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Energy Sensations – Update January 17, 2013



Oh boy, 2013 has not been kind to me so far…It seems we’re going through a very deep level of cellular restructuring at the moment and some of us may feel like we’re completely falling apart.  I have so many different parts of my body that are aching and feeling uncomfortable sensations that I have no idea where to begin…and the dizziness is overwhelming…good thing I don’t get motion sickness ! 🙂

I’ve been in bed, unable to keep my eyes open from the pain in my head, for the past 3 days… for those 3 days, I’ve also been waking up sweaty in the morning.  I don’t normally sweat much, so this has shown me that this phase is a very deep purge with toxin release.  Exfoliation of the skin is very important in this phase to help the toxins to be released from the body.  Today is the first day I feel a tiny bit of relief, so it seems to be tapering off…

Also feel some pineal swelling accompanied by a headache that makes me want to go cross eyed!  Sinus pain and pressure are pretty bad too…I read somewhere once that sometimes your physical body can react to light infusion like an allergen…I guess the body is not used to such a high dose and can react like it would to an allergen to protect itself.  That makes sense to me, because every time I go through intense downloads, my sinuses act up.  A neti pot is good for the sinuses and colloidal silver nasal spray has also helped.  Breathing deeply will help to get the oxygen where it needs to go and also to relieve built up tension.

The first week of January, I was always freezing cold and my appetite was crazy…craving protein and fats every few hours…now for the past week, I don’t even want to look at food…been eating one full meal a day, and maybe cereal as a snack if I can tolerate it, but drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated.  The coconut water seems to agree with me and I’ve gotten used to the taste.

My inner guidance pointed me in the direction of “PH balance” and the importance of probiotics and fiber intake. I’d never really paid too much attention to that, so it’s time to do it now.  Probiotics are good for intestinal health, but also good for female yeast issues… overall bacterial balance which is so important.

Previously mentioned that I’ve cut out sugar and coffee/caffeine.  It’s a difficult process and would recommend to slowly merge into any drastic change in diet.  For me, anyway, it has to be done gradually or I get almost intolerable side effects…definitely some detox associated with sugar withdrawal… geez, that’s some PAINFUL stuff…if I feel that bad from cutting out sugar, I wonder what it was actually doing to my body?!

Well, I’m going to believe and have Faith that the worst for me is over with…yes, I had a horrible few weeks , but that’s understandable with the intensity of 12/21 thru 12/23. Integration is a 4 letter word to me because it’s freakin’ PAINFUL!   It seems like we were always giving ourselves a new date to look forward to…11-11-11, 12-12-12, 12-21-12, in hopes of it getting better after that…but for me the physical pain is still coming and not getting any easier.  So if we can manifest now, then, well, I’m going to manifest feeling better and a higher tolerance for new energies that are coming in.

So this will be my first manifestation experiment for 2013…focusing on feeling better and the ability to integrate more comfortably…believing that the worst is over…

Symptoms you may feel in this phase:

*Increased ringing in the ears when there’s solar flares

*Neck, jaw, and upper back pain-stiffness

*Nerves twitching or pinching

*Painful jolts in your big toe

*Pineal headaches with eye strain

*Sinus pain and pressure


*Dramatic increase or decrease in appetite

*Bladder/kidney or yeast issues

*Extreme thirst or becoming dehydrated quickly

*Old medical issues reactivated

*Overall fatigue





**After posting this, I found an article that helped to explain a little of what we’re going through.  The article

can be found here:




Energy Sensations – Update January 9, 2013



I’ve been too tired to write anything lately…

I’ve spent the last two weeks exhausted in bed and F R E E Z I N G…I put on sweat pants, a thin jacket, socks, underneath 2 blankets and my feet and hands are still icicles.  The house is the same temperature as it’s always been because we have central heat with a thermostat…the cold is just coming from ME.  I also have the sensation of chills running through me from time to time, but without the goose bumps…it’s strange…this has been happening for about two weeks.  My boyfriend can’t believe how cold I am…it’s like it’s emanating out of me…

I’ve been sleeping about 12 or more hours a day and have no energy to do anything.  My boyfriend also bought me a therapedic gel mattress topper for Christmas.  It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on, so I guess that doesn’t help to get me out of bed 🙂   At around 6pm every evening (for about a week and a half), I’ve been falling asleep for a really deep sleep for 2 hours.  As I’m falling asleep, I can feel work being done on me, so I guess that’s why I need to do it.  I’m also feeling a pulse of energy come out of my core…it starts at my core and emanates outward…I imagine that it’s being spread out on a very large scale.  When I wake up after these episodes, it’s the most satisfying nap I’ve ever had.  I feel SO refreshed when I wake up, like I’ve never experienced before.  I can’t recall ever feeling that good after a nap.

Occasionally I’m seeing geometrical patterns and moving psychedelic type light patterns when I close my eyes to rest.  Most of the time the pattern will take up my whole view of vision and be swirling around, but tonight I saw a small box pop up with black and white patterns in it…it happened  3 times.  The box was kinda small like maybe one inch.  I don’t remember exactly what the patterns were because it was so small, but they were something close to this:

black and white

I’m being strongly guided to cut out sugar and caffeine intake.  From what I understand, sugar feeds yeast growth.  I believe that yeast is probably contributing to my aches and pains, abdominal issues.  Also caffeine and daily coffee is what’s probably contributing to bladder issues (too acidic, bladder and kidney stones).   Coconut water is supposed to be good for urinary issues, so I started drinking that.  My body is not going to tolerate sugary Starbucks coffee, ice cream cravings and daily chocolate binges any longer.  My body is fed up with these substances and is totally rebelling!  So that’s it, I have no choice but to change my diet.  I remember reading somewhere that Doreen Virtue said she had to give up sugar and caffeine too…

I am hearing noises in the house more often and sounds of someone walking in the house when nobody is home.  I felt someone tap me on the shoulder the other day…other than that, everything’s been pretty calm.  3rd eye activations will probably be pretty common right now, but unfortunately, headaches and eye strain are a part of that too.  Also, upper chakras are being worked on…I’ve been feeling lots of reaching into my Heart, upper chest, neck, and in my head.  It’s really weird when you feel the energies swirling and moving in your brain…I don’t like that one too much…

I feel like we’re just in an integration phase slowly adjusting to the new frequencies.  Things may seem to be lagging and maybe even boring right now.  That may be disappointing for some because it’s the “New Year” and they want to kick start something exciting…The energies were so strong during the 12/21 – 12/23 window that it actually hurt my nerve endings, so I can only imagine how strong they really were.  We’ll need some time to adjust and recover…lots of rest…  I think I read that it’ll be until the Spring Equinox in March…sounds about right.  Until then, I’ll just be here enjoying my new gel mattress topper and enjoying the psychedelic light show 😉

Things will get better soon.  I do keep seeing “3”, so maybe March will be the month that things will start to change.  Hang in there!