while it’s happening, but now while this is happening, I’m noticing that there is a separate torus movement in my head.  It feels like it’s also centering in my 3rd eye/ bridge of my nose area.

When I initially felt the 2 torus movements, it reminded me of a picture that I saw of the Rainbow body.

Rainbow Body

To me, the picture looks like the energy is centering in the middle of the head and also in the chest like 2 different torus movements. I don’t know if that’s what the picture means, but it reminded me of what I’m feeling.  I can understand the Heart area, but why would it center in the head too?  What does that mean?

Also, when I’m in the in-between state, I’ll hear single noises; knocking, clicking, bells, or tones (it varies day to day).  Lately it’s been the knocking noise, but I’ll write more about that in my next post.  This has been happening every single day for a couple of weeks.  When I snap out of it, I will feel completely refreshed like I had slept for several hours…but it’s only been exactly 1 hour each time.

There have been occasions throughout the day, when I am completely aware of my entire body being made up of vibrating molecules.  It’s so weird because it feels like my body is disappearing.  It’s a totally different sensation as opposed to usually feeling like I’m made out of heavy liquid or melting into liquid.

Lately when I’ve been waking up in the morning I’ve been seeing the “turtle shell” shaped energy surrounding me.

turtle shell

It’s not brightly illuminated like when I see gridlines, but it’s got a very subtle illumination that seems to be a very transparent golden color.  One day when I saw it, I asked what it was, and I got the word “cymatics”.  So I’m guessing that it’s a representation of the tone that’s being emitted.  I’m thinking that when we emit these tones, our field is surrounded with these shapes/symbols.  That’s very interesting to me…I’ll have to do a little research on that.

A couple of times when I’ve slowly woken up in the morning, I saw a quick vision of a dolphin blowing a toroidal ring/bubble toward me.


The ring comes toward me really fast and by the time it would reach me, I’ll snap out of the vision.  I’ve never had any interaction with dolphins or haven’t really paid attention to them, so I have no idea what that means. I thought it was interesting that it was toroidal since I’ve been feeling the torus sensation lately.

All of my joints have been aching all at the same time.  It’s uncomfortable but not intolerable. I’ve tried so many different things to help with this (essential oils, Bio-Astin, Omega 3’s and Malic Acid supplements, drinking distilled water with lemon, eliminating things in my diet) but nothing has helped.  I’m hoping that this is a phase that will pass.  I’m wondering if it’s due to the energy around here…maybe causing a detox type reaction?

Overall, this has been an extremely active time in this process.  I am constantly feeling so activated as my energy field is always feeling like it’s moving/pulling, melting, vibrating/buzzing or spiraling.

I’m very curious to see where this is going…


**I just realized that the last 3 blogs I’ve posted were all on the 9th… 🙂


Love ❤





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  1. I think we go from one day seeing, hearing, and feeling the world from the outside to one day feeling it all from the inside out. I think sometimes I write to entertain myself with reminders of just how much this world has changed…which I know is just me….

    So it’s always fun to hear another speak to these things. And of the desert, which it sounds you have a strong rooting in. I so enjoyed my journey there. I camped out the whole trip. I loved the heat, the dryness, the vast sky, its blue, those crazy sunsets after rainstorms. I arrived in To son as the monsoon season arrived, July 4th. Sleeping in a small little-known canyon, then in a giant tumble of stones not far from where Georgia O’Keefe painted. I got lost in the desert, a pretty dangerous thing when your water has run out.

    On returning, at two in the morning, just miles from home, a presence entered my field of inner awareness who showed me how to rest in complete thoughtless silence. That was a startling experience and one I would not be able to reproduce until awakening came. That was….in 1991 thereabouts and awakening came in 2007 in its risen fullness. You know, I had so many things happen before awakening that makes me wonder why it didn’t some two decades prior…which points to how important prep and triggers probably are.


