Energy Sensations – Update November 9, 2017


Picture : Bryce Canyon, Utah

I just wanted to give an update on my situation before I begin with regular updates again.

Wow…I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve written.  It’s been a tough year to say the least.  I’ve been struggling with finding a place to live, a place to call home.  But one thing I’ve learned is that I’m not allowed to go back to any of my old comfort zones.  Every single time I tried to go back to a place I’ve lived in the past (out of desperation) it had a horrible outcome.

In my search for a place to live, I was very fortunate to have found seasonal jobs that provide housing to employees.  This particular job I’m currently at is in Utah right up against Bryce Canyon and about a 1 1/2 hour drive to Zion National Park.  The owners of the Inn are very sweet and appreciative to have me here.  The season ended on October 31st, but they have asked me to stay through the winter and also to continue to work next season.  So now I have a comfortable place to live (my own room and bathroom) for a year!  Yayyyy  🙂

It was very interesting when I was initially driving to get here.  When I was about 20 miles away, driving on hwy 89, I felt a wall of energy hit my face and upper body.  It didn’t hurt me, but it startled me and was forceful enough to break my glasses!  The frame cracked and broke from the impact. I heard and felt it crack at the same time that I felt the wall of energy hit me.  It was so bizarre.  I immediately stopped any fear from creeping in and just kept driving.  I’ve passed by that same area several times since then, and haven’t felt anything like it again.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been seeing gridlines when I wake up every morning.  Most times it’s the larger gridlines, but occasionally I’ll see the smaller ones.  I have no idea why the size is different.

This area seems to have a lot of electric energy.  Sometimes my face hurts from it.  There are days when I can see a large bolt of electricity come out of my finger and hear a loud cracking noise when I get shocked from touching stuff.  It can be very painful at times.  It’s just random, so it’s not happening everyday (thank goodness!).  My computer speakers also have a weird pulse noise on them when I get close to them.

My fire alarm in my room will act up occasionally and just ring once in the middle of the night…but I do have a history with setting off fire alarms…

There are a lot of mule deer here.  They seem to be very curious with me and will stop and stare instead of running away.  There is a female and two babies that like to come near me a lot.  I got a good picture of her the other day.  She’s very sweet ❤

After having a very chaotic and anxiety-filled year, it’s nice to be here with such peaceful surroundings.  It’s a very small town, so there’s not a whole lot going on.  It takes me an hour and a half just to get to Walmart to buy groceries. There’s a beautiful scenic route I take when I go to Walmart (Hwy 14 through Duck Creek), so I don’t mind the drive at all.  Here are some pictures of the drive:

The night sky is amazing and I can see more stars than I’ve ever seen anywhere before.  I haven’t taken any pictures of the stars, but here’s a picture of Bryce that I found, to give you an idea of what I’m seeing at night:

I’ve been given the message that I need to stay here away from everything for a while.  I feel fully protected by the canyon in my own little world.  This is some sort of “holding space”.  I feel like I’m repeating the same day over and over again with subtle changes…everyday, while going through the motions, it feels like déjà vu.  Overall, this place has been very welcoming and has allowed me to feel very Loved, accepted and appreciated ❤

**Update – On December 15th I saw a post from Maria Bethencourt called “The Transition Between Symphonic Universes” and in it she says:

“The Collapse Of interfered with Timelines has caused Timeline glitches across all matrices As The Heart Collective steps outside of time.  Many feel it is the same day again, a Groundhog Day effect, as they step outside of time and the 4d.  Others feel like they are in an era, like the 80’s, or 70’s.  This is normal. And these time anomalies will stop once the Heart Collective fully manifests their new reality on the new earth. “

I thought that was a pretty awesome confirmation with feeling like I’m repeating the same day over and over again  🙂 The entire post can be found HERE


Energy Sensations

I’ve been going through phases of eating A LOT.  At times, it seems that I cannot satisfy my appetite and will eat a ridiculous amount of food.  I’ve also been requiring a lot of sleep, but every once in a while, there will be a night when I’ll wake up every few hours for no reason with an anxious type of feeling.

There has been a lot of neurological activity going on…lots of nerve clusters twitching, pokes and stinging sensations. A weird cluster sensation in the palm of my hands and the middle of my feet that feels like it’s about to cramp up, but doesn’t quite reach that point.  It’s not painful, but it feels like the palm and foot are pulling inward.  Also lots of fizzy meridian sensations in the legs, torso and top of my head.

I have something weird going on with the right side of my body.  I have gout type symptoms in my right middle finger, right elbow and right knee (not very painful, just mostly stiff).  I recently noticed two very small patches of possible eczema on my right forearm and on my right eyelid.  But it’s weird that it’s only on the right side of my body…absolutely nothing on my left.

There has been a lot of Crown activity in the last few months.  As I’m typing this, I’m feeling a small stream of energy shooting out of the right top part of my head and at the same time out of my right knee.

For the past couple of years I’ve had a very strong pulsing sensation in my High Heart area, but I haven’t felt it for about 4 months now. Initially I thought it was my thyroid so I had some medical tests done (blood tests and ultrasound) but they were all normal.   I’m kind of glad that it stopped because it was so strong that it was overwhelming.  Sometimes it affected my breathing and would get extremely uncomfortable.

The Kundalini has been very active and it’s now more of an all-over-the-body feeling as opposed to only working on certain spots. Lately, it’s mostly been the tickling-all-over sensation which is kind of annoying.  I’ve been getting lots of Crown downloads and sometimes feel a weird popping or crackling on the top of my head while it’s swaying.  I have no idea why it’s changed.  In the past, I have felt the popping and crackling sensation in my Heart Center when the Christed energies are activated, but hadn’t ever felt anything like that on my Crown.

