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Energy Sensations – December 30, 2012



I had a strange experience today and wanted to document it…

I woke up this morning not feeling too well…had a strange feeling in my bladder like nerves were twitching in it with pressure.  My lower chakras were very hot and it was an EXTREMELY unpleasant feeling.  After being awake for about an hour, I started to feel a pressure building up in my core and it’s almost like I wanted to scream to let it out, or to force air out of my center to release the pressure.  The sensation was so strong that I wanted to vomit.  I started to get chills all over my body and became dizzy.  I heard a very loud ringing tone in my right ear, so loud that it drowned out everything else and I knew that this was something energetic going on…so much was happening at once, I started to feel confused and overwhelmed.

I decided to go to bed and try to sleep it off.  Surprisingly I was able to fall asleep right away.  I had a post apocalyptic dream where I was trying to quickly gather stuff from my house to take with me on a trip.  We were leaving town to go somewhere else because there had been some type of disaster.  The dream went on for quite a while but I don’t remember most of it.

The dream ended up shifting into a consciousness experience…what I mean by that, is that when I am just full consciousness, I don’t have a body anymore…I’m just a witness to whatever is in front of me.  I was shown that there was some type of compression going on like a huge scale of compression…it was MASSIVE…  Then there were triangles presented in front of me.  The triangles were moving around and communicating with me, it’s really hard to explain…Then the triangles started connecting to each other and were sprouting out like plants.  They were growing into something or creating something.

I heard a huge crash like as if it were coming from the center of my house and it woke me up.  Of course, there was nothing that crashed in the house, the sound was internal.  As I was waking up I heard a small voice say “You will survive”.  Then I started to see bright fluorescent purple and green blotches of color that were slowly bursting open.  I ended up fully waking up at 5:30pm…I guess I slept a lot longer than I thought…what seemed like an hour or so, ended up being several hours.

“You will survive”???  Survive what?! I have no idea what this was yet, but I’ll probably find something in a few days to give me an idea.  All I know is that I still feel AWFUL and I want this feeling to go away.  I’ve had a fluttering feeling on the top of my head for the past 4 days.  It feels like a moth is stuck in my hair and trying to get untangled.  The sensation is more active today for some reason.

**After I wrote the post above, I started to feel more pain in my bladder so I went to the Urgent Care to see a doctor.  When the Urgent Care doctor walked into the examination room, I looked up to see him surrounded by a bright orange aura…I’ve never seen anything like that in full on view.  Usually I’ll have to concentrate and slightly look away to see any aura…but this was full on without even trying.  So that was something new.  I guess my 3rd eye has really been activating this past week.

Something has really shifted…I just hope that was the worst of it because this is extremely uncomfortable…my body is so tired and worn out.  I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle 😦


Energy Sensations – Update December 24, 2012



I look at this picture above and all I can think of is “ouch”…LOL… Galactic energies hurt 😦

It’s been a pretty intense weekend.  Definitely not what I pictured it feeling like, but still intense energy wise.  I’m extremely sleepy today, so I wanted to write this down before I go into hibernation mode…

On December 21st, I started to feel a lot of energy come in at night time…this wasn’t the blissful good feeling energy…this was electromagnetic energy.  The way that I can tell the difference is when I’m getting a download of Higher energies or connect with Divine Source, it feels good, like a cellular massage and kinda like warm water pouring into me.  When I get electromagnetic interference like from wireless stuff, my jaw starts to hurt, my body starts to ache and my nerves start to feel tender.

In the evening time on the 21st, I began to feel my High Heart activated and was vibrating which was pleasant…Then later in the night, I started to get the achey feeling accompanied by the jaw tension pain….then at exactly midnight ( which would be December 22nd) it intensified a bit and I started to feel nerves twitching in my hands, feet, lower legs, face and in some of my teeth!  That was weird to feel nerves twitching in my teeth!  The achey feeling continued, but it stayed at a steady pace, didn’t seem to get any worse after that.  It was a bit uncomfortable but not intolerable and I was able to fall asleep around 2am.  I had to really work hard at not worrying about why it was hurting me…it was difficult not to focus on that…Maybe it would have been worse for me if I didn’t have my Metatronic shield on?

So, all day on the 22nd I felt like I had an energy hangover…I had a headache, my eyes felt sore and my upper back and neck were sore.  I felt pretty beat up…What was it?  From what I’ve experienced so far, Divine energies don’t feel like that.  This felt like some type of electromagnetic pollution…or maybe it’s just because of the intensity of these three days (Dec. 21 – 23) that the high dosage of energy was so intense that it hurt? I don’t understand this whole planetary alignment stuff, so maybe that’s just what those type of energies feel like…I guess I assumed that it would feel good like the Higher energies I’ve felt before, but it was much different than I thought it would be.

I watched a video posted today from Bill Ballard and he mentions that he felt the energies intensify for him at midnight on the 22nd also!  I Love to get confirmation like that, it gives me such comfort.  His video can be found here:

That specific type of  energy seemed to taper off yesterday (Dec. 23) and I just rested most of the day.  I didn’t feel any of the nerve pain at all yesterday but my High Heart was extremely active to the point of making me cough.  It’s a weird feeling that emanates upward into my throat.   Today I’m just sleepy.

This morning I saw some type of badge or medal and I felt like it was being given to me.  When I was half awake and half asleep, it was presented in front of me…I kept hearing the words “White Sun” over and over again.  I searched the internet all morning for a picture, but the only thing I could find that was similar (not exact) to what I saw was this:

white sun

I also found something about the White Sun and it says:

“[The]White sun (Tao of Heaven) is a sign from Heaven signifying the beginning of the end of the age. One cycle of Heaven and Earth is 129,600 years and the beginning of the end has started from the appearance of the White Sun.”

The article I found is here:

There really isn’t too much out there about the White Sun, so I’m not sure why I’d receive a White Sun badge…maybe I’ll find a better explanation later…

**On August 30, 2014, I found a post that had a picture of a crop circle that looked like the white sun badge that I saw.  Click on the picture below to see the post where I saw it:

Wayland's Smithy2006

I’ve been having dreams about being multidimensional…In the dreams, now instead of being the student, I’m actually the teacher…I’m teaching people how it works and we’re popping into people’s houses and stuff.  Those dreams were really fun, I enjoyed them.  It’s amazing to have dreams of yourself teaching people things that you don’t even know about in this lifetime.  It’s almost like you’re not only teaching the people in the dream, but you’re teaching yourself at the same time 🙂

I’ve had so much information come in over the last couple of days…I want to write about it, but I just don’t have the strength or attention span to do it. Right now all I can think about is catching some ZZZZZ’s…

Did I mention I was sleepy ? 😉

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your time with Loved ones ❤



It’s December 21, 2012 !



I’m noticing there’s a lot of “blaming” energy out there right now.  I see it on the internet today and my boyfriend tried to get me to interact with it yesterday…he emailed me from his Blackberry after he left for Texas and was upset because I didn’t get up to hug him goodbye (even though he never asked for a hug and even though he was in a bad mood when he left)…he was STILL trying to pick a fight with me even after he left! LOL…nope, he wasn’t  gonna bring me down…I just emailed him back and calmly explained why, told him that I still Love him no matter what, and squashed it right there…he was instantly in a better mood and sent me an email hug…hmmm…that was easy!

We’ve GOT TO BE STRONG right now and not get snagged by drama.  If you’ve had experience swallowing your pride in the past, well, you’ll probably need to do it 10 times more now to stay in the Higher vibrations.  It takes great courage to Love unconditionally because we have to swallow our pride, tame the ego and totally ditch the need to prove our point to people that are still asleep.  That was a HUGE issue for me.  I had felt “wronged” my whole life and had a strong desire to defend myself all the time, like a vow to never let anyone walk all over me again…geez, that made it so much more difficult to get to this point.  Kindness is not weakness…it is the ultimate strength.  Looking at it that way has made it a little easier for me to change…but I’m not gonna lie, I still struggle with it.  I admire Buddhist monks so much that it makes me want to cry…they are so kind and Loving.