  2. I do that too, when I go to random places I can feel trauma or stuck energy there. Sometimes also sense death or “foul play”. I think when we reach a certain point in this process, we become natural transmuters. We can change the energy in an area just by being there…Law of Resonance, I guess.. You are definitely doing transmuting / clearing work. And yeah, I don’t think many people would believe it, so I don’t really tell anyone about it unless they are spiritually awakened (which is rare for me). But the transmuting is an ongoing process and it does happen often…I guess it’s our job to do it…

    My first experience with becoming aware of transmuting was in 2009 when my (ex)boyfriend and I went to a gas station on the way to Tucson, AZ. They had big signs that advertised “THE THING” which you’d pay $1 to go into this room filled with different stuff, but one of them was a small mummy. I remember there was also a car that supposedly belonged to Hitler and then also some human size figures made out of wood that depicted a torture scene. They made it look as realistic as possible and painted fake blood on it etc…

    I didn’t get any energy from the mummy or Hitler’s car, but I remember standing and staring at the torture scene for a while. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to recreate a scene like that. While I was staring at it I kinda got a glimpse of how disturbed the person was that created it. It was really weird because I was in the beginning stages of my awakening, so I didn’t understand all of the feelings that I was able to tap into or why these scenes would play through my mind telling me a story. So long story short, when we were leaving and walking back to the car, something nipped at my back and I felt a stinging sensation. I thought something bit me (like a bug or something) so my (ex)boyfriend looked at my back and didn’t see any marks, Then all of a sudden I had heavy prickly feelings going all the way up my arm and I started to panic because I realized it was energetic. I ended up getting my black tourmaline stone and sitting and meditating, telling whatever it was, to go to the light that I was opening for them. It actually did, and I felt the heaviness lift after a while. So whatever dark entity that was created out of that torture scene, needed to be released and it actually WANTED to be released and asked for help. That was my first transmuting experience and little did I know there would be much more to come! lol

    I have an extremely strong connection to Sedona like no other. I did live there for a while and could sense some dark stuff, but the last time I was there, there was a mass clearing happening on a large scale. It had to do with the elders and agreements having to do with the land in Boynton Canyon. I sensed some type of Stargate there that a bunch of stuff comes through…I did experience some weird time slips, some bizarre astral experiences and once there was a tree that had been uprooted and removed from flooding (at Bell Rock), but then several months later when I went back to visit, the tree was still there and there was no water damage! Lol But for the most part, my experience was very positive and blissful. I miss it so much, so I have to go visit a few times a year and connect there.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me…I really enjoy reading about it 🙂

  3. HAARP is one project with very dubious purposes that strikes most who investigate it as one giant experiment on we the people (without our knowledge or consent). We then have the heavy metals being sprayed which the U.N. claims is for weather modification, but we just don’t know because the people who are doing it are keeping it secret while they continue to spray us (chemtrails). Then there are ELF wave range energy which the manufacturers of sensors no longer allow you to detect because of how much it is being used for modifying and controlling how people feel (look into the Lilly Wave for example). Then there is how the iron core of the earth and its geology helps to modulate and even focus fields of energy coming from the core or near-core magma.

    I was in Sedona some years ago and wanted to read the energy there and I came away completely unimpressed. It had this layer of very interesting scintilating energy but it had another layer that was really bad. I never quite understood why this was so, especially when people rave about Sedona, right? Not long ago I saw an interview with a researcher who was talking about underground bases beneath Sedona and how there are all of these ventilation shafts and how the power grid system goes underground at certain places. Then there is a lot of ET craft in the area and the feeling is that government is working with these beings secretly, covertly, as they have been doing for decades all in compartmentalized programs that even the president doesn’t have the clearance for. Really. In fact, Steven Greer, who is in my own backyard these days, often briefs sitting Presidents and heads of the CIA for the simple fact that these Special Access Projects are all on a need-to-know basis, and if you don’t need to know, there is no way you will ever be able to find out about them (even the President) so welcome to our new era of the nonexistent Constitution. It was nice while it lasted, I guess.

    Anyway, after I saw that interview, my reaction to Sedona made a lot more sense to me. Geologically, its nice, a powerspot, but there is also this other energy there that no one who can feel energy can get around, which is what appears to be human and nonhuman activities all covert (my inner compass tells me that this is not what should be happening—we have a right to know and to be included in what is going on regardless of whether the powers that be think we will freak out.

    I have seen areas that have had trauma stuck in them. In fact, I had an experience that was very close to where I live. I went up to this resort area to catch the sunset with a friend and wound up dipping into this really freaky field of energy there which wound up revealing that there had been a murder there. A man had been taken out, by his friends, out on the lake at night and was drowned by them. This was a long time ago, like the 30’s or something. But the entire thing unfolded quite clearly to me and my friend as we sat trying to make sense of this weird experience. There were a lot of details that we saw in this experience and as it unfolded, it became clear that this event had at its core the same elements in it as events in my own life. The only difference was that I wasn’t taken out on a lake and drowned. But something no less trajic had taken place in my family with a spouse who tried to murder my good name just for spite, because she didn’t get something in a divroce that didn’t belong to her. It was a hard thing, and as I sat there viewing the events of that man pawing up through the water as one of the men held him under, I felt the same feeling of powerlessness at the hands of those who say they are your friends but who turn on you in a moment because you aren’t playing their game anymore. It was chilling, but it was also followed by the sense that this was a terrible secret that the land had held for decades and it had just been released. I wrote about this here probably under the title “The Drowning Man”

