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Energy Sensations – Update June 22, 2013


Stay Strong


Well, my trip to California was cut short and I left earlier than planned…Last Sunday I went to the Reiki Tummo class and had an absolutely Beautiful energetic experience …then all of that beautiful energy came to a screeching halt at 10:30pm on Monday night when I began passing a kidney stone!!!!  I had to go to the emergency room in California (Queen of the Valley hospital which was where I was born in 1971) and it was a horrid experience…

The emergency room was SOOO dirty and unsanitary, I felt like I was in a 3rd world country.  There were dried blood splatters in various locations, filthy floors and dirty equipment.  I was afraid to touch anything. Even the hospital bed had stuff splattered all over the side of it and looked like it had never been wiped down. If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I would have left in fear of catching some superbug or flesh eating virus – LOL …My OCD kicked in full force and made it SO difficult to function…Oh, just give me some gloves,  a bucket of Lysol and a mop and I would have disinfected the entire hospital while passing my kidney stone…

Long story short, I had such excruciating pain that a Morphine shot didn’t even help…I’ve given birth to two 8 lb sons naturally (no epidural or pain medication) and I’ll have to say, passing a kidney stone was just as painful, if not more so…at least you get a break between contractions when you’re giving birth…The kidney pain, contractions, bleeding, and constant vomiting lasted for about 12 hours straight (without a break) and then the stone eventually dropped into my bladder…I’m grateful that the worst part of the nightmare is finally over…I rested all day Tuesday and then I drove back to Phoenix on Wednesday once I was able to stop vomiting.

There seems to be a bit of purging going on, but on a physical level, not just energy wise.  I had a cyst painfully burst and disintegrate in my right ovary 2 weeks ago and then the kidney stone on my left kidney was released on Monday…I just found out that my boyfriends sister had a kidney stone episode on Friday (Solstice) and is still in the hospital.  I’m curious to see if more people will start physically “purging” in the next few weeks.

So back to the good part of the trip…

On Sunday the Reiki Tummo class was absolutely wonderful.  I felt SO much blissful energy during the mass attunement that it was enveloping my entire body.  The energy felt like chills all over me this time…The strange thing was that there seemed to be a lot of activity on my nose during the whole class for some reason…I felt like there was a strong sensation of water pouring out of the bridge of my nose and constant work being done on my 3rd eye while I was sitting through the class.  It was funny because on a previous blog I wrote that I had a dream where I received the message that I needed to balance the center of my spine (shushumna)…during the Reiki Tummo class, the teacher showed us a  presentation on how to balance the shushumna…I Love it when I get those confirmations 🙂

My Crown has been super active this last week, lots of MAJOR heavy Crown downloads, and vigorous swirling and pulling on my entire forehead and temples (not just my 3rd eye) …the energies have been SO active and blissful, it’s unbelievable…I had an overwhelming rush of Bliss through my Crown and my lower back today and had to get up and do some yard work because it was just too much to handle. Exercising seems to tone it down a bit and help the energies move out easier.

I went by myself to Sedona yesterday for the Summer Solstice.  It was a beautiful day but it was really hot (94 degrees) and I didn’t stay at Bell Rock as long as I’d have liked…there was a strong connection to nature and I began to cry for no reason.  I feel like I released more stuff while I was there.  It was strange because when I sat down to meditate, the wind started to blow REALLY hard and made it extremely difficult to get into meditation mode…my hair was whipping around on my face and the wind was making a loud whooshing noise in my ear…but when I started to leave and head back to my car, the wind completely stopped…

I seem to be feeling more energy and downloads today than I did yesterday in Sedona.  I’m also feeling tons of energy and vibration when I wake up in the morning…it takes me a while to snap out of it to be able to wake up…REALLY strong sensations…when I woke up this morning, I saw something in the air above me but I couldn’t figure out what it was…it was really hard for me to focus my eyes.

Right now I have energies enveloping my entire body and it tickles my skin…my Crown is swaying, my spine is filled with Bliss and my upper back is buzzing.  I’m getting the idea that this is like a “flush” of intense energies to push out any last residue…the key word I keep getting is to “surrender”…which also includes surrendering to your emotions and totally letting everything go…getting irritated and offended easily, snapping at other people because they get on your nerves and are totally C L U E L E S S…Yes, I know how difficult it can be…emotions can be pretty strong when the energies are this intense but it’s important to just let them flow without reacting.  It’s been quite a challenge, but it’s very important right now to stay out of anger and/or fear during this Solstice window. Remember to “Master Your Emotions”… Stay in your Heart ❤

Hang in there 😉

Love ❤




**A few days after writing this post, I found a post from Sandra Walter where she mentions the word “surrender” a few times throughout…the post can be found here: