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Energy Sensations – Update April 30, 2013


Shine the Light

I really haven’t been feeling well, but it seems to have gotten worse in the last three weeks. That’s why I haven’t written in a while. I’ve got a list of medical issues going on…the most serious being a severe vitamin D deficiency and pain in my liver (which is filled with cysts) accompanied by tenderness in my appendix.  I’m not sure if the vitamin D deficiency is due to the liver not functioning properly…I have an appointment in 2 weeks with an internal medicine specialist to do some testing and try to figure this out.

There’s a lot more going on, but I don’t want to use this blog as a complaint log…I’ll spare you the rest of the very long list of ailments and health related symptoms 😦  Since I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve been really grumpy… just pretty much locking myself in the room away from the rest of the world.

I had a dream last night that my friend Rev. Mary Martin was visiting me at a house that I’ve never seen before.  She told me that I’m manifesting these health issues and manifesting my lack of abundance by holding on to old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer apply to this lifetime.

Yes, I admit that I do have issues with abundance in the form of money…it bothers me that people charge so much money for Spiritual gifts, Healing and Spiritual classes…mostly because I don’t have any money and I’m unable to afford the high prices that are being charged.  I need to get over that, I know, I’m just not sure how to approach it.  I admit, it is a very outdated way of thinking and seems kind of like a victim mentality…but becoming aware of it is the first step…

In my Heart, I know that my resentment is blocking my own abundance.  My relationship with the energy of money, my resentment toward it and my guilt of having others give me money (feeling like I’m a burden) are all blocking me from receiving abundance. I’m so used to being independent and supporting myself…it’s gonna be a tough one to work through, but I’ve gotta do it (sigh).

Mary also told me in the dream that I am free to create anything that I want and that I was the only thing that was blocking me from doing it…I’m the sole obstacle of my own health and happiness.  There is no outside force trying to block me, no mean spirited scary little parasites or outside negative forces biting my ankles – LOL…it’s simply all just outdated beliefs within myself, within my being, that need to be released and updated…(THANKS FOR THE VISIT MARY! LOVE YOU!)

Sounds so simple, but how do I do it? I thought I’d already done it, so apparently that wasn’t enough…  I’m going to experiment with this starting today and see what seems to work and what doesn’t…maybe start with positive affirmations and see what I’m guided to do from there.  21 days seems to come to mind, so I’ll start with 21 days of positive affirmations.


As for energy sensations, I haven’t felt anything out of the ordinary lately.  The usual Crown movements… some work being done on me during nap time, feeling someone touching my arm and goose bumps here and there…nothing new.

The second week of April I also went through a phase where I was dreaming about OLD issues that I thought were already cleared…like literally, every single night I had a different dream pertaining to a different issue that I’ve had with someone in my life…even stuff from childhood…  This was some DEEP cleaning from really OLD stuff, some that I had even forgotten about!

What I like to do when that happens, is honor the clearing and sit and reflect on it once I wake up from the dream…I see it as an opportunity to clear it during dream time without having to replay it over again during everyday life…seems like a Blessing to not have to experience it over again…dream time is a lot easier!  The issue is given the chance to express itself in the dream, you get just as emotional about it in the dream as you would have in real life, and then when you wake up, you can forgive it and send it on its way.

I’m not sure the exact day, but around April 19th, I had a vision of the number 13 presented to me…it was placed in front of me, then it was turned backwards, then turned back around and illuminated bright white light until it disappeared.  I have no idea what that was, but I found some stuff later about 13-13-13 here:


Indigo energy

On April 22, I was lying down at night time and got a big download and vision of a brilliant illuminated indigo color flooding into my Crown.  I was shown that it was passing through me and I was anchoring this energy on a very large scale.  I have no idea what that color of energy represents besides the 3rd eye, but I’m sure there’s much more meaning to it than that.  It was such a beautiful indigo color that we wouldn’t normally see in 3D, I call it a 5D color.  The 5D colors that I see in visions, or sometimes capture in pictures are brilliant illuminated colors that are much more vivid than we see here normally.

Examples of what I describe as 5D colors are here below in these pictures to give you an idea.  Notice how brilliant the indigo color is…They were captured in pictures taken in Sedona :

5D 2 5D 4

5D 3 5D 1


Oh, before I forget, Patricia Cota-Robles posted on facebook tonight:

“The 1st of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. This year, Saint Germain and his Legions of the Violet Flame will bless the Earth with an unprecedented influx of the New 5-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame. This is a frequency of the Violet Flame that reflects our Father-Mother God’s Infinite Perfection. This year we will experience this Sacred Fire in frequencies beyond anything we have ever been able to receive.”