“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still” – Lao Tzu


I didn’t feel  too much going on in my energy yesterday or today so far…yesterday about 7pm Arizona time, I felt a shift which made my heart race and I felt dizzy…I took a lavendar and salt bath and felt better…but that’s about it.  For me personally, I think my big shift will happen while I’m completely asleep and I’ll miss the whole thing!  Or who knows, maybe it already happened and I’m totally clueless like I am about everything else – LOL

There’s been SO MUCH work being done on me this past week, I’m a little surprised that it’s been so calm since yesterday.  I had been getting an electrocution feeling in my hands and feet during sleep time every night Sunday thru Wednesday.  It was really painful, even more than anything I’ve ever felt.  It literally felt like I had been electrocuted for a few seconds and it scared me awake.  I know there’s a lot going on with the nervous system, but I’m not sure why my hands and feet would be such a focus. Maybe acupressure points? About a year ago, I used to feel electrocution on my tongue once in a while but it wasn’t as painful and eventually went away on it’s own…I started wearing jewelry on Wednesday night that made a “Metatronic shield” and I didn’t feel the electrocution on my hands and feet after that…maybe that helped to calm the energy, or to move it more evenly?

The jewelry I chose for my shield is a large Lapis Lazuli pendant with a gold necklace, a gold bracelet on each wrist, a 3 carat garnet ring on one hand, and a 4 carat amethyst ring on the other hand.

The metatronic shield is explained here with other options:

I also wanted to mention that in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda he mentions wearing metal bracelets for energy reasons.  Recently reading that guided me to get my metatronic shield together.  It seems to be working pretty well…

If you don’t have the book, here’s a website that explains it a little:


Other symptoms I’ve had this past week were waking up so hot that I had to take my clothes off to cool down (hotter than any Kundalini or Tummo episode I’ve EVER had), waking up every 2 to 4 hours because of intense moving sensations on my body or vibrating too hard, seeing lots of light sparkles throughout the day, feeling like my head is made out of liquid, and nerves twitching in my hands, feet, abdomen and face.

I feel there will be a lot of disappointment in the Spiritual communities for people who are expecting to feel a life changing, physical experience.  I saw that last year after 11-11-11…there were many people who were not only disappointed, but maybe even angry.  I think it makes them feel left out, or disappointed because they had so much focus and expectation on something physical happening to them.  It may bring out insecurities in a lot of people.

From my understanding, it’s detachment that will allow the changes to happen.  You know, like they say to be hollow, to empty the vessel so the Higher energies can come in…a large part of that is trust in the Higher Self or Divine timing and part of that is not having attachment to outcome.  I think most of the stories I’ve heard of people’s out of body experiences or life changing visions etc., were spontaneous…they just happened out of nowhere.  Maybe there’s a reason for that…because they weren’t expecting anything and they were empty enough to allow it to happen.

December 22nd seems like a good day to go to Sedona, so I’ll probably make a trip out there tomorrow.  It will be nice to have some alone time outdoors.  Whatever happens, happens…I have no expectations either way…as long as I’m not getting electrocuted, it’s all good 🙂



Energy Sensations – Update December 16, 2012




There’s been A LOT of activity on my body for the past three days.  The first noticeable change is streams of energy coming out of different parts of my body…first it was a very strong current coming from my right hand and right foot at the same exact time, and yesterday it was on the left side of my head…it’s a funny feeling to experience something shooting out of the side of your head!  I also felt pressure on the back of my head, like someone was pushing really hard on it with their whole hand…and there’s been lots of Crown activity too.  For some reason, there’s also been lots of work being done on my hands.  I’ve never felt that before…the only activity that I’ve ever felt from the hands is when I activate Reiki Tummo and the energy spills out of them…but this feels like actual work being done and clusters of nerves vibrating.

I had a terrible (pineal) headache Friday and Saturday, but it’s slowly gone away.  It felt like the middle of my brain was swollen accompanied by what felt like waves of warm energy emanating out of the swollen part.  I spent most of the weekend in bed.  Yesterday, I had heart palpitations and swirling movement in my chest and today I’m feeling my other energy bodies moving around like crazy!…seems that the energies are amping up and activating different things at the same time…as long as I can stay out of pain, I don’t mind.