Overall, the energy seems to be pretty active now that I’ve found a comfortable place to live and am able to stay centered.

I am very Grateful to be here ❤

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  1. Wow…I got the chills reading that. I got the same wordless message a week after my initial OBE awakening…One morning I woke at 4:30am to get ready for work and saw an illuminated silhouette standing at the foot of the bed. It was pure light and had about 2 inches of gray around it. I asked (in my mind ) why such a pure illuminated being would have gray around it. The message that I received was that it was a future version of myself and that what I was experiencing/creating in this lifetime was affecting myself in the future. The visit was to let me know that this had to be fixed/transmuted/ recoded. I immediately knew that I had some work to do. That was the catalyst to my awareness of ancestral healing.

    I totally believe that we are here to do this work. We’re making great progress because I can feel the shifts as they happen, and they are definitely happening on a mass scale at this point.

    I am / we are very Grateful ! ❤

  2. You know, the first month that I was into this experience, I asked it why it was here and what it was. Wordless, it showed me this image of this warehouse filled with box after box stacked ceiling high. This was the stored material wewoukd learn to release together. But what or who was this energy?

    The answer was interesting. It said, “I am you, of course, but very far in the future.” I thought about that and as I did, it added, “We found that we could accelerate our own evolution by coming back to earlier versions of ourselves and helping to remove those foundational obstacles: the result is that we feel this in the future and are changed by it as well.”

    A few years ago I had a lucid dream where I realized I had entered the dream space of me when I was 16. I realized this, was so excited, and wondered what I could tell me that might be useful. In the end, all that mattered was love. I told him this. And the really weird thing was as I was having the dream, I could remember having that same dream when I was 16. Many years ago! I found that the morning after that there was a frequency or quality to my energy that was not there before—evidence of how we can impact our past?

    Sorry for the yammer, but your mention of time cracked open the lid to my experience.

  3. Yes, totally agree about the karmic history. I think that’s a large part of what we’re here to do in this lifetime. Especially if you’ve had a visit from a future version of yourself. Definitely something that a large group is doing at this point whether they’re aware of it or not.

    Blessings ❤


  4. That’s very helpful to know. W/o gong worked so well for me, it made me feel sick for a few weeks…nausea and clammy. I almost gave up on it but another kundalini active friend and healer explained it was just working really well. It was a period of very rapid block removal.

    Tied into Kahuna is a method called Ho’Oponopo. Simple method. Dr Hew Linn was interviewed by Project Camalot on Youtube. He showed how he was able to heal others when he healed himself by “cleaning up” what lay between them somewhere in their karmic history. Shows how huge and far reaching getting out of our blocked energy, which also releases karma. Sorry for the yammer,but thank you for your insight.

  5. Most of my life was yang (masculine) dominant…I was a tomboy in childhood and as I got older, I worked in law enforcement for many years….But in the last few years, I’ve had sort of a balancing out with integrating Divine Feminine aspects.

    I’ve been told by a few people that I should get some training in qi gong. My energy is so haywire and it would probably be a good idea to learn to control it a little better. I will look into that Kahuna body work healing…sounds interesting…

  6. Yes. There has been a definite sense of tightness, pressure, and pain. This all emerged after releasing other blocks, with the releases increasing my awareness of what lay deeper down. This yang block has been very stubborn, it feels more like chiseling away at a stone, whereas before often a whole chakra center or cluster would release. I was lucky and found someone who practices Kahuna body work healing. It’s deep tissue massage with an eye to keeping the two sides of the energy balanced. Its meridian work, like Chinese medicine, qi gong (but different in how it goes about it. It’s wonderful to be able to live in a wild surround. Lovely pics.

    Which would you say is your dominant energy, yin or yang? I’ve had this theory about how how the dominant energy is the one that tends to have the harder blocks. My yin side (left) released so easily…

  7. Hello ! 🙂 Yes, the right side has been a problem for a few years. I just recently had an experience that seemed to open up the pathways on the right side. It was a qi gong activity, so that really does help. The channels are wide open now (I can feel the pulse), and I don’t have anymore aching or numbness.

    So glad to have found your blog! I will definitely be reading 🙂

    Blessings ❤


  8. I have had different symptoms but alk tied to the right side of the body. All of it was tied to blocked yang energy. Energy work has helped. Deep tissue, movement, and qi gong have been helpful at various stages. Developed sensitivities to foods expressed as allergies which created skin symptoms. Most went away once the foods were found and eliminated from the diet.

  9. Thank you tonijames59! I’ve seen the honeycomb grid once, a few years ago. It was very beautiful! I think I’m tapped into the grid for anchoring purposes . There is something in the middle of it that looks like a cardinal cross and it’s emanating energy into the grid. Haven’t tried talking to it yet, but that’s a good idea. I’ll try that and see if I get any messages 🙂 As for any attack, I haven’t felt anything like that, only blissful sensations coming from it.

    Blessings ❤


  10. What a wonderful part of the country to be. It looks beautiful. Glad to hear that you’re safe and settled. How about trying to talk to the grids? I work on the honeycomb grid – sending it energy and making it stay I guess. Oh, and repair work – all grids are under some kind of attack. What do you think? Is that what it’s asking you? As for the pins!!!! I’m so sick of them! Nasty little gremlins! Stay well. xxx