The Crystalline Grid


After my Reiki Tummo attunement in 2008, my 3rd eye became very active…first, I actually saw symbols floating in the room, at various times.  Then I started to see gridlines in the room when I’d wake up from sleep.  The gridlines have changed over the past few years…In the beginning, they were an illuminated light blue color and the squares were about 3 inches.  Then it changed to larger squares about 6 inches, after that, they changed to very close together almost like a basket weave, and now it’s changed to an illuminated white, sparkling, diamond like grid that actively twinkles.  I believe this last grid that I’ve been seeing is the Crystalline Grid.

On the morning of September 5, 2012, when I woke up, I saw the Crystalline Grid with a sideways cross in the middle of it, all connected together.  The grid looks like it’s made of illuminated diamond, like sparkling neon type tubing, and the cross was also completely made out of what looked like sparkling neon tubing.  On the cross there was the shape of a dove facing upward toward the top of the cross.  It was so beautiful and I could feel energies stroking me and comforting me all over my body…then when I woke up on September 13, 2012, I saw the grid again, but this time it had a beautiful big scarab beetle in the middle of it. It was difficult to see what it was at first, because it was so big.  There was a lot of detail to the beetle, and it was shimmering.

I looked up the meaning of the sideways cross and the scarab beetle, and they both seem to symbolize “Resurrection “or “awaiting Resurrection”.  The upward facing dove on the sideways cross would probably symbolize “Ascending to Heaven”, since the downward facing dove in Spiritual artwork symbolizes “descending from Heaven”.

So this morning, I felt lots of work being done on my body and I woke up to seeing the grid again.  This time, it actually had a huge smiling face in the middle of it!  It looked just like a smiling Buddha face!  It was so funny!  There was no outline of the head, it was just the features protruding through the gridlines, and the features appeared to be three dimensional (not just flat).  The facial features looked just like the picture below:

My human brain wants to try to figure everything out, analyze it, completely understand it, but part of me feels that I just need to let things “BE”…I know that’s a large part of Buddhist teachings…I’ve spoken with a Buddhist Lama and monks before, and their advice always points to just letting things go, don’t focus on it.  The Lama reminded me “We do not even have a body”…he was encouraging me to remind myself that I don’t have a body, that it’s not real, and to not hold attachment to it.

It can be a difficult process to totally and completely change your belief system, years of programming, eliminating fear of the unknown.  If I threw all of those old patterns out the door, I’d come to the conclusion that this Crystalline Grid is a live intelligent being that is connected to all that is.  That’s totally weird, but I feel that it’s the Truth.  When we trust our Heart, when we pay attention to all of the signs from the Universe, and when we practice detachment, the Truth will be revealed to us.

I also physically feel energies coming out of my Celestite crystal when I meditate with it.  The energy flows out of it and starts stroking me and I feel so much Love coming from it.  I’ve heard before, that crystals are living beings, but to actually physically feel the energy coming from it has totally confirmed that for me.  So why would the Crystalline grid be any different?

I’ve also heard of the grid being called the “144 Crystalline grid”.  For many years, I’ve seen the number 144 EVERYWHERE.  It’s been brought to my awareness over and over again the past few  years…receipts, license plates, buildings, clocks etc…I don’t really understand the explanation fully, but I’ve read that the 144 Crystalline grid has now emerged into a “seed crystal matrix” that gives birth to the new crystalline form; the double penta-dodecahedron.

Here’s an article by Tyberron Earthkeeper about it:

A couple of times in the past few years, I have seen a stellated dodecahedron suspended in the middle of my bedroom, rotating, which looked like this:

The new geometry for the 144 Crystalline grid is the double penta-dodecahedron which looks like this:

It seems so silly to be here, during this time, interacting with all of this, and not understanding most of it, yet witnessing and physically feeling most of it unfold.  Being so advanced, yet being totally clueless at the same time.  I guess it’s more frustrating than anything…I’m trying though…doing my research so that I can have a broad perspective to see what feels right or resonates, and what doesn’t…spending lots of time on the internet or reading books.  But then I try not to think about it too much, as the Lama suggested… When I’m finished here, I need to have a SERIOUS talk with my future self…I must have a pretty twisted sense of humor….

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