Since I’ve made the decision to move out of my boyfriend’s house, there’s been some insecurity of not having a comfortable place to live…as a result of that, I’ve had several dreams of moving into other people’s homes and trying to find a decent room in the house.  So yesterday, I had a dream that an elderly lady let me stay with her in her home.  We were the only two people living in the house.

In the dream, I was sitting on the floor, and suddenly a young Buddhist monk wearing an orange robe appeared next to me on my left side.  The monk and I were having a conversation and the elderly lady walked in.  I was a little worried that she may not like the fact that I had a visitor in her home without asking permission first.  I quickly introduced her to the monk, hoping she wouldn’t be upset, and she looked at me strange.  She told me that she didn’t see anybody there…I was puzzled and turned to the monk.  He told me that she couldn’t see him because only people with the same vibration could see him.  I wish I could remember the whole conversation with the monk, but I don’t remember.  I felt like he told me something very important. The dream gave me a very good feeling of encouragement accompanied by a strong feeling of being “home sick”.

I haven’t felt any more negativity when I’ve gone out in public the past couple of days…seems that the collective has been cleared quite a bit.  I’m just experiencing a roller coaster of my own emotions now…still trying to cope with my boyfriend’s behavior, but now I’m going through a phase where I’m feeling sorry for him…I got teary eyed today because I just felt so bad for him that he’s so lost.  I can feel his insecurities and his feelings of not fitting in.   I see him as a child, like an insecure little boy.  He won’t let me help him, so there’s nothing more that I can do.  I worry about what will happen to him once I leave for good and move to California.   I want to cry right now just thinking about it :-(.  I wanted to hug him today, but something told me not to…I’ve just got to let him go…

So it’s only a few more days until December 21st !  My boyfriend’s leaving to Texas on the 20th  (because his mom’s scared and wants him to be there) and he’ll be gone till after New Year’s Eve…I’ll be here alone for the 21st and the holidays!  That’ll make it easier to focus on the 21st without any distractions or negativity…I’m extremely grateful for the time alone… I don’t know what to expect, but at least I’ll be clear and calm for whatever happens.  I know most people would be worried to be alone on December 21st and probably be sad to be alone on Christmas…but to be honest, I’m really happy about that.  I know this is what’s best and has worked out this way for a reason… I have full trust in the Universe 🙂

It’s 12-12-12 !




I chose this picture above, because I seem to attract bees when I’m off center and distraught…so today, I’d be wearing a bee dress -LOL


I was going to go to Sedona today to meditate and spend some time outdoors but I’m really off center and it’s a long drive to get there…plus my tummy is not feeling well…without going into detail, I’ll just say that my (soon to be “Ex”) boyfriend has, without a doubt, been planted into my life to constantly test my patience, my sanity, and to activate my ulcers! Yesterday was the breaking point and my stomach is in knots as a result of that.

So I did lots of energy clearing techniques this morning while he’s gone to work, to try to help a bit. I was disappointed that I won’t be going to Sedona today…had it all planned out…I would meditate and rest the night before, I’d go to Sedona in the morning, I knew what meditations I would do, what I was going to wear, what stones I was going to take with me, take some cool pictures…blah blah blah….well, it didn’t happen…I quickly corrected any feelings of resentment toward my boyfriend…he is who he is, he doesn’t care about anything Spiritual, I know this, and I’m still here living with him, so it’s nobody’s fault but my own…

It occurred to me that maybe I was putting too much expectation on going to Sedona for 12-12-12 anyway…or even just on the date in general…after all, the Sanctuary is WITHIN…it doesn’t matter where we are on this day…everything’s an illusion…even time…clearly I need to work on myself and clear this junk I’m holding on to and there’s no magical date or geographic location that’s going to do that for me…I must do it myself, within myself…doesn’t matter where I’m at…it’s all about intention.