This will be interesting to experience…I sure could use some of that right about now! 🙂


**After posting this blog, I found Lisa Renee’s Shifting Timelines post for May 2013 called “Reconciling Ancestral Memories”…In her post she speaks about the color spectrum that is not visible to most humans (what I call 5D colors) and she also mentions gridworkers anchoring in energies and using their bodies as conductive points (acupuncture points) for the Earth…so awesome to read that after writing my blog.  It takes me a while to process what she writes, so I usually have to read it over like 3 times before I can understand what she’s written (yes, I’m kinda slow ;-))…pretty technical stuff but I’m in awe of her ability to break it down in such detail… Her post can be found here :

Much Gratitude ❤


Transmuting Energies




I got hit with some really uncomfortable energy last night and it’s continuing today…spent all morning in bed…it’s the pain radiating from my lower body; lower back, hip bones, bottom and thigh muscles, calves, shin bones and feet.  It might be what people consider to be “Fibromyalgia”, but I believe that it’s blocked meridians and releasing deep rooted  residue from prior clearing.  It even feels like I’m releasing from my bone marrow!

I know it’s something energetic because I can feel the energies swirling in those areas and I’m getting the goosebumps in different areas too (a lot more than usual).  There’s been a lot of activity with my lower chakras, so this is probably part of the lower clearing process.  It seems to be on a very large scale and some people may start to feel discomfort in these areas in the next week or so.

I also have a strong aching in my right eye, like a strained feeling when I look left to right and noticeable redness…my left eye is perfectly fine and doesn’t hurt at all.  Last night I had a lot of energies pouring in at the crown, 3rd eye,  and also into the nasal chakra…lots of pressure like someone was pushing on it, so that’s probably responsible for the eye pain today.

While I was in bed in a relaxed state this morning, I had a vision of a tropical place where all the homes had a big terra cotta planter with a tropical tree in front of their houses…I was shown that every house had one next to the front door and the plant was somehow having an effect on energies.  The people there knew that having the plant at their front door would have a positive effect.  I wasn’t sure what type of plant it was, so when I got up, I started to look up tropical trees online.


I found a picture of a sugar cane plant and it looked exactly like what I saw…upon further investigation, I found that a purple sugar cane plant is also known as a “black magic repellent plant” and used as protection in some cultures …also for the 8th day of Chinese New Year, some families put sugar cane outside the front of their house for protection (according to Hokkien legend).  I’d never heard of anything like that before, so that’s funny when I get confirmation like that from something so random.

Why was I shown that vision?  I don’t know, maybe it was just from a past life or something?…at this point in my journey, I really don’t feel the need to have any type of repellent since being introduced to the transmutation process.  Don’t get me wrong, I did at one point, but after I cleared most of my fear and came to some profound realizations, I felt that it was okay to take a different approach.  Now, I feel that I don’t want to repel stuff or just “return to sender”, I want to transform it, heal it and release it from the bondage of being stuck in a never ending energy game of ping pong .  It took a lot of work to get to this point, but I now have a greater understanding of what I’m supposed to be doing and received confirmation that this new way of doing things is working that way.  It’s very liberating and I’d like to share that as much as possible while I’m here.

Early in my awakening, I was guided to use Black Tourmaline for negativity.  Some people believe that Black Tourmaline just repels negative energy, but I feel that it actually transmutes it.  That seemed like a better choice for me to use and it has worked wonderfully with my energy.  I also use it during energy healing sessions while working on others…I use the Black Tourmaline to physically guide the energies through the body to remind the energy channels how to work properly and to stimulate them if they are blocked or stagnant…it seems to work very well and has a very balancing effect.  It’s also very grounding, so placing it at the feet is helpful during energy work also.


I wanted to mention that I found a post today that I really resonated with from Karen Bishop… She mentions April 11th as being a very important date and possible portal (Gosh I PRAY that she is correct!!!).  Karen has very strict copyright rules, so I’ll just include the link here instead of quoting any of it :



Energy Sensations – Update April 4, 2013


Life of Pi

I had to post this picture…it’s just too funny :-).  I saw the movie “Life of Pi” and thought it was really good…beautiful visual scenes throughout the entire movie.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing anything.  We went through the Spring Equinox and full moon, but for me, nothing out of the ordinary happened…same old stuff, Crown chakra energies coming in, nerves twitching all over my body, extreme fatigue….blah…I’ve just been resting and it seems like my days all blend together as one never ending day…it’s like I have no sense of time anymore, I forget what day it is, I never know what time it is, and if I take a guess, I’m TOTALLY off…Besides this blog, I  keep a daily journal, so that helps with keeping track of time.

