It’s 12-12-12 !




I chose this picture above, because I seem to attract bees when I’m off center and distraught…so today, I’d be wearing a bee dress -LOL


I was going to go to Sedona today to meditate and spend some time outdoors but I’m really off center and it’s a long drive to get there…plus my tummy is not feeling well…without going into detail, I’ll just say that my (soon to be “Ex”) boyfriend has, without a doubt, been planted into my life to constantly test my patience, my sanity, and to activate my ulcers! Yesterday was the breaking point and my stomach is in knots as a result of that.

So I did lots of energy clearing techniques this morning while he’s gone to work, to try to help a bit. I was disappointed that I won’t be going to Sedona today…had it all planned out…I would meditate and rest the night before, I’d go to Sedona in the morning, I knew what meditations I would do, what I was going to wear, what stones I was going to take with me, take some cool pictures…blah blah blah….well, it didn’t happen…I quickly corrected any feelings of resentment toward my boyfriend…he is who he is, he doesn’t care about anything Spiritual, I know this, and I’m still here living with him, so it’s nobody’s fault but my own…

It occurred to me that maybe I was putting too much expectation on going to Sedona for 12-12-12 anyway…or even just on the date in general…after all, the Sanctuary is WITHIN…it doesn’t matter where we are on this day…everything’s an illusion…even time…clearly I need to work on myself and clear this junk I’m holding on to and there’s no magical date or geographic location that’s going to do that for me…I must do it myself, within myself…doesn’t matter where I’m at…it’s all about intention.

I went to Starbucks this morning to get an iced pumpkin spice latte (which is my comfort right now). As I was waiting for the coffee, I heard a man that worked there yell out “Ah…FRIGGLE MONKEYS!!!!”….the girl working with him laughed and asked him what in the world he was saying?! He told her that whenever he’s angry, instead of cussing, he’ll say a ridiculous word instead of a curse word…this helps him stay out of anger since he feels silly saying the word. He said it’s been working for him so far…and seeing his coworker laughing, was definitely proof that he was staying out of anger as well as not projecting it on to others.

Hmmm…he’s on to something there…so what would my ridiculous word be? As I was thinking of the most ridiculous word I could use, it reminded me of another time at a Starbucks in the Houston airport. I saw a man (a very manly Cowboy man) point to a cookie and ask what the name of it was. The lady behind the counter told him that it was called a “Snickerdoodle”. The man said “That’s such a STUPID name…who in the world makes up this crap?” He refused to say the word, but told the lady he wanted to buy one… So “Snickerdoodles” it is! That’s my new curse word :-). Who knew that Starbucks would play such an enlightening role in this process – LOL

I found a message from Shekina Rose today which also explained the negativity that’s floating around for the past few days.

The message is here:


If I feel better tomorrow, maybe I’ll go to Sedona then…Either way, it’s ok. It doesn’t matter where you are today or any day for that matter. What’s important now and what’s important from now on, is that you stay centered and stay within the Love in your Heart. Forgive those around you that are triggering stress within your life. Whether you realize it or not, you might have been one of those people to someone else, in some point in your life. Whether it’s from this life or from past lives, we may have been the stress source to someone else. I know I sure have been (sorry Grandma 😦 ) Send forgiveness and be done with it. Once you come to terms with it, and you heal and release it, you won’t have to deal with it again. Coming to that realization certainly makes it easier for me to let it go.

Do whatever makes you feel good today (or tonight if you work)…rent some funny movies, take a salt bath, meet a friend for some hot chocolate or a chai latte, make your favorite comfort food…As for me, I’m off to the supermarket…all this talk about Snickerdoodles has put me in the mood to bake some cookies 😉


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