I went to Starbucks this morning to get an iced pumpkin spice latte (which is my comfort right now). As I was waiting for the coffee, I heard a man that worked there yell out “Ah…FRIGGLE MONKEYS!!!!”….the girl working with him laughed and asked him what in the world he was saying?! He told her that whenever he’s angry, instead of cussing, he’ll say a ridiculous word instead of a curse word…this helps him stay out of anger since he feels silly saying the word. He said it’s been working for him so far…and seeing his coworker laughing, was definitely proof that he was staying out of anger as well as not projecting it on to others.

Hmmm…he’s on to something there…so what would my ridiculous word be? As I was thinking of the most ridiculous word I could use, it reminded me of another time at a Starbucks in the Houston airport. I saw a man (a very manly Cowboy man) point to a cookie and ask what the name of it was. The lady behind the counter told him that it was called a “Snickerdoodle”. The man said “That’s such a STUPID name…who in the world makes up this crap?” He refused to say the word, but told the lady he wanted to buy one… So “Snickerdoodles” it is! That’s my new curse word :-). Who knew that Starbucks would play such an enlightening role in this process – LOL

I found a message from Shekina Rose today which also explained the negativity that’s floating around for the past few days.

The message is here:


If I feel better tomorrow, maybe I’ll go to Sedona then…Either way, it’s ok. It doesn’t matter where you are today or any day for that matter. What’s important now and what’s important from now on, is that you stay centered and stay within the Love in your Heart. Forgive those around you that are triggering stress within your life. Whether you realize it or not, you might have been one of those people to someone else, in some point in your life. Whether it’s from this life or from past lives, we may have been the stress source to someone else. I know I sure have been (sorry Grandma 😦 ) Send forgiveness and be done with it. Once you come to terms with it, and you heal and release it, you won’t have to deal with it again. Coming to that realization certainly makes it easier for me to let it go.

Do whatever makes you feel good today (or tonight if you work)…rent some funny movies, take a salt bath, meet a friend for some hot chocolate or a chai latte, make your favorite comfort food…As for me, I’m off to the supermarket…all this talk about Snickerdoodles has put me in the mood to bake some cookies 😉


Transmuting the Collective Tantrum


tantrum tantrumzone

I went out to go get some food for dinner yesterday.  I’m not a big fan of fast food, but for some reason I wanted to go out in public…I was nudged…I don’t think I’ve ever felt SO MUCH negativity coming from people in public, as I did while I was out.  I felt like my energy was being attacked.  Not like something physically, because I didn’t feel anything actually touching me…but like my energy was immersed in their feelings of hate, prejudice, anger, total chaos…just plain MEAN!  It was extremely uncomfortable, and I couldn’t wait to get home as quickly as possible.

When I got home, I was literally dizzy with distress.  I even started dropping things, because I couldn’t focus on anything.  This energy was so strong and was nothing like I’d experienced before…I was even shaking…What in the world was going on?…and why was it affecting me?

I ended up getting really tired (like that drugged feeling) around 7pm and went to lay down.  I went into that half awake – half asleep mode and felt lots of movement in my body.  I felt stuff entering the bottom of my feet and it had a little sting to it.  I’ve only felt the stinging sensation once before for a brief second, but this time it was a little longer than that.  I’m thinking it’s because there are so many nerve endings on the bottom of your feet and mine are extremely super sensitive.  Also felt some movement at the Root chakra.  I think I needed to heal whatever it was that happened to me earlier.  It must have been pretty strong…I ended up laying down for about an hour and then got up completely awake again and feeling much better…

Later, I found a channeling that was posted yesterday that spoke of this negativity that had been released…

The article is here:

I’m glad I found it because it gives me comfort to get some type of explanation for something so uncomfortable 🙂

So I thought it was just something that happened briefly yesterday and went out again today to get some groceries….WRONG!  I was hit even worse today to the point of feeling like a panic attack.  It’s overwhelmingly thick out there right now.  Also my Sacral chakra feels like it’s on fire today.  I invoked the Violet Flame of Transmutation to get some relief and for the very first time, it didn’t work…this is some MAJOR transmuting going on right now…WOW…I give HUGE GRATITUDE to all the transmuters out there.  You are in for a big job right now.

