Trip to Sedona – February 17, 2013




I’ve felt a nudge to go to Sedona, so my boyfriend and I went on Sunday (Feb. 17).  It was such a beautiful day, about 65 degrees with a nice breeze.  The spot that I visit most frequently is Bell Rock vortex…I feel a pretty strong connection with that area, so that’s been the vortex of choice for the past few years.

I noticed that I got some white streaks in some of the pictures.  It just occurred to me today, that I’ve actually been seeing an illuminated white streak of light in my peripheral vision for about a year.  I mostly see the streak of light when I’m in the dark, but occasionally do see it in the daytime too.  Maybe what I’ve been seeing is what was captured in these pictures?



We could see “The Chapel of the Holy Cross” from where we were sitting at Bell Rock, so on our way out, we decided at the last minute to visit the church.  We’ve seen the church before, but this was the first time that we’ve made a trip to that area.  I didn’t realize that it was a Catholic church until we got there…my boyfriend is Catholic, so I feel that this visit was more for him.  I know he’s felt some sadness from all of the events that have taken place recently with the Catholic church…and also the Pope resigning and the Vatican being hit by lightning shortly after!  It must be a very confusing time for him and his Faith.


When we walked into the church we both immediately felt a rush of energy.  We just sat there in silence at the very back of the church and I felt my body enveloped with a Blissful current.  Within minutes, I felt some reaching into my 3rd eye area, followed by the warm water sensation coming in at my Crown.  I told my boyfriend that I was feeling so much energy that I wanted to share it with him, so he gave me his hand and I made the intention of letting him feel what I was feeling…he said he felt the energies move into him and they were working on different parts of his body even though I was only touching his right hand.

After a while of sitting there, my boyfriend turned to me and whispered that he was sorry for everything he had done to hurt or upset me over the years…when I looked at him, I realized he was crying.  I told him that I forgave him but explained that he’s not to blame for anything because it was me that had created it for my own life lessons.  He did those things to teach us what we needed to learn.  We both felt better and I believe that it was forgiven and released.  A huge weight was lifted off of both of us and we’ve been getting along wonderfully since.

I’ve made the firm decision that I’ll be moving out of his house at the end of March.  It’s a ‘for sure’ thing now, no “maybe’s” this time…This is IT…this chapter in my life has come to an end.  We’ve been sleeping in separate rooms for years and haven’t been “together” in a very long time…it’s not fair to stay any longer and keep him from finding a relationship that will suit him better.  I only want him to be Happy…I feel that the tension between us needed to be healed before I leave and this was the perfect opportunity.  Even though the last 5 years with him have been pretty crappy, I do feel a deep sadness in letting go.  Most people would probably be happy leaving after all that we’ve been through, but I feel sad.  I’ve learned a lot about Forgiveness and Patience being with him…..maybe he’s been one of my greatest teachers 🙂

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