    Now at this time, we knew nothing about what was going to come to light months later. While talking to the director of a local arts nonprofit here, I casually said that I thought that there were probably a body or two hidden in the lake up at the local resort. She looked at me wide eyed and said, “Haven’t you heard? They DID find a body there recently!” A few months later, there was a full front page story about this in the news. A body had been found after the lake receded, revealing his skeleton and some belongings of his. The same number of people, all telling a story about how they had gone out one night after a dance and some drinking on the lake…at night….Five go out, only four come back. And it was ruled an accident. But what we saw was that it was no accident.

    Now all of this feel so strange and even scary…evil perhaps….

    But then the release work comes in. Who is releasing this? I am, my friend was. Through a simple act of just SEEING it, acknowledging the truth, we set it free. My friend said, rather prophetically, “This place can now change, probably WILL change now that we helped to release this from the area..” And it has. In fact, just a matter of months later, the resort went into full renovation mode and added a host of new programs, revamped the hotel, added a gallery and began showing and selling artists work. You could say that in the year following our release work, the place went from being in the 50’s-6-‘s to being more relevant to today. It moved itself out of that old stuck energy. Its not just people who release this stuff, its locations, too, and this undercurrent can be having a subtle effect on people. Once you become more sensitive like we are, it gets harder to NOT feel this stuff. How cool is it to turn something from weird woo-woo to harmonious and progressive? So is your area haunted? Does it have a block? Or is it amplifying energy in a weird way or is there something deeper down, or are you getting ELF stuff in a way that isn’t so good for you? If we dig deep enough, we can usually find out. And who knows, maybe its just really amplified energy coupled with a person who is very sensitive?

    This Summer I sold my home. I knew that the house had something in it that had served as an attractant energetically, something hidden from my conscious awareness that matched something in me. I was unable to pin it and my daughter and I joked of the “almost” ghost in our house. In fact, there was a place that a number of people all focused on when we talked about this ghost. We did that because we knew, deeper down, we knew. And we all know, each of us, but we just aren’t used to diggin down into that sublayer of our awareness most often. But I wanted to clear this energy because I wanted to stop the pattern; I wanted to attract a new kind of person to the house because I felt like I too had changed. Make it right, I thought, why not? Then, in the weeks to follow, I was in that inbetween state you have mentioned which I think we all know so well, and found myself automatically taking on this energy. It kind of freaked me out because it felt like possession. But my inner guidance said, “Do not resist this, do not react in fear; witness this and everything will be okay.” So I did as told and it was…weird. What I realized that it was was in truth a conglomeration of a number of different things. It showed me that everything is connected and everything wants to be connected; I felt five different strains of consciousness in these bits and pieces, these little splinters of angry, frustrated, hurt, etc., and it all had a reality, a validity, and a consciousness, albeit limited. It needed to have a way to express itself, it needed a voice….it needed to be heard. I gave it that listen, I gave it a way to express itself. And having done that, all of the pressure was let out of the can and it all just went “poof” and had no more attraction to that old house. It showed me that we must be careful about our emotions because they can and do splinter, and we leave pieces of ourselves behind. We leave orphans of ourselves and these go their own way, for as crazy as that may sound. These energies had kind of glommed onto each other because they were like each other, these orphans….so they knew each other as familiar even though some emotions came from men, some from women, none of that mattered. But the point here is it was all gone, it had been allowed a way to release. And the house is a better, cleaner, place, it attracted a different kind of person, the sale was really wonderful and I got to deal with them without a realtor, which was a bonus for them and for me.

    Well….I’m sorry for the yammer…its just that who would even believe this kind of thing? But who cares, right? Good luck with your energetic landscape!