When I stay at home, and don’t go out in public, I can comfortably transmute from a distance and at my own pace…I compare it to having a screaming child in another room….you still have to hear it, and you still feel a little stress from the commotion, but you can send Love & comfort from a distance…But going out in public right now, I compare it to someone handing you a screaming child that’s throwing a huge tantrum…kicking and screaming, scratching you to try to get out of your arms…you have no choice but to deal with it and do the best you can to calm the situation.

Some people aren’t aware that they are transmuters or aren’t sure if they are…well, if you go out in public right now and feel like someone smacked you upside the head with a 2 by 4, and then handed you a screaming child throwing a tantrum, then YOU ARE without a doubt,  A TRANSMUTER…LOL!

I’m sure this is just some last minute junk that we’re clearing for 12-12-12.  That’s just a couple of days from now and I’ll be in Sedona on that day…but in the meantime, I’ll be in bed curled up in the fetal position, calling on the Violet Flame !!!  As I’m typing this, I’m able to calm the energy a bit, and now starting to feel my Crown chakra swaying…whew…some relief…

Sending HUGE GRATITUDE to all of the Divine Souls out there that are calming this collective tantrum…your service is such a Blessing!  Thank YOU so much!

violet flame

Astral Realm – Black & White Entities



I’ve had dreams where I’ve encountered many different types of beings, but occasionally I’ll experience the same beings over and over again.  The beings I’ve encountered the most are what I call “The black & white children”.  They vary in different childhood ages, but are never older than their late teens.  Even if there are things in color in the dream, the children are always black and white like an old movie reel.  They even move around like they’re two dimensional (like a movie).  They have the ability to pop in and out of rooms and can shape shift.

Somewhat mischievous, they seem to try to stir up trouble and often have a mischievous grin or a scowl on their face.  They don’t appear to be threatening or out to cause serious harm; they just like to play jokes and mostly try to scare people.

I can recall a dream where one of them shape shifted into my son…the being was inside the mirror and when I walked up to the mirror to look at it, they morphed into a scary face to try to scare me.  I was very stern with the being and told him to stop.  He wouldn’t listen and when he came out of the mirror with a scowl on his face, I opened my mouth forming my lips into the shape of a circle and started to do very loud high pitched sound toning…the sound toning made him flicker in and out of existence until he completely disappeared.  I think the tone somehow vibrated him so much, that he couldn’t stay within that vibration…or maybe the tone transmuted him?

Another time, I had a dream that there were several black & white kids that were terrorizing a neighborhood that had many old Victorian houses on hills.  The kids were somehow making a projection of a witch riding a broom in the sky and people were getting scared.  I figured out that it was this group of kids doing this, and walked into the house that they were at, to find them all laughing.  They thought it was funny that people were so scared.  I recited a prayer and somehow forced one of the kids to repeat the prayer I was saying…like I had control over his voice…he had a shocked look on his face as he was repeating everything I said, in disbelief.

They pop up once in a while in dreams here and there, but I haven’t encountered them for about a year now.  I probably wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, but I’ve seen them so many times that I figure there has to be a meaning for so many encounters…and the fact that they’re never older than teenagers in any of the dreams is kinda strange.  I’ve never been afraid of them, just kinda understood that they were only entertaining themselves.  If everything is a reflection of self, I wonder what they represent?…maybe a rebellious aspect of myself…or the part of me that felt neglected and unloved as a child…the child who’s bored because nobody’s ever around to pay attention to them?

In the astral realm, the first step is to overcome fear and to stand firm in your energy.  Maybe the next step is to stay out of judgment, to forgive and to send Love.  If I ever encounter them again, I’ll try that and see what happens 🙂


Energy Sensations – Update December 2, 2012


I went to California this past week, to try to clean the room I’ll be staying in once I move back home at the beginning of next year…it didn’t go so well, because the house is a disaster and VERY dirty…how do people live in filth when it’s totally unnecessary?  A little paint, a little soap and water, vacuuming once in a while…not such a difficult thing to do…my Dad’s house looks and feels like the astral realm – LOL!  There’s a lot of anxiety attached to my Dad’s house because I REALLY don’t want to move there for MANY reasons… I realize that it’s extremely important not to focus on the negative feeling I get from the whole situation…especially right now within this last month of 2012.  I’m just not going to think about it, or focus on it, and will continue to believe that everything will work out as it should.