Saturday (March 30th) was interesting though.  I woke up in the morning and was in that half awake half asleep state…I heard a voice tell me “You’ve been baptized by water, next you will be baptized by the Sun (fire)”.  In the dream state I understood what they meant, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure what it means – LOL …the only thing that comes to mind is solar flares maybe?

Lots of reference to the Sun lately…I’ve come to the understanding that the white energy glistening with gold that I’ve seen is the energy of the “White Sun” which is the same as Christ Consciousness, which is the same as Cosmic Consciousness.  It can be difficult to fully understand this when so many different people, so many different points of view or interpretations give different names for basically the same thing.

I went through the same in the beginning of my journey with trying to understand the Merkaba, the Light body, the Rainbow body, the Diamond body which are all the same thing with different names coming from different teachings.   It’s been explained to me that that’s the very reason why it’s so important for me to have my own interpretation from a clear mind without prior teaching in this lifetime. To come into your own mastery, you have to experience and actually feel the realizations within your Heart, your whole being…it’s so much more than just reading it from a book or having someone tell you…you have to experience and integrate it within yourself.

Lately I haven’t been resonating with anything I’ve read on Spiritual websites or blogs. I also noticed that a lot of people hadn’t written much over the last couple of weeks either, so maybe it’s just an overall phase that we’re all going through.  I’m not sure why I feel so disconnected from everything around me, but this seems to be another phase of integration…only this time, it needs to be done without any outward influence, or a more “quiet” and peaceful setting…no distractions.  Whatever it is, it’s very deep and seems to go much deeper than previous phases that I can recall.  I have a feeling that it’s because there is a manifestation aspect of it, but I don’t really understand it, I just “feel” it.

I’ve been doing very well with dealing with my boyfriend and with rude people in public.  This mastering of my emotions thing is going VERY well.  I’ve never been so patient in my entire life.  My boyfriend and I haven’t argued at all because I don’t react to what ever it is he does that would normally upset me.  I’m not just ignoring it, I’m actually really NOT getting upset anymore.  It’s so weird to be so patient and non reactive.  I realized that I even drive speed limit now, and am never in a rush to go anywhere. For me, that is a HUGE change, unbelievable actually !

I remember when I had my first Reiki Tummo attunement in 2008, the Reiki Master said that since he had been doing the Tummo and Heart practice for many years, that he had totally changed and was now very patient…he mentioned that he even drove speed limit…I thought to myself “Oh no, I don’t think this will have that effect on me” because I was from L.A. and drove like a mad woman always in a rush to be somewhere, honking at people and yelling…  But sure enough, here I am, completely changed and feeling so patient with a clear mind.  It’s amazing how much we can change in such a short amount of time.

Symptoms and Energy Sensations

Last week I felt like my Root chakra and Sacral chakra had wind blowing right through them.  It literally felt like I had holes in me and a continuous gust of wind was blowing through me… it was a really weird sensation and I don’t like that one too much.  It lasted for two entire days and then it went away.

Yesterday, I had an electrical pulse running on the left side tip of my nose which felt like a flickering all day long (still feeling it today too)…also a subtle pulse running through my tongue. There was also a nerve twitching on my left ear drum yesterday and it was a pretty annoying tapping noise…symptoms seem to be mostly focused on the left side of my body lately.  My body has been buzzing all day and I feel anxious, but also extremely foggy and tired…also feeling the need to eat small but frequent meals like my body needs more fuel or something.  I’ve been taking lots of naps and then having trouble sleeping at night which seems to be a phase I go through every so often…

I’ve been hearing tones in my room when I wake up in the morning.  It’s been happening quite frequently.  Sometimes they sound like they’re internal (loud in my head) and sometimes they sound like they’re in my bedroom.  I noticed the other night that my bed had a bright magenta aura emanating from it…my sheets are turquoise, so I know it wasn’t a reflection from anything in my room. This happened while I was wide awake and the light was on.   It wasn’t coming from me, because I checked my own aura and it was still bright emerald green as usual…not sure why my bed would have that color around it and why it would be so bright.  It was emanating about 4 inches outward from my bed.

Tonight I’m feeling something on my left side, like someone touching me on my arm…it’s been moving around me for a couple of hours now…and also goosebumps on my scalp…my Crown is very active and swaying, but very slowly.  It feels good and very relaxing.

I haven’t had the energy to pack my stuff to move to California…I’m stalling again…I think it’s because I really don’t want to move to my Dad’s house…ANYWHERE else, and I’d be out of here by now, but I have absolutely nowhere else to go, so I’m stalling.  I was going to write a little rant here about the living conditions over there, but it’s not important.  I’m just going to stay here in Phoenix as long as I can and see what happens. Just take it day by day… I pray that something much better comes up and I’ll have a suitable place to live.  Something’s just telling me to wait a bit longer…No hurries no worries…