    I think these three main areas are less activators as they are confluence areas for lots of energy from all parts of the body. The trunk of the body is like the Mississippi river, this big conduit of water (energy) with hundreds of thousands of tributaries flowing into it. Because these three centers have so much flowing into them, meditating on those centers can move a lot of energy because so much flows into them. Chakras, little ones, are in the fingers, arms, toes, legs, face, along the torso, all connected via this kind of grid work that is more like magnetic attraction setting up a flow pattern that we all have as energetic beings, and its all interconnected and flows and it tends to accumulate along the axis of the torso…When the blocks are cleared in all of these chakras and in all of the energy lines, then the pure flow of the universe is better known. The mind is also calmer and the self does not try to delude itself or others. Erasing this need to delude onseself and others reminds me of whittling a stick. You make these big cuts at first, and so much falls away; it is devastating at first, but it leads to greater peace. Yes, so much is being lost. I had to be held underwater to realize these were not my kind of people! Stop consorting with people who are bad! I had to let go, I had to let that life die. I had to stop believing something about myself which actually created the attraction to these hard abusive people. But it is so with everyone, just different flavors of it. And then you think that you have it whittled down so much, years spent doing this, and here there is this thin little scrap sticking up, like a hair. But once everything stabilizes, you begin to pick up on this very thin hair of delusion and tune into it and learn how to whittle that one away, too. The delusion is the thinking that we are anything less than divine, or that we don’t somehow belong to the order or are not good enough. We cleave ourselves off from the Unifying Presence in the Universe. Whatever that HUGE thing is, it seems to care and radiate love. We must be this, no? We swim in its blood, we live in its body like tiny cells or subatomic particles just trying to figure out our purpose and place. But it seems too big for most to even begin to get. So to know it means to ascend into the higher silf, to tune that state in in order to use its capacity to know…to sense…to become. And yes, slipping into the higher self is one of the most educational experiences for me. But I d not kid myself; it is a field trip for now. I hope I can grow my own earthly self into something like my higher self. When I do this, all of me will have evolved accordingly. Maybe you know what I am talking about, this way out stuff on the outer edge of our feeling and awareness. It is without words, really, and its entry is through bliss.

    Good luck with your wild land. Perhaps it has gifts to offer up to you. Time will tell. Good talking with you!

  4. Thank you! Reading what you’ve written is very comforting to me. I don’t have anyone I can discuss these type of things with, so I really enjoy reading your comments!

    Lisa Renee just wrote something in her latest newsletter that mentioned the areas that you have mentioned (Head, Heart, belly and root)…She says “There are three primary activation areas in the body that act as the unifier of all chakra centers and body parts, first the tailbone and sacral area, second the higher heart complex and the third is the center of the brain and sphenoid”… so maybe that’s what we’re experiencing as we are going through this unification process.

    I’ve been thinking about the paranoid spectrum lately, because of what I’m feeling here. There is some type of amplification in this area and it may possibly be artificial. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and after being here for 7 months, the surges are starting to cause pain and inflammation in my body. It’s slowly been wearing me down. I don’t really like to write about the weird negative stuff in my blog, but there have been strange patterns happening and also strange noises and flashing lights that I see. I may have to look into moving somewhere else in the near future.

  5. It is a kind of comfort to me to see things like this, or even better; stumbling over a picture like that a day after having it happen while not actually searching for it. It always felt to me like it was driven by the chakras. Head, heart, belly, and root, all seem to be strong centers, all dealing with different aspects of the creative nature of chi or prana. I once had one of those mid-day meditations that brought me into sleep…but not totally. I like those because I can use the power of dreaming to help in meditation. But I found myself outside of my body looking at a slight distance. My field was suffused with this golden color. It was much like urine in color and consistency. But this sudden field of gold felt healing. I simply observed. I felt completely refreshed after. Then a few months later I came across a Tibetan teaching about how one can, during enlightenment, tap a field of Buddha that is gold in color. It went on to describe the same benefits that I had experienced. For me, it only happened that one time, as though that was all that I needed…or who knows, maybe it waits for me to tap it again.

    Not to dip into the paranoid spectrum, but there is a lot that is known by our government (CIA mind control stuff) that involves using electrical fields, energy like the Schumann frequency to essentially entrain the brain…which will respond to all sorts of inputs from spund, light flicker, and pulses of energy in the electromagnetic. There is a researcher who has been studying this field and has found a lot out about how it’s being used without our knowledge or consent. I’m forgetting his name this moment but he was in the documentary Thrive and was interviewed on the Gaia TV show Open Minds with Regina Meredith. He points out that most of these frequencies are ELF or very low waves and detectors for these waves no longer will include the ELF range for the very reason that so much is being done in that range for effecting people. My two cents is that while it’s hard for someone like me, I still think I can take any energy and convert it into bliss…which is, I suspect, the extra bit people like ourselves gain once awakening is activated. I think it can lead to greater awareness of energies moving through the field of earth.

    Sorry for the yammer -I just felt like your observations were so on the money…and they reminded me of a few things.