So while I was in California, I had a few strange experiences.  On the November 28th really early in the morning, I heard a strange noise that woke me up…I woke up to see the top view of a torus above me…but this time it was different…it had a bright emerald green cardinal cross in the middle of it.  This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything in color in the middle of the white illuminated torus.  The cardinal cross looked like an illuminated emerald jewel that was brilliant and sparkling…it was also emanating the green color from it, like a green energy was coming out of it.  It made me think of the emerald crystal in Arkansas for some reason…I knew the lunar eclipse was on November 28th, but I had assumed that it would be at night…I found out later that it was actually early in the morning, so maybe that’s why I saw this energy early in the morning.

I’ve seen the cardinal cross quite often in my 3rd eye projections over the past few years.  I don’t really understand what it represents or why I would see it so often….So then on November 30th, I woke up early in the morning again, to see a design outlined in black above me…in the middle was also the cardinal cross, but it was surrounded by a design that I couldn’t quite figure out what it was…so strange to see something outlined in black, like a drawing, in the air above me.

There’s been a lot of activity in my energy field for the past week…  Mostly movement like the energy inside of me is stretching out…like literally moving and stretching.  I feel like I have many bodies living inside of me, and I can actually physically feel them move around from time to time…it’s not subtle by any means, I literally feel it like if it were 3D sensations…when I imagine in my mind while feeling this sensation, I picture a deity with many arms…maybe that’s what the meaning of that is…it’s embodiment of many aspects, fragments of self.


I’ve woken from sleep, and felt the energies returning to my physical body as if coming back in from the outside of me…one morning I could feel the sensation of the bodies coming back in and I counted four bodies returning.  I’ve captured four large orbs in front of me in many pictures in Sedona…I wonder if that’s the four bodies I felt.


Lately, I’ve also been feeling the tickling on my face like someone is running a feather over me…I’ve felt it off and on for the past few years…it can be very annoying.  I felt this sensation the whole 7 hour drive back to Phoenix on Friday and it was extremely uncomfortable…it was mostly around my nose and the right side of my face…sometimes feels like bugs are crawling on my face, but I’ve learned to ignore it…  also under my left eye has been twitching every day for about 2 weeks now.

On Friday night when I got back to Phoenix, there was an owl singing outside my window again.  I’m seeing the owl symbolism everywhere lately, and now they’re actually coming to my house!  I heard one outside my bedroom window a few months ago too…so soothing to hear that, I Love it 🙂

So tomorrow is going to be a big energy day…it’s been said that the Orion belt will align with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt which only happens about every 26,000 years or so (I couldn’t verify this “Orion alignment” other than the link provided below)… the Orion stars are sometimes referred to as “The Three Kings”.  There is also a rare planetary alignment of Saturn, Venus and Mercury that matches directly with the positioning on top of the 3 Giza Pyramids.  It’s been said that this additional alignment of planets only happens every 2,737 years (simulated picture below)…all in preparation for the end of this year…also lots of reference to “3,6,9” lately…and I just noticed that the first three digits of my Dad’s home phone number in California is “369”…so funny… I’m so glad I have a sense of humor in all of this (sigh)…

Article on Orion Star Gate “Three Kings” alignment:




Well, we’re in the last month of 2012!  Time has really gone by very quickly in the last few years.  It seems like a faint memory.  I’m not sure what will happen after 12-21-12…I imagine that nothing will change for the people who are still asleep…everything will go on as usual.  For the more energy sensitive people, I imagine that there will just be a different feeling.  Maybe there won’t be any big events or disasters, but things will just feel different to those who are aware.  I’m excited to be a part of the end of this cycle!  It just really hit me today…This is it!  We’re part of the prophecy…we ARE the prophecy! 🙂